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Issue №6 2014
Issue №6 2014
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-254
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1. Employment Law; Right to social security Annual leave and payment procedure Korshunova Tatyana Yu. PROBLEMS OF LEGAL NORM STRUCTURE REGULATINGTHE MATERIAL OBLIGATION OF THE EMPLOYER FOR ILLEGAL DEPRIVATION OF AN EMPLOEE TO WORK Savin Viktor Tikhonovich TO THE QUESTION OF THE LAWFUL REGULATION OF LABOR HOURS: WHETHER TO INPUT A FOUR-DAY WORKING WEEK Chanyshev Alexander S. Legal sources of incentive payments Naboysenko Dmitry Vladimirovich 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings QUESTIONS OF FORMATION OF POLICE RANKS IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE ΧІΧTH CENTURY Mukhortov Alexei Anatolievich 3. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW On the distinction between civil law and labour relations: practical aspect Shelepina Elena Alexandrovna 4. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law On improving the criminal law protection of journalists' professional activities Borovikova Victoria V. Terminologyofsystemofcriminalpenalty: shortreview Zvonov Andrei V. Social conditionality criminal liability Gamidov Rinat T. 5. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law LEGAL INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF PARTIES AND THE CONCEPTIONS OF THE PARTY LAW Kurochkin Anatoly Vasilyevich THE STATUS OF THE OMBUDSMAN FOR CHILDREN OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION CONSTITUENT TERRITORY IN THE SYSTEM OF STATE AUTHORITIES Likhter Pavel L. 6. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES Factors of business activities development under custodial circumstances Gryaznov Sergey A. Provision of discharge of the principal obligation in form of guaranteed transfer of ownership in the lease agreement and in the repurchase agreement Ivashkin Andrey N. Category «term» in the legislation about the supply on the market of thermal energy Yarkovaya Olesya Nikolaevna SYSTEM OF THE CIVIL CONTRACTS PROVIDING CREATION, MANAGEMENT AND THE TERMINATION OF LEGAL ENTITIES: CONCEPT AND VALUE Semivelichenko Eugene Aleksandrovich 7. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW Criminal liability for legalization (laundering) of money and other property according to the articles 324 (1-6) of Criminal code of France Rastoropov Sergey Vladimirovich Individual issues of social protection of persons holding public positions in the EEU countries Medvedev Andrey V. Private law: the principle of reciprocity as the basis for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments Gintov Denis V. Classification of methods of self-help of civil rights in the United States contract law Artemov Ivan I. Foreign criminal legislation about crimes against the order of competition Semenova Valeriya Anatolievna The problem of distinction between the categories «the parties’ autonomy», «the freedom of contract» and «the free exercise» of rights by the parties Akimova Yulia M. 8. Administrative law; Administrative process, Information Law The civil liability limitation of a hosting service provider for copyright and neighbouring rights infringements in the Internet Kulikovskiy Dmitry A. 9. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS MEASURE THE PLEDGE: PROBLEMS OF THEORY AND PRACTICE Kovtun Yuriy A. Shevtsov R. M. Rudov Denis Nikolaevich 10. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW Judicial control over the legality in the operation of customs authorities Koval Viktoriya D. 11. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT CREATION OF CONDITIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SECTORAL SYSTEMS OF THE REGION Novoselov Sergey N. THE INSTITUTIONAL IMPERATIVES OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF A MESO-ECONOMIC AND SECTORAL SYSTEMS Novoselov Sergey N. Gorkusha Oksana A. Modeling project management stability of high-tech industries enterprise Chursin Alexander A. Rusinov Alexander A. Artyakov Vladimir V. The managing model of volume of the products manufactured by an enterprise when changing sales price Korneenko Viktor P. Koptev Yuriy N. Kutakhov Vladimir P. Filippov Pavel G. INTRINSIC CHARACTERISTIC OF THE CORPORATE BASIS OF THE HUMANIZATION OF ECONOMIC GROWTH Biganova Madina A. THE NECESSITY AND NATURE OF THE RESTRUCTURING OF THE STEEL INDUSTRY Sanin Nikolay V. Evaluation and analysis the development of enterprise institute in the economic system Shkurat Mariya V. Increasing competitiveness as a strategic area of geo-economic policy of the European Union Khoroshun Nikita D. 12. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTING The main problems of «price gouging» and «dominant position» definitions for the generating companies Neprintsev Elena V. Shubin Stanislav A. Problems of development of the Russian insurance market in terms modernization financial relations Loseva Maria V. Puchkova Elena M. The budgetary policy in regulation of economy of the state Zaiceva Svetlana S. Developing the audit of effectiveness of social expenditures in russian federation Mashkova Nataliya N. Tax briefcase as effective instrument of government of the enterprises of the chemical industry Kayl V. V. 13. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY REGIONAL INTEGRATION AS PILLAR OF STABLE-BALANCED DEVELOPMENT OF TERRITORIES Morgoyev Boris T. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK AND RESEARCH METHODOLOGY THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THE REGIONAL ECONOMY Durdyeva Jeanette A. Ashhotov Vyacheslav Yu. TO THE QUESTION OF THE CURRENT AND PERSPECTIVE TRENDS IDENTIFICATION OF DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL LABOUR MARKET AND LABOUR POTENTIAL REALIZATION ON THE BASIS OF COMPETITIVE STRATEGY FORMATION Akhmadov Mokhmad I. Shvedova Svetlana A. TO THE QUESTION OF SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC BALANCE OF REGIONAL ECONOMY Durdyeva Jeanette A. Ensuring convergence of customs policies of the Member States of the Customs Union in the transition to the Eurasian Economic Union Khapilin Stanislav A. Evolutionary stages of development of institutional model of the European Union Guzhavyna Ludmila M. Philippov David I. 14. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Technology transfer is a necessary tool for the implementation of innovations in Russia: NASA experience in information support of the space technologies transfer in the commercial sector Paleev Denis L. Ozhiganov Edvard N. Kozireva Nataliya M. Tarzhmanova Rysa Sh. Formation of scientific-educational-industrial complex by innovation-oriented industrial reproduction process Malishev Evgeniy V. Gerasina Yuliya A. Management model of the organization of innovative activity at the industrial enterprise Gerasina Olga N. Denisova Olga N. MANAGEMENT PROCESS OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS` INFLOW IN INNOVATION SPHERE IN THE ASPECT OF THE NATIONAL INNOVATION SYSTEM`S DEVELOPMENT Kireeva Julia N. Rud Natalia Yu. Spatial innovation as a resource for social and economic development Leontieva Lidia S. Ilyin Andrey B. Konotopov Alexey I. REGULATION OF INNOVATION ACTIVITY AS POSSIBLE OF SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS GARMONIZATION Orlova Liubov N. Methodological bases of innovative transformations and increase of competitiveness of the industry of the Russian Federation Gonenko Daniil Vl. Analysis of the possibility of risk management in construction enterprise innovation Roslyakov R. A. 15. ECONOMIC SECURITY Methodological aspects in the solution of a world food problem Vladimirova Margarita P. Polyakov Denis An. Increase of economic security: adaptation existing and development of new methods Borodin Denis V. 16. Economic Theory The mechanism of formation of professionally-qualifying rent and its value Salnikova Tatiana S. Matnenko Nelli N. Gerasin Aleksandr N. RECEPTION CASH TERMINOLOGY GOLDEN HORDE IN THE LANGUAGES OF THE PEOPLES RUSSIA Burykin Alexei A. Khaydarov Rinat R. Khrustalyova Olga N. THE EVOLUTION OF CONCEPTS OF FACTORS OF PRODUCTION IN ECONOMIC THEORY AND THEIR ROLE IN THE DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE Yeremyan Varsine S. 17. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Mathematical models of analysis of the risk that arise from mergers of aerospace industry enterprises Shamin Roman V. Milkovski Alexandr G. 18. LABOR ECONOMICS From investments into a human capital to economy of knowledge Zavatsky Lydia Arh. 19. OTHER Tradition and Modernization: Dialectics concept Schipkov Alexander Vladimirovich THE LEGAL STATUS OF COMMISSIONS ON MINORS AFFAIRS AND PROTECTION OF THEIR RIGHTS AT THE PRESENT STAGE (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF BASHKORTOSTAN) Vitcke Regina E.