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Issue №5 2013
Issue №5 2013
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       ISSN 2310-7030 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-310
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Legal incentive: concept, structure Miroshnik Svetlana Valentinovna Criminal-law protection of property and other economic relations under the Deuteronomic edition of the criminal law of Moses (based on the materials of the Old Testament Book of the Deuteronomy) Bespalko Viktor G. The evolution of public-legal regulation of business activities in Russia Zykova I. V. 2. CIVIL LAW, HOUSING LAW, FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW System of legal means for providing harmonization of family interests as basis of legal model of family entrepreneurship Barkova Larisa Alekseevna New view on providing access to confidential information in business activity: tendencies, principles, requirements to inquiries, ways of overcoming of legislative gaps Yakovleva Irina On the question of general and specific civil means for the protection of the rights of consumers of mobile telecommunication services Kostina Kseniya V. Guarantees of Quality Of a Shared construction object Gorbunova Elena Nikolaevna CIVIL ESSENCE AND DEFINITION OF HARM AND LOSSES CONCEPTS Ibragimova Aminat Ibragimovna THE LIMITS OF COPYRIGHT FILM STUDIOS OR AGAIN ABOUT THE RIGHTS RELATED WITH SOVIET MOVIES MADE FOR TELEVISION, CREATED BY ORDER OF USSR RADIO AND TELEVISION Lvova S.V. Foreign experience of regulation of the rights of intellectual property Nikitina Anna 3. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law POLITICAL TERRORISM AND ITS TREATMENT OF CRIMINAL LAW Zalysin Igor Y. On the question of the purpose as a component of the structural and substantive element of operational and investigative activities in criminal cases related to economic Vvedenskij Andrei Jurievitch The activities of internal affairs and the media Borovikova Victoria Valerievna REGULATION OF LIABILITY FOR EXECUTION OF AN ORDER OR INSTRUCTION DURING THE SOVIET PERIOD Ushakov Egor Yur’evich 4. GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW FEATURES OF JUDICIAL SYSTEM AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF THE ARAB CALIPHATE Satayev A. F. TO THE QUESTION ON THE INTERNATIONAL LEGAL STATUS OF JURIDICIAL ENTITIES AS SUBJECTS OF ILLEGAL CIRCULATION OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS Yavorskiy Ilya Konstantinovich The comparative analysis of the administrative-legal status of the authorized economic operator in the Customs Union in context of international practice of customs regulation Nekrasov Dmitry Victorovich 5. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law The Basics of the Land Use Policy of the Russian Federation for 2012-2017: the Essence and Implementation Varaksina Irina Valeryevna 6. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS Anti-corruption examination of regulations and their projects in education Botnev Vladimir Konstantinovich 7. Employment Law; Right to social security The concept of social security law terminology Silkina Ekaterina Alekseevna THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL IMPORTANCE CLASSIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT Gamidli Gyunel Bakhtiar 8. LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES TO THE QUESTION OF THE STRUCTURE AND CONTENT OF THE CRIMINALISTIC CHARACTERISTICS OF RULES INFRINGEMENTS OF PRECIOUS METALS AND PRECIOUS STONES DELIVERY TO THE STATE, ILLEGAL BUSINESS IN THIS SPHERE Nikonovich Sergey Leonidovich CONDITION AND TENDENCIES OF THE CRIME MADE BY CRIMINAL ESTABLISHMENT OF CONTROL OVER MANAGEMENT AND ASSETS OF THE ENTERPRISE Isayev Oleg Yuryevich 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities A role of public prosecution in the coordination activity on crime prevention in Kazakhstan Abdrakhmanova Bibigul Serikkeldyevna 10. CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS, ECOLOGY Problems of legal regulation of arising of dispute resolution on the establishment of borders of the Federal state institution «the national Park Yugyd VA»: issues of judicial practice Vorontsova O. The formation of the constitutional and legal regulation of the personal rights and freedoms of a man and a citizen in the Russian history and abroad Loshkareva Irina Aleksandrovna 11. LAND AND PROPERTY RELATIONS INFORMATION'S PROVISIONOFCADASTRAL ACCOUNTINGIN RUSSIAN FEDERATION Kamynina Nadezda Rostislavochna 12. TAX AND CUSTOMS PROBLEMS, FINANCIAL LAW, BUDGET LAW Tendencies of improvement of tax control Malahatkina E. V. The problems in realization of the targeted programs (causes and solutions) Toria Rita A. 13. OTHER Definition of TV movie as a special subject of copyright Lvova S.V. CONCEPT OF INTERACTION LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND PROSECUTION Shemetova Olga Typology of the identity of the offender-recipient Magomedov Nazhmudin Nazirkhanovich 14. ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT OF INSTITUTIONAL FACTORS ON ECONOMIC GROWTH: APPROACHES TO THE EVALUATION AND MODELLING Ryabov I. V. Smirnova O. O. Agapova E.V. Triada the links between sustainability, new quality of growth and the effectiveness of both the systemic paradigm of development of small and medium business structures Levushkina S. V. Economic capacity of the enterprise as object of management Scherbakov V. N. Vishtunts Arina V. IMPLEMENTATION OF CLUSTER APPROACH IN THE SPHERE OF INDUSTRY OF THE REGION Polikanin Evgeny Vladimirovich Krivosheina Natalia Sergeevna MODERN SPECIFICS OF SOCIAL ORIENTATION OF THE ECONOMY Mayorova Natalia Viktorovna REGULARITIES OF TRANSFORMATIONS OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Crasnuk Lyudmila Vladimirovna INTEGRATION OF RECONSTRUCTION AND MODERNIZATION IN INDUSTRY Crasnuk Lyudmila Vladimirovna Novoselova Natalia Nikolaevna DEVELOPMENT OF DIRECTIONS OF THE STATE REGULATION OF AGROINDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Kochesokova Irina Hazratalievna Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna CORPORATE HEALTHCENTERED ACTIVITIES AS A FACTOR OF DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN CAPITAL Kasayev Tatyana Vladimirovna IDENTIFICATION OF VECTORS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPHERE OF EDUCATION ON THE BASIS OF MARKET INSTRUMENTS Egorushina Rogozova Maria Gennadyevna Lyashenko Lyudmila Anatolievna Hakobyan Karine Agasievna Key features of activity on creation and advance of educational services taking into account consumer expectations Tlyusten T. G. Socio-economic background of the reform in the procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs Kostyuchenko A. G. THE NEED AND CRITERIA SYSTEM TYPOLOGY OF INNOVATIVE POTENTIAL OF THE CORPORATION Serbich Artem Aleksandrovich ANALYTICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND TRENDS OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDUSTRY OF STAVROPOL TERRITORY Krivosheina Natalia Sergeevna THE IDENTIFICATION OF TRENDS AND SPECIFICS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONAL EDUCATION, MULTILEVEL EDUCATIONAL COMPLEXES Karamyan Inara Razmikovna THE MECHANISM TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ECONOMY OF DEPRESSIVE REGION Cappushev Azamat Barisbievich MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS − CLARIFICATION OF TERMINOLOGY Babkin Sergey I. 15. FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING AND ANALYSIS Production cost reduction, as result of optimization of production Lyutova I.I. The role of hard currency in the economy of Russia Odess Vladimir I. Improvement of venture investment by neutralization of risks on the basis of system approach Scherbakov V. N. Mishin M. Yu. Basic trends of social contributions development in Russia Abramova Marina Sergeevna Comparative analysis of VAT application in Ukraine and in the EU countries Oksenuk Oksana Methodological aspects of internal audit at the enterprise Pervova Kira Alexandrovna Model of determination of the optimum amount of expeditious financing of the investment project Makridenko Yevgeny L. IMPROVING OF MECHANISMSOF PRESERVATION PENSIONASSETS IN THEACTIVITYOF MANAGEMENT COMPANIES Soskov Vadim Victorovich 16. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Mechanism of management of consequences of investment risks Baldin Konstantin V. ACROECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF VENTURE INVESTMENT OF REINDUSTRIALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Scherbakov V. N. Mishin M. Yu. Dubrovsky Andrey V. Management of innovative potential in system of industrial reproduction Scherbakov V. N. Vishtunts Arina V. The main resource potentials and their role in the sustainable economic development of innovation Dubrovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich CICMIA as complete information and communication management of innovation activity Suzdaltsev Sviatoslav Igorevich 17. WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY ENSURING THE MODERNIZATION PATH OF DEVELOPMENT OF REGIONS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON THE BASIS OF VECTOR PERMANENT EDUCATION Karamyan Inara Razmikovna Dergieva Amenat Isaevna DIRECTIONS OF PERFECTION OF MANAGEMENT OF THE REGIONAL MARKET OF REAL ESTATE Gochiyaeva Lyuaza Alekseevna Mukova Ales Patovna Assessment of the status of the investment climate the region in modern conditions (on the materials of the Stavropol territory) Zavyalov Mikhail Vladimirovich 18. ECONOMIC SECURITY Approaches to the increase of national security of the CIS countries Anfimova Maria Laura Igorevna Kurgan Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Political and Еconomic clusterisation of resources of border regions as a necessary condition for security of the Russian Federation Molostov Alexander Ways of management of processes of formation of competitive labour force in Pridnestrovye in the conditions of transition to the innovation economy Terzi Nataly Human capital as a characteristic of the labour force in modern conditions Terzi Nataly 20. MATHEMATICAL METHODS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Use of a method of specific indicators when forecasting cost of production of communication satellites Veiko A.V. 21. OTHER The principles of social policy in Russia through the prism of study of social justice it the works of Russian sociologists Ostakhnovich Vsevolod Olegovich