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Issue №5 2014
Issue №5 2014
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       ISSN 2310-7030 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-331
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings О КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ THEORY OF LEGAL RESEARCH OF INSTITUTIONAL INTERESTS OF THE RIGHT ownership Ryzhik Andrey V. Some theoretical questions classification of the functions of the state Novak Zainab A. 2. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW On the issue of the registration regime brand name in connection with the changes of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, which entered into force on 01.09.2014 Kleimenova Marina Olegovna Occupational Pensions: foreign experience and perspectives in Russia Goltsov Dmitry V. Buyanova Anastasia V. Revisiting qualifying requirements in sphere of delivery of goods, execution of work, rendering of services for state and municipal requirements Belov Valery E. Some issues of legal regulation of relationship within the social support of Russian families Buyanova Anastasia V. Self-help of civil rights in contractual relationship according to the laws of ancient Rome Artemov Ivan I. Actual problems of the contract of lifelong maintenance with expense in the Russian civil law Skuzovatov Vasiliy U. To a question of restriction of the right for implementation of business activity in modern conditions Kravchenko Ludmila V. Features of executive productionin the Russian legislation Kiloev Kaloy Garunovich The legal forms of manifestation of a foreign element in the heredity relation Movsisyan Ara T. The features of realization civil remedies in the regulatory legal relationships Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION (MIXED TRAFFIC) AS A CIVIL LAW CATEGORY Kakorina Olga K. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF JURIDICAL REGULATION OF PROPERTY RELATIONS OF SPOUSES IN RUSSIAN LAW Zakharov Alexey I. 3. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Infringement on Life of a Stateman or Public Figure, Law Enforcement Officer, Person who Administers Justice or Performs Preliminary Investigation and their Place in the System of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Divaeva Irina Rafaelovna Nurkaeva Tatyana N. Some questions of the improvement of the policy of combating human trafficking Zhalybin Sergey M. Bekmagambetov Alimzhan B. The question of reserves of improvement of judicial and regulatory interpretation of norms of the criminal code of Kazakhstan on the responsibility for human trafficking Bekmagambetov Alimzhan B. To commit a crime out of the motives of the blood feud Markarian Susan Avetikova EXEMPTION FROM PUNISHMENT IN CONNECTION WITH MENTAL DISORDERS Hakimov Mehrojidin Dustmurodovich Differentiation of provocation of a crime from partnership institute Tishchenko Anatoly V. Raiding as the criminal and legal phenomenon in Russia and abroad Sokolov Ilya A. Specially-criminological prevention killings extremist motives Rustamov Nofal Eldar oglu THE METHOD OF DETERMINING THE AMOUNT OF MONETARY COMPENSATION FOR MORAL DAMAGE OF REHABILITATED Polyakov Boris A. Interrelation of the criminal and criminal procedure norms establishing safety of the protected persons in criminal legal proceedings Bobkov Jan Igorevich Types of operations on the stock exchange by means of which the manipulation can be carried out by the market Mamochka Ekaterina A. SOME ASPECTS OF MASS UNREST UNDER RUSSIAN LAW AND THE LAW OF REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN Kazhkeeva Bagytgul S. 4. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law The reasons for non-enforcement of the regional bodies of the constitutional control Mokoseeva Marina A. The agreements about cooperation of the constitutional (authorized) courts of subjects of the Russian Federation and their legal nature Muratova Liliana I. 5. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Judicial procedure of challenging decrees and decisions in cases of administrative offences Pavlova Margarita S. THE PUBLIC CONTRACT AND THE AFFILIATION CONTRACT: IDENTIFY AND JUDICIAL PRACTICE Kapica Lana S. Bushkov Denis Valerievich ATTORNEY-AT-LAW’S COGNITION ACTIVITY IN THE PROCESS OF FORMATION OF LEGAL STANCE IN REGARD TO CRIMINAL CASE Orlov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 6. Civil procedure arbitration procedure Simplified court proceedings: the concept and essence Shadlovskaya Olga D. 7. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities THE TIME IS RIPE IN NEW DIFFERENTIATION OF EFFECTS IN THE AREA OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE PROOF Mashovets Asiya Okeanovna ABOUT CLASSIFICATIONS OF INVESTIGATIVE MISTAKES Zakharova Valentina O. 8. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW Lex mercatoria as a source of cross-border securities transactions regulation Puzyryova Evgeniya N. FINANCIAL-LEGAL POLICY IN THE SPHERE OF BANK CONTROL Pervyshov Evgeniy A. Oganesyan Daria S. Methodical recommendations on improvement of customs control of imported goods introduced to Mongolia by means of the road vehicles Tsagaantsooj Tserenchimediyn 9. CRIMES IN THE SPHERE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES Questions of an assessment of economic damage from criminal processes in the tax sphere and efficiency of activity of law-enforcement bodies on providing economic security Palishkina Olga V. Gaponenko Vladimir F. Typical traces of fraud in the crediting sphere Karepanov Nikolaj V. Karepanov Grigoriy N. 10. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES The Distinctive Features of Hostile Takeovers in Russia: the Legal Aspect Erahtina Olga S. FEATURES OF THE SHARE CAPITAL OF ECONOMIC PARTNERSHIP Semenova Yuliya A. Legal support of business recovery during insolvency process in Russia Malikov Ayvar Fanilevich The gratuitous elimination of the work defects on the building contracts Naniev Alexandr T. 11. LAND AND PROPERTY RELATIONS Legal regulation of withdrawal of lands for needs of subsoil use Telkhigova Malika Shamelevna Peculiarities of land purchase and sale agreement Neznamova Alla A. 14. Administrative law; Identification and analysis of problems in the prior inter-agency information to deliver public e-services in the Russian Federation based on the technological map of interagency cooperation Andreyeva Elena V. Negorodov Vitaly S. 13. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS Subjects of corruption-related crime in countries with Romano-Germanic type of trust main methodological «tools» Sorochkin Roman A. MODERN VIEW ON THE TERRORISM REASONS Medov Musa Umatgireevich 14. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW The issues of international liability for nuclear damage in the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign States in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy Kozheurov Yaroslav S. 15. OTHER Subject and the subjective aspect of violations of fire safety Kurtsev Nikita A. Genesis and constitutive feature of neo-fascism in modern politics Schipkov Alexander Vladimirovich 16. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES IN RURAL AREAS: ORGANIZATIONAL AND LEGAL ASPECTS Aydinova Anzhelika T. FEATURES AND PROBLEMS OF RESTRUCTURING OF REGIONAL PLANNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN RUSSIA AT THE PRESENT STAGE Bezpalov Valery V. FORMATION OF THE CENTER OF STATE-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP IN REGION Dyachkov Anton G. 17. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING, FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC FORECASTING ON POSSIBILITY OF APPLICATION OF EXISTED COURT PRACTICE RELATED TO TRANSFER PRICING ON TRANSACTIONS WITH INTANGIBLES, CONCLUDED AFTER 1ST JANUARY 2012 Kirina Ludmila S. Volkova Irina M. Institutional aspects of implementation of external state audit in system of factors of economic development Vladimirova Margarita P. Financial information in initial public offering Lyutova Irina I. Legislation on bank system of internal control news Yushkova Svetlana D. About financial flowsglobalization on the world markets: theoretical aspect Guzhavyna Ludmila M. Philippov David I. COSTS AS AN OBJECT OF ACCOUNTING :A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF RUSSIAN AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS Galcheva Diamanta D. Assoc. Drobysheva Oksana V. Overview of the Russian offshore services market in the context of the economic condition of offshore territories Nasonov Egor V. Vavilova Marina S. Federal budget: financial mechanismsrealization of state programs Mildzihov Zaurbek T. Managerial accounting investing activities Meshcheryakov Dmitry A. TAX REGULATION AS AN INSTRUMENT OF SUPPORT FOR INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES Tsarikaev Alan Y. 18. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT The improvement of Russian national competitiveness based on innovation management in the priority spheres of state policy Chursin Alexander A. Model optimization of the level of risk of the construction company on the number of innovative projects Roslyakov R. A. Baldin Konstantin V. The economy of the Russian housing and communal services: management and innovation Reshetov Konstantin Yu. Pirogov Nikolai L. On the question of the creation of decision-making models in the context of the investment prospects level of the knowledge-intensive industry enterprises Daniluk Alexandr U. Simonov Mikhail P. Ostrovskaya Anna A. Transformation of activity of the enterprise in the conditions of formation of innovative economy Marushchak Ilya I. Kuzyakin Dmitriyi V. Formation of modern innovative economy through development of investment potential of households Karpenko Yulia A. Approaches to the development of the methodology for strategy formulation and management of innovative development planning of the aerospace industry Anfimova Maria Laura Igorevna Panov Dmitry V. Technoparks: the problems of functioning and their role in the development of large innovative business of Russia Reshetov Konstantin Yu. 19. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY PRIORITY AREAS OF AGGLOMERATION POLICY DEVELOPMENT REGIONS Novoselova Natalia Nikolaevna Kutovoy Svyatoslav I. PROBLEMS OF ENSURING ENERGY SECURITY OF THE COUNTRIES OF EUROPE Zakharova Elena N. Biryukov Evgeniy V. THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT OF POSITIONING THE NORTH CAUCASUS FEDERAL DISTRICT IN THE GLOBAL MARKET OF TOURIST SERVICES Sergeev Stanislav I. Kireeva Julia N. Elova Galina V. INTERREGIONAL DIFFERENTIATION OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE NORTH REGIONS AND PROBLEM OF ITS REGULATION Domanitsky Andrey A. 20. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Using SFC-models for long-range projection Karaev Alan K. Melnichuk Marina V. 21. OTHER Theoretical and practical problems of legal regulation of banking, tax and trade secrets in business Yakovleva Irina