Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №4 2016
Issue №4 2016
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-288
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1. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR ANTONYAN Yu.M. АНТОНЯН ЮРИй МИРАНОВИЧ Antonyan Elena A. PROBLEMS CORRECTION CONDEMNED FOR INFANTICIDE Antonyan Elena A. The logic of development of the Russian criminal policy at the present stage Kazakova Vera Aleksandrovna Problems of formation of warning systems Crime in Russia Goncharova Maria Vitalevna Motives of xenophobic behavior Chistyakov Konstantin Vladimirovich 2. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR HALIULIN A.G. ХАЛИУЛИН АЛЕКСАНДР ГЕРМАНОВИЧ Volosova Nonna Yu. THE NEW ORDER OF REVIEW OF JUDICIAL DECISIONS AND EXISTING JUDICIAL SYSTEM Khaliulin Alexander Germanovich PRIVATE DETECTIVE PROCESS IN CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Znikin Valeriy Kolossovich Karpovich Dmitry Nikolaevich Discussion about the issues of the interrogation of accomplices and determining their procedural status Volosova Nonna Yu. The problem of defining the object rendering knowingly unjust verdict, decision or other judicial act (st.305 Criminal Code) Gaag Irina Anatolievna Realization of the rights of the victim as a party to the criminal proceedings for the prosecution by a representative of an advocate Potokina Olga Vladimirovna IMPROVEMENT OF LEGISLATION DEVOTED TO PRE-TRIAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT Ermakov Anatoly Sergeevich A court resolution on termination of criminal prosecution in case of partial refusal of the public Prosecutor from the prosecution Rykova Olesya Anatolievna Supervision of the Prosecutor over the legality of detention of persons detained in the temporary detention facilities Merzhoev Magomed 3. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law Legal consolidation of the goals, objectives and functions of the management bodies of internal affairs Zykova Irina Vladimirovna Legal regulation of state funding of political parties in Russia and its influence on the mechanism of political competition Dolgikh Fedor I. CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL FOUNDATIONS OF FREEDOM OF THE MEDIA IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tsaturyan Tamara Vladimirovna Vanyan Kristina Dzhivanovna Boiko Natalia Alekcandrovna MEANINGFUL PARAMETERS OF THE ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION TO THE STATE DUMA OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Galueva Veronika Olegovna Gogaeva Albina Leonidovna Lolaeva Albina Slavovna 4. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Ivan Sergeevich Aksakov as a lawyer, Slavophil publicist and a public figure Motin Sergey Vitaljevich The national archetypes of legal mythology Murunova Anna V. The manifestations of legal nihilism in the law environment Grammatikov Valentin V. PERSONAL CONTEXT OF LEGAL REALITY: DIALECTICS OF PROPER AND POSSIBLE Popov Anatoliy Anatolievich 5. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW; Civil procedure arbitration procedure THE ISSUE OF STANDARDIZATION OF ASSESSMENT ACTIVITIES Ershova Inna Vladimirovna Commercial disputes: pre-judicial settlement Artemyeva Yu.A. Specific features of information support of civil servise Kuleshov Georgy N. Analysis of the international legal and regulatory framework and international legal acts in regard to a private-public partnership Neznamova Alla A. Kuleshov Georgy N. The realization of person sentenced to imprisonment the right to acceptance of inheritance Belova Svetlana N. Risk institute and its place in civil law Lutovinova Natalia V. Child support enforcement in enforcement proceedings Vyskub Vadim Sergeevich Minimization of risks in the awarding of public contracts in the field of procurement for needs of internal Affairs bodies Ustinova Valentina Vladimirovna Legal nature of demand and its qualitative characteristics Dubrovskaya I.I. 6. Employment Law; Right to social security; Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; Codification of the Russian environmental legislation: current situation and prospects Sagitov Sergey M. Labor regulation in the Russian Interior Ministry Afanasiev Mikhail Aleksandrovich Golubeva Tatyana Yuryevna Pavlov Alexander Yurievich 7. Criminal; Criminal enforcement law The system of criminal penalties in the legislation of foreign states Stromov Vladimir Yu. The concept, general principles and system of criminal international law penalties Stromov Vladimir Yu. Forms of criminal responsibility and their types Dvoretskiy Mikhail Yurievich On international-legal methodology of legal responsibility for corruption-related crimes Sorochkin Roman A. Implementation of Imprisonment in the USSR and the RSFSR (Russian Federation) Abdrakhmanova Elena Robertovna Organizational and management factors, contributing to the commission of crimes against life and health in prisons Unterov Vladimir Anatolievich To a question on the subject of the appropriation of the official person's authority Romanovskaya Nadezhda Viktorovna CONCEPT AND ESSENCE OF AGGLOMERATION AS CRIMINOLOGICAL CATEGORY Akhunov Denis Robertovich 8. Criminology TO THE QUESTION ABOUT GROUP CRIME IN PLACES OF DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY Bondarenko Sergey Vyacheslavovich FEATURES OF THE FORMATION OF CRIMINAL GROUPS IN PENAL INSTITUTIONS Bondarenko Sergey Vyacheslavovich 9. Criminal procedure Separate measures of increase of efficiency of prevention of crimes that infringe on the freedom of conscience Bespalko Viktor G. The system of investigative and other procedural actions stage of excitation of criminal case Janovskiy Roman Sergeevich The right of victims to protection in the system of principles of criminal process Blinova-Sychkar Irina Vladimirovna Dmitrienko Sergey Alexandrovich Kravtsova Oksana Vasilievna Innovative organization and temporal structure of functioning of the subjects of the investigation Nechaeva Natalia Borisovna THE CHIEF OF THE INQUIRY BODY AS A PARTICIPANT IN THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Galiakhmetov Marat Railyevich The accelerated pre-judicial investigation of criminal cases in the Republic of the Kazakhstan Kenenbayev E.A. PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF THE REGULATION OF USE OF TECHNICAL MEANS IN CRIMINAL TRIAL Rodivilina Victoria A. 10. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Definition, object and subject-matter of criminalistics Bertovsky Lev Vladimirovich Obraztsov Victor Alexandrovich The identification of provocation of a bribe and the conditions of the rule of law when carrying out operational experiment Doxycin Andrey N. 11. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities To a question of a role of the public in improvement of activity of bodies of prosecutor's office Imanov Ibrahim Alzhanovich The question of recruitment for the service in the internal affairs of the russian federation Stepanova I.Yu. Control over the implementation of the requirements set out in the warning of the prosecutor Bezsaliy Olesya R. 12. International law; European Law Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism:the peculiarities of legal regulation in the former Soviet Union space Kurbanov Rashad Afatovich 13. Administrative law; Administrative process SUMMARY OF THE CONCEPTS AND CONTENT OF MALICIOUS INFORMATION Lukina Elena Ivanovna 14. OTHER Traditions and rituals as a social phenomenon Mayurov Nikolay P. Trofimova Tatyana Aleksandrovna Makarov Dmitry Andreevich About the coherence and disagreements in the customs legislation of States and enforcement under the conditions the EAEC Bryantseva Natalia Vladimirovna Zheltov Vyacheslav A. Borodulina Anastasia Aleksandrovna To a question about the current problems of retroactivity of criminal law on the example of the Crimean Federal District Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna COUNTERACTION AGAINST THE TERRORIST AND EXTREMIST IDEOLOGY IN THE INTERNET Bilyk Vladimir Ivanovich Bilyk Pavel Vladimirovich Theoretical aspects of the typology of the immovable property in the UK Dzepa Dmitry Nikolaevich Legal description of certain types of lease contracts according to UK law Dzepa Dmitry Nikolaevich Principles for the provision of legal assistance in criminal matters Ahmetzakirov Nail Raisovich Criminal liability for involving a minor in the commission of crimes and other antisocial actions under the laws of foreign countries Borovikov Valery B. Nedyatko Aleksey Vladimirovich