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Issue №2 2014
Issue №2 2014
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-314
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1. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY THE ROLE OF CLUSTER STRUCTURES IN THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE ECONOMY Karpenko Christina Vyacheslavovna CLUSTER AS A CATALYST FOR THE GROWTH OF COMPETITIVENESS TERRITORY OF Karpenko Christina Vyacheslavovna EVALUATION OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOCIOECONOMIC SPHERE Hubulava Veronica Vasilievna 2.ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT EVALUATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Shevtsova Olga Nikolaevna Proskurnina Natalia Nikolaevna Kontsevich Galina Evgenievna On the problem of formation and development of innovative potential of the university Novikova Diana M. SYSTEM APPROACH TO PLANNING OF ACTIVITY OF THE ENTERPRISE Zotova Aleksandra I. PRINCIPLES, FACTORS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS INDUSTRY Jamaldinov Eldar Muminovic Import substitution in the aerospace industry Anfimova Maria Laura Igorevna Systemic approach for assessment of projects based on public-private partnership Anfimova Maria Kristina I. Influence of carrier rockets decomposition on the accuracy of Price Planning Veiko A.V. 3. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTING RELIABILITY OF FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTS Anischenko Evgeny V. Anishchenko Vladimir N. INDICATORS OF EFFICIENCY OF MICROCREDIT AT REGIONAL LEVEL Balamirzoyev Nazim Liodinovich Shakhbanova Inara K. ATTRACTION OF BORROWED FUNDS ON THE TERMS OF JOINT PARTNERSHIP ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC RULES Shovkhalov Shamil Akhyadovich The complex system of evaluation of performance indicators of bank crediting Ter-Karapetov Roman Arturovich ALGORITHM OF CONDUCTING OF CUSTOMS AUDIT IN POINT OF IMPORTED GOODS SOLD DOMESTICALLY IN CUSTOMS UNION Latypov Ruslan Zaharovich 4. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Problems of the mechanism of formation of the investment policy Kislyakova Yulia Gennadyevna Chazova Olga Leonidovna Grakhov Valery Pavlovich To the question of practical implementation of the new requirements for the higher education system in terms of innovative development of the Russian economy Zhilyaeva I.A. STUDYING OF DIRECTIONS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF EFFECTIVE REGIONAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC POLICY Konovalova Kristina Yurievna 5. LABOR ECONOMICS Ways improvement of personnel policy in the organization Magomedbekov Gamzat Ukhumaaliyevich 6. ECONOMIC SECURITY Raider capture of as a special kind of crisis in modern Russian conditions Samsonova Tatyana Alekseevna STRATIFICATION OF RUSSIAN SOCIETY IN THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC THREATS Konchakov Yuri 7. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES The aspects of uncertainty and nonlinearity in modern international relations theories Dudova Tatiana 8. Economic Theory CLASSICAL POLITICAL ECONOMY OF THE ROLE OF THE ENTERPRISE SECTOR IN THE ECONOMY Shkurat Mariya V. 9. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Transformation of legal culture of Tajiks and development of its substantial components within the framework of an Islamic civilization Nasurdinov Emom Sayfudinovich LEGAL NATURE OF THE ACTS OF PRESIDENT REPUBLIC OF TAJIKISTAN Kamolov I. I. THE GENERAL LEGAL PRINCIPLE OF LEGALITY: THE NOTION AND ESSENCE Tsaturyan Tamara Vladimirovna PUBLIC ENTITIES PROCEDURAL RESTRICTIVE LEGAL RELATIONS Makogon Boris Valerievich The legal system in the conditions of crisis and transition state of statehood: the interdependence of development Ospanov Erlan Abiltaevitch The nature and general characteristics of the functions of the social state at the end of the XXth and at the beginning of the XXIst century Osokina Yulia Yu. Interaction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire with bodies of military counterintelligence on the eve of and in the years of World War I Kasyanov Alexander Viktorovich 10. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW THE LEGAL BASIS OF HEALTH PROTECTION OF CITIZENS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Revin Valeriy Petrovich Statutory regulation of the international factoring agreement Puzyryova Evgeniya N. Legal regulation of objects of innovation infrastructure and forms of business state support to innovation business Studenetskaya Veronika Alexandrovna The problems of the application of the super-imperative rules of the third countries Zasemkova Olesia Fedorovna Legal Nature of Commercial Tenders in English, Russian & US Law Barannikova Catherine Sergeevna ABOUT MEASURES FOR IMPROVEMENT OF THE PROCEDURES APPLIED IN THE CASE OF BANKRUPTCY OF THE STRATEGIC ORGANIZATIONS Svechnikova Olga Aleksandrovna 11. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law On the concept of criminal policy: problem Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna The factors assisting to involve minors in committing antisocial activities Khanova Zaira Reymanovna Change of public danger and consequences of crimes in the economy sphere Danelyan Rita S. Amiiants Konstantin Arkadievich On the relation between decisions of the Plenum of the Supreme Court and the principle of the criminal law in time Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna CONCEPT OF THE EMPLOYEE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY OF THE RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LEGISLATION Dobrodeev Sergey Aleksandrovich 12. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law KONSTITUCION PROBLEM IDEAS AND PRACTICE OF BECOMING OF FOLK REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN SOVIET RUSSIA Tsaturyan Tamara Vladimirovna Baranchikov Vladimir Aleksandrovich General law a principle of equality and its influence on a constitutional law Vohmjanin D. V. Implementation of international legal standards in the Russian legislation on elections and referendums in the period of the Constitution of the Russian Federation Aslanov Zamir Velibekovich 13. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities On the intersectoral regulation of circumstances to be proved at the stage of sentence execution Krymov Alexander Alexandrovich Activities defense lawyer in criminal cases of illegal crossing of the State Border of the Russian Federation Kaldyshev Alexey Nikolaevich Baibulatov Anzor Mavsurovich LEGAL NATURE OF DEONTOLOGICAL RULES Oreshin Evgeny Viktor The Independence of Procuracy as a Main Constitutional Factor of its Work Savelov Michail Alekseevitch The concept of providing qualified legal aid by the attorney-at-law Romanova Valeria Evgenevna THE PROBLEMS OF COUNTERACTION TO ABUSE OF PROCEDURAL RIGHTS IN CIVIL PROCEDEENGS Zhukov Andrey Anatolyevich 14. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF OBJECT ESTATE TAX IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND GERMANY Maksimova Anastasia G. The role of national payment systems rules for regulation relations concerning issuance, use and service of bank cards Petryashov Dmitry Sergeevich 15. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW To a question of safety of the Union State of Russia and Belarus at possible use of results activity of space group Beckov Alexander Viktorovich THE COMPARATIVE CHARACTERISTIC OF LEGAL REGULATION OF THE AGENCY CONTRACT IN THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Puzireva A. N. Progressive formation of economic community of western Africa countries (EKOVAS) for the purpose of economic integration Mensah Cocu Marius 16. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS TO THE QUESTION OF DECRIMINALIZATION MODERN REPUBLICS OF DAGESTAN Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič Beckov Alexander Viktorovich Legal and institutional framework to combat the activities of ATS terrorist crimes Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna SOME ASPECTS OF INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE POLITICAL AND REGULATORY SYSTEM COMBAT EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM Manukyan Alina Romanova CORRUPTION AS A REAL THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna DEFENDER IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS, HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SUSPECT, ACCUSED Kharzinova Violeta Mukhamedinovna DIRECTION OF CRIME AND PROBLEM DEFINITION TERRORISM AND EXTREMISM IN THE CRIMINAL LEGISLATION Privalov Alexander Vassilievich 17. LAND AND PROPERTY RELATIONS ECONOMIC EVOLUTION OF THE CONCEPT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT LAND RECLAMATION REGION IN ORDER TO POSITIVELY REGENERATIVE DYNAMICS OF SOCIAL CAPITAL TERRITORY Moskovchenko Evgeny N. 18. Administrative law; Administrative process, Information Law THE CLASSIFICATION OF CRIMES AGAINST INFORMATION SECURITY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE CURRENT POLITICAL SITUATION Mnatsakanyan Arevik Notion and elements of the administrative law mechanism of regulation of drug users Novikova Tamara Aleksandrovna 19. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Theory of reflection and analysis of the NTS used in the detection and investigation of crimes Chegodaeva Svetlana Sergeevna Preliminary study of the problem of traces at the scene of the explosion Shhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna The separate issues of acquiring and termination of procedural status of participants of criminal legal proceedings Maltseva Angelina Anatolyevna FORENSIC CHARACTERIZATION OF CRIMES AGAINST PROPERTY IN THE ASPECTS OF THE PROBLEM TO PREVENT THEM Zhashuev Rustam Anuarovich 20. Employment Law; Right to social security Establishing and maintaining of social guarantees for employed workers Pshenichnikov Sergey Vitalievich The problems of legal regulation of allowances and additional payments Petrov Evgeny Dmitrievich 21. OTHER FEATURES USE OF SPECIAL MEANS MEMBERS OF SPECIAL UNITS Aripshev A. M. ON THE CONSTRUCTIVE PROFESSIONAL INTERACTION OPERATIVE WORKERS Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna SOME FEATURES OF MONITORING OF INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL OF POLICE OFFICERS Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna The problems of «extreme» law in disasters Klyachin Vyacheslav Matveevich THE SEPARATE LEGAL ASPECTS TO ACTIVITY OF THE SUBDIVISIONS to OWN SAFETY OF THE SYSTEM MVD RUSSIA Kisly Oleg Alekseevich