Import substitution in the aerospace industry
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Anfimova Maria Laura Igorevna aspirant kafedry «Prikladnaya ekonomika» ekonomicheskogo fakulteta Rossiyskogo universiteta druzhby narodov
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The article is mostly oriented to the idea of investing in the state industry, so by that creating element basis for RSI as a way of solving the problem of modern rocket and space industry of Russia, which allows the region to get away from substantial risks, including social tasks. This article may be interesting for specialists dealing with decision-making in the space industry of the Russian Federation, which is especially important today for the protection of the economic interests and economic independence of the Russian space industry. One way of ensuring economic security is the process of creation and development of import substitution in the RSI, which in turn will be part of the economic security of the Russian economy in general.
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Anfimova M.L., (2014), IMPORT SUBSTITUTION IN THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. Business in Law, 2: 36-37.
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the industrial policy, import substitution, rocket and space industry, market conditions, RCP, risk reduction, evaluation of the effectiveness.