Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №4 2020
Issue №4 2020
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-457
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INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «EFFECTIVE COMBATING TO CRIME IN THE CONDITIONS OF GLOBALIZATION: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS», MAY 22-23, 2020, NALCHIK Обзор конференции Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Radicalism and extremism as a real threat to the state security Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. 1. GENERAL THEORETICAL, CRIMINAL-LEGAL AND OTHER PROBLEMS OF COUNTERING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM. PROBLEMS OF PREVENTING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM Impact of criminal subculture on the formation of anti-social behaviour among young people Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich Victimological aspects of crimes of terrorist nature Aripshev Ahmed Mukhamedovich Political context of modern types of religious fundamentalism Cherkesov S. Kh. Countering the use of Internet resources in the dissemination of deliberately false information (fakes) during periods of aggravation of the socio-political situation on the territory of the subjects of the North Caucasus federal district Sheriyev Alberd Malilevich Verkhovetsky Igor Golyandin Nikolay Petrovich Increased activity of extremist organizations and terrorist groups in the context of the coronavirus pandemic Burayeva Lyudmila A. Prevention of extremism among the adolescents: pedagogical aspect Dadova Zalina Ismelovna Modern extremism and terrorism as a real threat to security in Russian society Zhamborov Anzor Anatolievich Network factors for the formation of extremist installations in youth Kurashinova Anzhela Khafanovna To the question of the origins of terrorism Koblov Felix Chermenovich Combating crimes of extremist orientation committed with the use of the internet network Karchaeva Kamila Avarievna Ways of improving counter cyber terrorism methods in Russian Federation Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Reproduction of the extremism phenomena Makoeva Evgenija Ruslanovna On extremism as a political and social phenomenon Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna UN activities to counter the spread of extremism Misrokov Tengiz Zamirovich Basic directions of countering the acts of terrorism Taova Lilia Yurievna Terrorism: difficulties of definitions Urusova Laura Khabalovna Activities of internal affairs bodies in the field of the localization of terrorism in the context of the globalization of the information space Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich Modern information tools to counter the spread of terrorist threats on the internet Shogenov Timur Mukhamedovich Firearms as an element of criminal-legal characteristics of terrorist acts Kardanov Alim Ruslanovich The criminological characteristics of the person assisting in terrorist activities Moiseeva Alyona Konstantinovna Problems of prevention of terrorism among the minors Osmanov Mukhamed Martinovich Current trends in the development of extremism in social networks Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich To responsibility question for the promotion of terrorism Khutuev Valery Arturovich A set of measures to counter the spread of religious extremism among young people Nastuev Eduard Borisovich 2. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS STAFF IN MODERN CONDITIONS Remote training of employees of bodies of the internal affairs of the Russian Federation on the discipline "Physical preparation": problems and ways of solution Kardanov Arsen Klimovich Role and importance of physical training in the system of vocational training of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Kodzokov Aznaur Khasanovich Personal safety of police officers: formation within the framework of professional training Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna Combating crime as the main activity of the district authorized police Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Limits on the legality of the use of physical force, special means and firearms by police officers Khazhirokov Valery Akhiedovich Ways and conditions of formation of will qualities in students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation at classes on physical training Meshev Islam Khasanbievich Legal aspects of the use of physical force and combat techniques by police officers Afov Alikhan Khazhmuratovich Improvement of speed-force qualities in physical training of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Beshtoev Rustam Olegovich The effectiveness of training in methods of detention of offenders using combat techniques of struggle Broev Adam Khautievich The place of fire training in the formation of the personality of a young police officer Gedugoshev Ratmir Ruslanovich Features and problems of professional activities of instructors and trainers in physical training Gubzhokov Anzor Khadisovich Use of methods of strictly regulated exercise for training of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation to combat techniques of wrestling Dadov Aslan Vladimirovich Analysis of the current state of control over competence of students in higher education institutions of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Dottuev Tengiz Idrisovich Psychological problems of adaptation of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation to physical loads Kanukoev Astemir Musovich Optimization of tactical and technical bases of combat techniques in students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Krymshokalov Ashamaz Zaurovich Pedagogical conditions for forming the readiness of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs to oppose propaganda and recruitment activities Magomedov Murad Nasrullaevich Structure of General principles of training in special tactics and fire training in the system of professional education of police officers Mukhtarov Dalgat Jamaludinovich Some features of increasing the efficiency of fire training of employees of internal affairs bodies Ordokov Mirzabek Khautievich Methodology of training in strikes and protective actions from them of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Tkhazeplov Rustam Leonidovich Methodology of training in strikes and protective actions from them of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Cherkesov Radmir Mukhametbievich Application of the method of dynamic efforts within the classroom for physical training in educational institutions of the MIA of Russia Yaroslavsky Mikhail Alexandrovich Pedagogical conditions for effective training of students of educational organizations of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Russian Federation against terrorism Kamergoev Beslan Mukhamedovich Training of police officers in integrated use of combat techniques Tkhagalegov Azamat Arsenovich 3. CRIMINALISTIC, PROCEDURAL AND OPERATIVE-SEARCH MEASURES TO COUNTER CRIME IN THE GLOBALIZATION CONDITIONS Once again to the question of the classification of forensics Kardanov Ruslan R. International and foreign experience of combating corruption Gutieva Irina Genrikhovna On some aspects of crime prevention in the Russian Federation in the context of globalization Tatarov Leon Anatolyevich Mass exodus as a basis for criminal proceedings in special conditions Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Safronov Dmitrii Michailovich Problems of applying the prohibition of certain actions as a new measure of restraint in Russian criminal proceedings Kankulov Anzor Khusenovich Implementation by the investigator of the general conditions of preliminary investigation Kushkhov Ruslan Khabilyevich Concept of coercive criminal procedure measures and their types Teppeev Alan Atlyevich Institute of inadmissible evidence in criminal proceedings Surtsev Alexander Vladimirovich Problematic features of the use of certain types of verification measures in the activities of the operational staff of the Ministry of internal affairs of Russia Bondar Anton Gennadievich Dissemination of "fake" information as a basis for criminal liability due to changes in the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation made in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic Shamaev Artur M. Current issues of using special knowledge in the investigation of violent crimes Nagoeva M. A. Use of special knowledge in the investigation of intentional bankruptcy in Russian Federation Tutukov ALbert Yurievich On the issue of reconstruction of subjective elements of the criminal situation in the detection and investigation of crimes Kurshev Albert Khasanovich Problems of organizing activities on disclosure of remote frauds and theft of bankcards Napsokov Artur Rizuanovich On the classification of forensic examinations as criminalistic Kuchmezov Rasul Abdulmutalifovich Problems of qualification of favorite false indications, conclusions of an expert, specialist or incorrect transfer Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna Specific characteristics of an inspection of the scene of an incident in the case of criminal explosions Gedgafov Murat Mukhamedovich Use of judicial and economic examinations in the investigation of intentional bankruptcy Khachidogov Ruslan Aslanovich Detention, as a measure of procedural coercion and difficulties associated with the detention of a suspect (accused) Kanokova Lyana Yurievna 4. CRIMINAL - LEGAL, CRIMINOLOGICAL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND OTHER MEASURES FOR COUNTERING CRIME IN CONTEMPORARY CONDITIONS Combating corruption: comparative legal analysis of foreign legislation and legal practice Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadyevna Problems of countering crime and some ways to overcome them Kharaev Azamat Arsenovich Martynenko Oleg Vladimirovich Criminal law impact on the prevention of violations of the rules ensuring the safe operation of transport (article 268 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) Malikov Boris Zufarovich Sheriyev Alberd Malilevich New threats on the economic and national security of the country Mambetova Fatimat Abdullahovna Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich Organized crime as a special phenomenon: concept, essence and features Cherkesov Azamat Yurievich Characteristics of the motives of tricks when creating staged robberies Khamgokov Muradin Mukhamedovich Some of the characteristics organized criminal group Kharzinova Violeta Mukhamedinovna Improving of the criminal responsibility for illegal hospitalization to a medical organization providing psychiatric aid in stationary conditions Manukyan Aline Romanovna Response to fraud using electronic payment means in Russian Federation Kodzokova Lyatsa Arsenievna Countering crimes against family and minors, committed by violence Shigalugova Maryana Khasanovna Peculiarities of fighting attraction in prostitution in the Russian Federation Kashirgov Astemir Hasanbievich Countering legalization (launching) of criminal receipts received in modern conditions Urusov Zamir Khasanovich Some legal and ethical features of the status of persons assisting law enforcement agencies Lyuev Tembot Khabasovich Some features of the administrative legal regulation of public security Abazov Islam Sultanovich Activities of law enforcement agencies to counter migration violations Tlupova Asiyat Vladimirovna Legal meaning of the «age» category in criminal law Abidov Ruslan Rizuanovich Individual preventive work with minors as a means of adolescent crime prevention Animokov Islam Kanshoubievich Features of the prevention of crimes committed by persons with mental defects Ashkhotova Liana Arkadievna Some issues on separate crime species incitement qualification Bitov Alim Aslanovich Subjective signs of torture: problems of qualification Zhurtov Astemir Bilyalovich The use of modern technologies in combating crime Kardanova Julietta Aslanbievna Takov Aslanbek Zaurbievich Criminal responsibility for false of voting results in the Russian Federation Gutaev Alim Magomedovich Some fraud qualification issues: the field of credit Lyuev Rizuan Mukhamedovich 5. CURRENT PROBLEMS OF THE CIVIL SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT AND THE PARTICIPATION OF ITS INSTITUTIONS IN PROVIDING PUBLIC SECURITY Legal basis for the activities of local authorities local governments in the field of population protection from emergencies Uporov Ivan Vladimirovich Abazov Andemirkan Borisovich The role of educational institutions in juvenile delinquency Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullahovna Public relations as a management function bodies of the internal affair Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna Alcohol intoxication as one of the determinants of adolescent crime Badamshin Ilfat Davletnurovich Kuliev Inal Borisovich Features of consideration of subjects of protection of public order and public security Korkmazov Alim Viktorovich 6. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) Actual compositions in procedural law Belousov Viktor Andreevich 7. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS, MUNICIPAL LAW (12.00.02) About restriction of constitutional rights and freedoms of the person and citizen in the Russian Federation Shelegov Yuri V. Shelegov Vladimir Georgievich 8. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW (12.00.04) Small business and its role in the financial activity of municipalities Savostyanova Svetlana A. 9. LAND LAW; NATURAL RESOURCE LAW; ENVIRONMENTAL LAW; AGRARIAN LAW (12.00.06) Problematic issues of implementing a culture of compliance with health, safety and environmental requirements in russia Isakova Anna 10. CRIMINAL LAW, PENAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY (12.00.08) Draft new criminal code of the Russian Federations. Special part. Chapter XIII. Crime against peace and security of humanity Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich To the question of the grounds for imposing a sentence more lenient than provided for by law (64 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation) Gadzhieva Aisha Ansarovna Karaeva Zukhra Sh. 11. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) Functional guidelines of the procedural management of the investigation in the activities of the heads of the investigative body Murtuzaliev Ali Murtuzalievich Essence proof in modern criminal proceedings of Russia: issues of admissibility of evidence obtained in the territory of foreign states within the framework of international cooperation Akhmadullin Alexander Rinatovich 12. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Gaps in the legal regulation of the use of assisted reproductive technologies Kruchinina Nadezda Valentinovna Voronova Natalia Vladimirovna The concept of lie in criminalistics Podvoysky Korney Vasilyevich 13. INFORMATION LAW (12.00.13) On measures of information support in the activities of law enforcement Barchukov Vadim Karimovich