Legal Nature of Commercial Tenders in English, Russian & US Law
( Pp. 160-164)

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Barannikova Catherine Sergeevna soiskatel. Mesto ucheby: MGIMO (U) MID Rossii. Podrazdelenie: kafedra mezhdunarodnogo chastnogo i grazhdanskogo prava. Dolzhnost: Rukovoditel napravleniya.
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Goal - study is intended for further application in civil law changes in Russian Federation for commercial tenders regulation based on best practices and case law of England & USA (Nussbaum A., Harris D., Campbell D., Halson R., Chen-Wishart M., Unger R. M., Koffman L., Macdonald E., Langevoort D. C., Lewis R., etc.). Model - definition of legal nature of commercial tenders in English, US & Russian civil law. Conclusion - purchasing relations in the form of commercial tenders are defined in the article. Scope of the article - part of the thesis of the author. Practical application - recommendation of the author can be of interest for business & legislation representatives. Social impact - elimination of breaches in commercial tenders caused by their uncertain legal nature. Value for purchasing professionals of multinational companies, as well as other legal entities, law-making bodies.
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Barannikova C.S., (2014), LEGAL NATURE OF COMMERCIAL TENDERS IN ENGLISH, RUSSIAN & US LAW. Business in Law, 2: 160-164.
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