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Issue №3 2014
Issue №3 2014
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-266
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1. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW Concept and legal nature of alimentary obligations Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich Some regulations on correct application «obligation» term to alimentary legal relationships in Russian Federation Burdo Evgeniy Petrovich UNIDROIT Principles − as a source of future new convention in the field of contract law. Myth or reality? Alimova Yana Olegovna To a question of participation of the Ombudsman for the President of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child in legislative activity Galyautdinov Bulat Salavatovich CONFLICT REGULATION OF THE SECURITY REAL RIGHTS Martynets Pavel Vladimirovich Legal Nature of Commercial Tenders in English, Russian & US Law Barannikova Catherine Sergeevna 2. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law The solution of social problems of the family as the basis of prevention of juvenile delinquency Khanova Zaira Reymanovna Criminal regulation of incompleted crime grades in Soviet legislation Uzdenov Rasul Magometovich CHILD PORNOGRAPHY: THE RUSSIAN AND BELARUSIAN EXPERIENCE IN THE LEGAL ASSESSMENT Gulyakevich Dmitriy Leonidovich SOME QUESTIONS OF QUALIFICATION IN ADVANCE NOT PROMISED CONCEALMENT OF CRIMES Milina Olga Vladimirovna About differentiation of extremist and terrorist offenses on Criminal Law of the Russian Federation Mozhegova Anastasiya Anatolievna 3. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law THE LEGAL REGULATION AND BORDERS CHANGING AMONG THE SUBJECTS OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION: THE PROBLEMS AND ITS' SOLUTIONS Sprygina Olga Romanovna 4. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Procedural powers of the public prosecutor for enforcing the law during the reception, registration and verification of the reports on crime Bicheev Dmitry Valerievich 5. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ORGANIZATION OF CUSTOMS AUDIT IN POINT OF IMPORTED GOODS SOLD DOMESTICALLY IN CUSTOMS UNION Latypov Ruslan Zaharovich 6. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS Peculiarities of the legal status of the head of the local government as a subject of particularly qualified staff of bribery Fominih Sergei Mikhailovich Foreign experience in fighting corruption Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič 7. LAND AND PROPERTY RELATIONS Features of the principle of national security interests in the sphere of subsoil use Melgounov Vitaly Dmitrievich 8. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Social disadvantage families in repelling domestic media Borovikova Victoria V. TYPICAL PERSONALITY FEATURES OF BANK EMPLOYEES COMMITTING FRAUD IN THE SPHERE OF CREDITING Karepanov Nikolaj V. Karepanov Grigoriy N. Loopholes in civil procedure laws or How to help the court and prosecutor’s office in recognizing materials as extremist Lipatova Zhanna Nikolayevna 9. Employment Law; Right to social security Problems of Legislative Estabishment of the Order of Dismissal for Labor Discipline Violation Buyanova Marina O. International guidelines of social partnership at the local level Egorov Sergey A. 10. Civil procedure arbitration procedure Jurisdiction of the courts of arbitration disputes whether to appeal against the prosecutor warnings? Bezsaliy Olesya R. 11. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES Special aspects of crude oil and oil-product supply agreement Galkina Natalia M. 12. OTHER THE CATEGORY «EMPLOYMENT OF THE RULE OF LAW TO ENSURE THE SECURITY OF THE STATE» Konchakov Yuri The role of the court interpreter Gorbatenko Olga G. Neda Kameh Khosh 13. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY ABOUT BASIC DIRECTIONS OF INCREASE OF EFFICIENCY AND QUALITY OF MACROECONOMIC POLITICS Vladimirov Sergey A. DEVELOPMENT OF A CONCEPTUAL MODEL OF THE FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPHERE OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES IN THE REGION Hakobyan Karine Agasievna Laskovii Alexander Anatolievich DIRECTIONS OF DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION SERVICES AS THE EXCLUSIVE FACTOR IN ECONOMIC GROWTH OF NATIONAL ECONOMIES Vyrubova Marina Rafikovna Murtazova Larisa Auezova DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONS FOR THE ECONOMIC EFFECT AND QUALITATIVE IMPROVEMENTS IN THE STRUCTURE OF NATIONAL AND REGIONAL ECONOMIES Danchenko Nadezhda Viktorovna Kovalenko Alla A. GENERATING CONDITIONS AND SOURCES OF ECONOMIC REVITALISATION AND GROWTH OF REGIONAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC POLICY Konovalova Kristina Yurievna Danchenko Nadezhda Viktorovna INTERACTION OF BUSINESS STRUCTURES AND AUTHORITIES IN REGION Celin Roman Davidovich 14. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT SEVEN STEPS ON THE WAY OF SMALL BUSINESS TO SUCCESS Bugaev Oleg Nicolaevich Avanesova Aleksandra Eduardovna EVALUATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PROVIDING SERVICES IN THE SPHERE OF EDUCATION Vyrubova Marina Rafikovna Hakobyan Karine Agasievna TO THE QUESTION OF IDENTIFYING THE CURRENT AND FUTURE TRENDS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPHERE OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES AND INCREASE OF REQUIREMENTS TO QUALITY EDUCATION Karamyan Inara Razmikovna Vyrubova Marina Rafikovna Prozorova Svetlana A. Transformation of the State's role in developing aerospace industries and the mechanisms improvement for interaction with private business Daniluk Alexandr U. Paleev Denis L. Economic mechanisms to involve the private sector in aerospace industry Paleev Denis L. Simonov Mikhail P. DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONS OF DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURAL MARKET AND REGULATION OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD POLICY APK Kitova Marina Dauginava IMPROVEMENT OF ECONOMIC RELATIONS IN SEPARATE SEGMENTS OF THE AGRO-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Kitova Marina Dauginava Development of a methodological approach to assessing the economic effect of the formation of import-substituting production base models of aircraft equipment Didevich Alexey S. 15. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTING Ways of improvement of tax administration and operation of inter-regional inspection FNS of Russia Malahatkina E. V. On the role of non-profit organizations in the country's economy in terms of reforming the tax system of the Russian Federation Grishchenko Alexey V. APPROACHES TO THE ASSESSMENT OF THE FINANCING VOLUMES OF INTERSTATE PROGRAMS ON THE BASIS OF THE SOLUTION OF THE TASK ON INCREASE OF THE COUNTRY'S POSITION IN THE WORLD RATINGS Kokuytseva Tatyana V. Malinina E. A. Valuation as a method of financial control Ostrovskiy Leonid I. 16. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT THE CHOICE OF DIRECTIONS OF MANAGEMENT FOR CRISIS ENTERPRISE’S INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL Akulova Natalya Georgiyevna Urusov Aleksey Sergeyevich Assessment of innovative development of the company Chernytin Sergey Victorovich Features formation of a corporate basket projects Chernytin Sergey Victorovich State regulation mechanisms of innovation economic development of CIS countries Ostrovskaya Anna A. Malinina E. A. INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Ivanov Nikita Sergeevich ORGANIZATION OF INVESTMENTS IN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FOR ENTERPRISE Skripka Yaroslav Vladimirovich 17. ECONOMIC SECURITY Particular threats to economic security, North Caucasus Republics Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič Gaponenko Vladimir F. Problems of development of the Russian state policy to combat corruption Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič Gaponenko Vladimir F. 18. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES ECONOMIC-MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF OPTIMUM DISTRIBUTION OF INVESTMENTS AT MODERNIZATION OF THE KNOWLEDGE-INTENSIVE ENTERPRISES Chursin Alexander A. Shmakov Evgeny 19. Economic Theory TO THE QUESTION ABOUT THE ESSENCE AND THE INTERPRETATION OF THE CONCEPT OF «ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY» Yeremyan Varsine S. 20. OTHER Liberation from stereotype of Politics as a field of men domination Kokhanskaya Ekaterina Dynamics of modern political advertising in the UK on the material of the parliamentary elections in 2010 Gabdullina Nelia Nailevna Legal regulation of Canada power industry Kurbanov Rashad Afatovich Legal regulation of rural life at the Federal level Afanasyev Alexander Alexandrovich