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Issue №6 2013
Issue №6 2013
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-337
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Common characteristics of Avesto, as the source of zaroastryan right Khalikov Abdurahim Gafforovich FUNCTION STIMULATE OF TAX POLICY OF EMPIRE JUCHIDS Nabiev Rustam Fanis The concept of international legal assistance in civil cases in the legal science of the Soviet state Grigorieva Olga G. PRIVATE LAW RELATIONS AS A LEGAL MARKET ECONOMY EXPRESSION Okriashvili Timur G. THEORETICAL-METHODOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE OF LAWS OF PROCEDURE LAW RUSSIA Makogon Boris Valerievich Polysemantic sense of the term pactum in the roman law Novitskaya Anna Characteristic of the primary social relations, determines systematization of the PRIVATE LAW Voronin Maksim Valer’evich The essence of the term «deviant legally significant behavior» and its correlation with the term «deviant behavior» Guryanova Vera Vladimirovna 2. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW THE COMPARATIVE AND LEGAL ANALYSIS OF DIFFERENTIATION OF CONTRACTUAL AND DELICTUAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE HARM DONE OWING TO SHORTCOMINGS OF GOODS, WORKS OR SERVICES IN THE CURRENT LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Mamin Andrey Sergeevich Khalin Roman V. To the question about legal incentives and legal restrictions for certain categories of investors Ayzetullova Nazlygul Azatovna DIFFERENTIATION OF FRANCHISING AGREEMENT FROM ADJACENT CONTRACTS Demicheva Elena Alexandrovna 3. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law PROBLEMS OF IMPROVEMENT OF CRIMINAL-LEGAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL MEANS OF RELIGIOUS SECURITY IN THE SPHERE OF COUNTERACTION TO RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIONS DESTRUCTIVE ORIENTATION Kirillov Dmitry A. Tarasevich Ivan Anatolievich The problems of use of the slave labor in Dagestan Republic Shakhbanov Rustam Muktarovich Zijadova Dureja Z. Features theoretical modeling of measures to combat organized crime Vasin Yury Gennadievich The creation of an illegal armed formation or participation in it: the scale of the phenomenon Bekhoeva Kheda Lom-Alievna THE CRIMINAL AND LEGAL CHARACTERISTIC OF THE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE AND OTHER ACTIONS OF SEXUAL CHARACTER WITH THE PERSON WHICH HASN'T REACHED SIXTEEN-YEAR AGE Musatov D. A. ON SOME PROBLEMS OF THE PREVENTION AND PREVENTION OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN THE LIFE Raykhert Lyudmila Sergeevna Some controversial aspects of the definition of extortion Tereschenko Lyubov’ Sergeevna Shebanov Dmitrij Valer’evich 4. Administrative law; Administrative process, Information Law On the question of methodology of effective state regulation of entrepreneurial activities Shmaliy Oksana Vasilievna ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES IN SYSTEM OF STATE REGULATION OF BUSINESS ACTIVITY Dushakova Lesya A. IMPROVEMENT OF LEGAL REGULATION OF CONFISCATION AS A FORM OF ADMINISTRATIVE PUNISHMENT FOR DECLARATION OR FALSE DECLARATION OF CURRENCY AND MONETARY INSTRUMENTS Zarubina Veronica Gennadievna Application of the coefficient «bonus-malus» as a factor affecting increase the level of traffic safety Gershteyn S. E. 5. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law WARRANTIES OF SUBJECTIVE VALUE OF ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE CONTEXT OF RISKS AXIOLOGICAL PREFERENCE TO RUSSIAN STATE Novikova A. E. Chalyh I.S. Presence of Constitutions as the universal phenomenon in state law Vohmjanin D. V. CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL OPTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION LOCAL AUTHORITIES IN THE PROTECTION OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS Stepkina Ekaterina The right to not responsible of the highest official of the country Trofimova Galina Anatolievna INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL REGULATORY RESTRICTIONS HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AND CITIZEN (ILLUSTRATED CIS ) Zaitsev Andrei Some aspects of the calculus in terms of constitutional and legal relations Kulikova Yuliya Albertovna 6. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES To a question of legal problems of responsibility under the crediting contract Rychkalova L. A. Shakhkeldov F. G. Ertel A. G. Actions on identification and disclosure of crimes in the sphere the economy which isn't entering the list of operational search actions Vvedenskij Andrei Jurievitch The concept of a distributorship and its correlation with the categories of intermediation and commercial activities Ulugova Kamila Erkinovna 7. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities THE POSSIBILITY OF IMPLEMENTATION IN THE RUSSIAN PRACTICE OF EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION ACTIONS OF FOREIGN bailiffs Baskulina A.A. RIGHT RATIO (THE OPTIMUM LAW) AND EFFECTIVE PROCEDURAL ACTIVITY OF COURT Shakhbanova Aygun Intigam The legal status of an advocate who provides legal assistance to persons serving punishments in correctional institutions Solovyova Julia 8. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW Insurance market as an object of financial supervision Miroshnik Svetlana Valentinovna The Concept of Efficient Regulation of Business of Financial Institution Linnnikov Alexander Sergeevich Strategic Goals and Objectives of Providing Financial Security to Financial Institutions Linnnikov Alexander Sergeevich The constitutional fundamentals of the financial law of Russia and problems of implementation of international legal rules on trade in financial services law of the World trade organization (WTO) in the Russian legislation Petrova Galina V. Financial Control as an Independent Organizational and Legal Form of the State Control Activity Alekseev Denis Borisovich 9. OTHER SPECIFICITY OF SPEACH IN TRIAL Gorbatenko Olga G. PROBLEMS OF THE LEGAL ASSESSMENT OF EXPERIMENT IN THE HEALTH CARE SPHERE Nikitina Ilona Olegovna Hachatryan Artak Simakovich Teaching Tolerance: specificity of social and psychological management of organizational construction of culture Popov Alexander Vinogradova Natalia P. Changes in the number and changes in the composition of the urban population in the Nizhny Novgorod region (1860-1890 years) Popova Vera Vladimirovna SOME FEATURES OF EDUCATIONAL IMPACT ON TEENAGERS IN COLONIES WITH THE PARTICULAR TREATMENT Yakuschina Evgeniya Sergeevna 10. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT FOREIGN EXPERIENCE IN THE ORGANIZATION OF EFFICIENT FUNCTIONING OF ENTERPRISES IN THE SPHERE OF SERVICES Honchev M. A. Mudunov A. S. Afonin S. E. DIRECTIONS OF THE STATE REGULATION OF AGRO-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AND STRENGTHENING OF THE REGIONAL COMPONENT OF THE STATE ECONOMIC POLICY Novoselova Natalia Nikolaevna Nastueva Tatyana Anatolyevna Innovative approaches to the development of trade marketing in the retail segment of the mobile communication Larionov I. K. Zlatin P. A. Bragin N. I. Kushnir Andrey O. TO THE QUESTION OF PROBLEMS OF MANAGEMENTS OF STRUCTURAL UNITS OF UNIVERSITY IN THE NEW CONDITIONS Demina L. M. Zhilyaeva I.A. ANALYSIS OF TRENDS IN DEVELOPMENT OF THE RUSSIAN AGRO-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna WAYS AND METHODS OF CHALLENGING THE CORRUPT MODIFICATION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACTIVITY Salnikova T. S. Lukyanchikov E. N. Gerasin A. N. SYSTEMIC NATURE OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY AND THE AIMS FOR ITS STATE REGULATION Vesnin V. R. Volovikov S. A. Aliyev A. T. TO THE QUESTION ABOUT THE CONTRADICTORY UNITY OF THE ECONOMIC INTERESTS OF COUNTERPARTIES MARKET Shvidchenko Nadezhda Vladimirovna RESEARCH OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF INDUSTRY ON THE BASIS OF ADAPTED TOOLKIT Krivosheina Natalia Sergeevna Jamaldinov Eldar Muminovic 11. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING Financial and monetary-credit methods of economic regulation in the context of the global financial and economic crisis Melnik Michael S. The tax system of the Russian Federation at the present stage of its development Moroz Victor V. Analysis of income taxes and tax collections in the budgetary system of the country for the period 2010-2012 Moroz Victor V. Simulation of the structure of working capital of the enterprise (organization) on the basis of regulation of tax burden Gryzunova N. V. MONITORING OF THE INCOME AND EXPENSES OF THE FEDERAL BUDGET FOR 2005-2012 Antipova T. V. Problems of interaction of credit organizations with collection agencies in the Russian Federation Pashevich Mariya Viktorovna 12. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS REGARDING DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS VENTURES IN RUSSIA AND WAYS TO OVERCOME THEM Vesnin V. R. Gribov V. D. Aliyev A. T. THE SUBJECT OF THE FORMATION OF EFFECTIVE MECHANISMS FOR INNOVATION DEVELOPMENT Gerasina Yu. A., Dr. of Economics, Professor Vishnyakov A. Gerasina Yu. A. Belov V. A. INNOVATIVE MECHANISMS TO INCREASE THE AVAILABILITY OF AFFORDABLE AND COMFORTABLE HOUSING Zlatin P. A. Bragin N. I. Galkin N. A. The social responsibility of the business as a condition the development of innovation sector of the economy Kozlova Elena Viktorovna FORMATION OF STRATEGY OF REALIZATION OF REGIONAL INVESTMENT PROJECTS ON THE BASIS OF THE MECHANISM OF STATE-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP Vereshchagin Sergey Viktorovich Chichkanov Valeriy Petrovich 13. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY Approaches on improvement of mechanisms and instruments of state regulation of power industry Russian Federation Orlova A. F. Svetlitsky S. Yu. The problems of becoming modern model of the Russian economy in conditions of globalization Vesnin V. R. Gribov V. D. Aliyev A. T. Titov A. A. Assessment of sotsio-ekologo-economic development of agrarian regions of the South of Russia Trukhachev V. I. Gromov E. I. MODERN PARTICIPATION OF RUSSIA IN IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW CONCEPTS Orlova A. F. INVESTIGATION OF THE NECESSITY OF REPRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL ECONOMIC SYSTEMS AT ACTIVATION OF FINANCIAL, INVESTMENT, CONSUMER, INSTITUTIONAL AND LABOUR FACTORS Akhmadov Mokhmad I. INTERACTION OF CITIES AS A MECHANISM OF REGIONAL ECONOMIC SPACE Kutovoy Svyatoslav I. The main directions of researches of the human capital in modern foreign and Russian science Nikitina Anna Ozhiganov Edvard N. 15. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Comparison of investment modeling computer programs for students training Fedina Irina V. Volovikov S. A. SERVICE INDUSTRIES: ANALYSIS OF MODELS AND METHODS Mudunov A. S. Tsakhayeva K. N. 16. ECONOMIC SECURITY Analysis of the organizational characteristics and the main drawbacks of the Russian anti moneylaundering system Zolotarev Evgeniy V. 17. LABOR ECONOMICS To the theory of strategic management of the human capital Kokuytseva Tatyana V. Ozhiganov Edvard N. Kurgan Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Dranayeva Anna Aleksandrovna 18. OTHER Study of The concept of «religious fundamentalism» modern Western scholars Anufriev Nikita Sergeevich The methodology of evaluation return of investments in the training programs Chernikov Alexander The economic and technological aspects of innovative processes in the leather industry Sycheva Anastasia Andreyevna