Some controversial aspects of the definition of extortion
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Tereschenko Lyubov’ Sergeevna Dolzhnost: advokat.
Voronezh Interregional lawyers’ bar Shebanov Dmitrij Valer’evich Dolzhnost: prepodavatel kafedry ugolovnogo prava i kriminologii.
Voronezh Institute of MIA Russia
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In the article the author, pointing to structural deficiencies and essential definition of extortion in the current criminal law, aims to create a definition devoid of these shortcomings. Using the methods of historical, systematic structural analysis, analogy, abstraction and Comparative Law, the author explores the history of law, the legal theory, existing criminal laws of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, law enforcement practices. As a result of research, the author evaluates the definition of extortion as illogical, does not meet the requirements of a modern legal techniques and difficult to apply in practice. The main drawback of the legislative definition of the author sees that it is formulated mainly using the signs direct object and subject of the crime, and concepts used in it, expressing signs acts as the objective side of the crime itself very clearly defined by criminal law standards. Instead the author offers his own version of legislative definition, based on the essential features of the test acts and sufficient to clear semantic expression extortion. Advantages of this definition, the author sees, is that it uses the term "coercion to consent" that correctly and fully characterizes the the research act. Conclusions and specific proposals offered in the submitted article, worthy to become the subject of further scientific analysis and discussion, and also to be explored as the project future changes in the Criminal Code. Originality of these conclusions and proposals not stop them from being very logical, so their use in the preparation of textbooks and manuals on the subject "Criminal Law", practical comments to the Criminal Code can be very appropriate.
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Tereschenko L.S., Shebanov D.V., (2013), SOME CONTROVERSIAL ASPECTS OF THE DEFINITION OF EXTORTION. Business in Law, 6 => 85-89.
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extortion, blackmail, compulsion, violence, the right of free expression.

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