Increasing competitiveness as a strategic area of geo-economic policy of the European Union
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Khoroshun Nikita D. aspirant
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
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Deep recession caused by the effects of the global crisis, the EU has set to develop a new strategy to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of the European economy. The purpose of this paper is a systematic review of developments in the field of sustainable growth and competitiveness assessment of the economy of the EU countries in the post-crisis period. A study of conceptual documents led to the conclusion that a new development strategy of the EU laid open method of coordination, in which shall be drawn up national programs. Generalization and systematization of statistical data, the study revealed the official publications of the dynamics and trends of development of the EU economy and its competitiveness relative to other countries. At present, the economies of the EU demonstrates moderate but uneven growth. However, despite the growth, the EU economy is not competitive and lags behind the United States and other advanced economies in all four "smart" areas identified in the strategy "Europe 2020". There is a significant gap in living standards between the EU and the US, which is constantly increasing and even more sharply after the financial and economic crisis of recent years. While the EU is still superior to the United States to provide a broader and more sustainable growth, more accessible health services, the overall income inequality is lower, and the government is more effective in addressing the problems of poverty and inequality. Significant gap in competitiveness between the observed and the EU member states. North and North-West Europe have very high compared to the lagging countries of Southern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe. This gap is particularly noticeable in innovation - one of the key factors of competitiveness for Europe. Bridging the gap in competitiveness of the EU countries require differentiated strategies that take into account national and regional characteristics. In order to further enhance the innovative capacity of the EU need to create favorable conditions for the formation of new and innovative ideas to support new innovative enterprises
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The European Union, The Lisbon strategy, The Europe 2020, smart growth, sustainable growth, inclusive growth, competitiveness, innovation.