Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №4 2017
Issue №4 2017
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-264
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Скончался ведущий ученый Криминологи России в Чебоксарах обсудили актуальные вопросы борьбы с преступностью Taymasov Leonid Aleksandrovich 1. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR MAKSIMOV S.V. Максимов Сергей Васильевич The Modern Criminal Policy of Russia: Experience and Lessons of Continuous Reform Maksimov Sergey Vasilievich Criminological monitoring the relationship of corruption with modern extremism and terrorism Pavlinov Andrey Vladimirovich Criminological model combating organized crime: the practical aspects of implementation Vasin Yury Gennadievich The draft federal law on countering the inducement of minors to suicidal behavior: the main disadvantages and ways of their elimination Valuiskov Nickolay Victorovich Some questions of criminal liability for illegal circulation of counterfeit products in the member States of the Eurasian Economic Union Utarov Kanat Alimtaevich PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF MEDICINES LABELING MODERN TECHNOLOGIES TO COMBAT THE PHARMACEUTICAL CRIME Egorov Andrei Vilionarovich Draft Federal Law “On amendment to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation” Kamaev Renat Rifatovich 2. SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, PROFESSOR SHUMILOV A.Yu. Междисциплинарная научная школа А.Ю. Шумилова Znikin Valeriy Kolossovich Kozlov Vladimir Afanasievich Sharihin Aleksandr Egorovich On scientific schools of knowledge of operative search reality: primary approach Shumilov Alexander Yulievich Some current issues of combating tax crimes Kozlov Vladimir Afanasievich Operative search activity paradigms and their impact on the security system forming for economic and public safety of the country Sharihin Aleksandr Egorovich On certain problems of using operative search information in criminal proceedings Mustafayev Mubariz Hasrat oglu Asgarov Bakhsheyish Mammad oglu Concepts «scientific fundamentals» and «scientific school» and their place in the forensic, operative search and legal expertize theories Zhdanov Sergey P. On certain directions of scientific providing counteraction to terrorism in the Russian Federation Rogov Alexander Sergeevich On the issue of the subject, method, system and principles of customs law Zarubin Nikolay Nikolaevich 3. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law EXPANDING COMPETENCE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT: THE EXPERIENCE OF SERBIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. THE CONSTITUTIONAL STATUS OF PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE IN THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA Polovchenko Konstantin A. Determinants and the relationship of legal status and functions of the Prosecution of Russian Federation: theoretical approach Magomedov Magomed Abdulkadirovich Features of the legal status of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Saybulaeva Saida Ahmedovna 4. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings The story of the special security forces of Russia of the XIX century Boitsov Y.V. Mayurov N.P. Makarov D.A. THE FIRST CONSTITUTION OF THE SERBIAN PRINCIPLE Polovchenko Konstantin A. THE LABOUR RIGHTS OF CITIZENS BODIES STATE POWER Dzhambulatov Serazhdin Isaevich The public discussion on regulatory impact assessment Zenzinov Gleb Alekseevich 5. Employment Law; Right to social security MATERIAL LIABILITY OF AN EMPLOYER FOR INTRODUCTION OF INCORRECT FORMULATION OF DISMISSAL REASONS OF AN EMPLOYEE INTO EMPLOYMENT RECORD BOOK Savin Viktor Tikhonovich 6. Criminal law, Criminal enforcement law, Criminology On the issue of determining the objective side of the crime in the activity of the "financial pyramids" Kharkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Rastoropov Sergey Vladimirovich Again, the multiplicity of crimes Rastoropova Olga V. Some aspects of counteraction to offenses in the sphere of the organization of illegal migration Mayakova Anastasia Stanislavovna Shelepova Svetlana Alekseevna SOME PROBLEMS OF REALIZATION OF THE RIGHTS OF THE FOREIGN CITIZENS AND PERSONS WITHOUT CITIZENSHIP WHO ARE IN PLACES OF DETENTION Drozdova Elena A. On the issue of the specifics of the organization of work of convicts Tarasova M. I. CORRUPTION IN THE ORGANS OF THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATIONS Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna ABOUT PECULIARITIES OF PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF MODERN EXTREMIST Shkhagapsoeva Marianna Khasanovna The terminology of fraud in the field of computer information Barchukov Vadim Karimovich Some peculiarities of the objective side of falsification of financial documents of accounting and reporting of a financial organization Zorov Peter Mikhailovich Some questions of blanketness of the norms of the criminal law in the implementation of provisions on reverse force Baratashvili Liana Naftolievna The immediate object of criminal assault under Art. 172.2 of the Criminal Code Kharkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich THE LEGISLATIVE PROSPECTS OF THE NORMS ON CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ATTACKS UPON INTERNATIONALLY PROTECTED PERSONS OR INSTITUTIONS Kulichkov Alexey Alexandrovich INTERNET AS A MEANS OF PERFORMANCE SEXUAL ABUSE Alieva Elizaveta Andreevna THE CRIMINAL-LEGAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CONVICTED FOREIGNERS OF MEN Zhilyaev Rustam Muhamedovich COMBATING CORRUPTION IN RUSSIA: REPRESSION OR PREVENTION Aksenova Anna Vladimirovna CONFISCATION OF PROPERTY AS A MEASURE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURAL NATURE Kuliev Inal Borisovich On the genesis of the institute exemption from criminal liability Poluektov Andrey Georgiyevich Ratio of public actions that offend religious feelings of believers, with crimes of extremist orientation Ivanova Tatiana Evgenievna 7. Criminal procedure SECRETARY OF THE COURT: PROBLEMS OF LEGAL REGULATIONS Popov Aleksey Pavlovich SCIENTIFIC VIEWS OF THE PROTOCOL OF THE JUDICIAL SESSION IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTION Popova Irina Alekseevna ON TWO WITNESSES IN ONE PERSON IN THE COURT JURY MEETINGS Kalinkina Lyubov D. PROBLEMS OF LEGAL REGULATION OF THE FORM OF PETITIONS OF DEFENSE COUNSEL FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF A PRELIMINARY HEARING IN COURT WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF JURORS Shigurov Alexander V. Shigurova Elena I. CONSIDERATIONS AND BASIS FOR THE APPLICATION OF SECURITY MEASURES FOR PARTICIPANTS OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna URGENT PROBLEMS ON JUDICIAL EXPERTISE REFORM IN CHINESE CRIMINAL PROCEDURE LAW Yuan Yi SUBJECT AND THE LIMITS OF PROOF IN THE SHORTENED FORM OF THE INQUIRY Skripchenkova Oksana Valerievna 8. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities CRIMINALISTIC INSECTION AND DISINFORMATION AS RECEIPTS OF DETECTION AND DISCLOSURE OF CORRUPTION CRIMES Bertovsky Lev Vladimirovich Potapov Ilya Nikolaevich Elisov Pavel Petrovich 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities PROSECUTOR'S PARTICIPATION IN COURT SESSION OF THE CASSATION COURT WHEN MAKING DECISION ON TERMINATION OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Gavrilova Marina Nikolaevna SOME PECULIARITIES OF IMPROVING THE PREPARATION OF ATS STAFF FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF OPERATIONAL-SERVICE PROBLEMS IN THE TERRITORY OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE NORTH CAUCASUS Tokbaev A.A. 10. International law; European Law THE ROLE OF NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL JURISPRUDENCE IN LEGAL REGULATION’APPLICATION OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES Mekhtiev Mekhti Galib oglu Ibragimova Julia Emirovna 11. Administrative law; Administrative process About some problem aspects of production on cases of the administrative offenses provided by Art. 6.1.1 of the Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences Repyev Artem Grigoryevich Kashkina Ekaterina Valeryevna 12. OTHER ACTUAL QUESTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OF POLICE EMPLOYEES: THE MORAL-PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECT Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY OF SELECTION IN THE CONDITIONS OF EXTREME SITUATION Shkhagapsoeva Marianna Khasanovna GENDER AS AN INSTITUTION OF SOCIALIZATION Urusova Laura Khabalovna CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF WOMEN IN ADULTHOOD: MODERN STATUS AND FEATURES Kasimov Vadim Olegovich