Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №5 2020
Issue №5 2020
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1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) The attitude of Russian society towards the police and its employees in the first half of the 19th century Lukyanov S.A. The penitentiary system: looking through the century - 1910 - 2010 Nikolay G. Shurukhnov Investment: the term and concept
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-5-030-037

Shpinev Yury S. Police and society in the Russian empire of the XVIII century Konstantin E. Razmakhov The police and society of the Russian empire in the post-reform period Irina A. Tarasova Factual systems in law: formation of a concept and meaning Tsukanova Elena Yurievna The specifics of the implementation of law enforcement activities during the development of soviet society Adaeva Olga Viktorovna The reign of Catherine II, its transformation in the field of state and law Zhulanov Alexander Vladimirovich Kankulov Anzor Khusenovich 2. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS, MUNICIPAL LAW (12.00.02) Transformation of the Russian model of the welfare state: trends and development prospects Glotov Sergey Alexandrovich Aleshkova Irina Aleksandrovna The mass media as participants in the election process of the Russian Federation Leila A. Gelyakhova Shigalugova Mariana Khasanbievna 3. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW; FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW (12.00.03) Some aspects of the use of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) in relation to real estate transactions (contracts, etc.): the experience of Russia and foreign countries
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-5-074-082

Ksenia M. Belikova The place of the inheritance fund in the system of organizational and legal forms of legal entities Belyaev Roman Valerievich The concept of «agricultural producer» in the Russian legislation Kudryavtseva Larisa V. Alexandrov Svyatoslav Arturovich 4. LABOR LAW, SOCIAL SECURITY LAW (12.00.05) On the question of the optimal model of labor relations in the context of digitalization Dzhioev Soslan Khazbievich «Electronic work record card»: concept, aftereffect of their implementation Zubova Alevtina Olegovna 5. LAND LAW, NATURAL RESOURCES LAW, ECOLOGICAL LAW (12.00.06) Land plot from the forest fund lands as an object of use Kovyrshina Elena Igorevna Main directions for improvement to legal regulation of the management of mining waste Ignatiev Daniil Alexeevich 6. CRIMINAL LAW, PENAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY (12.00.08) Delineation problems a single complex and multiple crimes Omelin Victor Nikolaevich Bazarov Rustam Akhtamovich Draft new criminal code of the Russian Federations. Special part. Chapter XIV. Crimes against the security of humanity Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich Major aspects of establishing and implementing criminal liability for terrorist activity training Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna Criminal policy in the field of combating crimes related to the rehabilitation of Nazism Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Leila A. Gelyakhova Some reflections on the problems of power abuse qualifications Manukyan Aline Romanovna International terrorism as a form of response to the overestimated dynamics of the globalization of society Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich Current problems of application of suspended sentence under the law of Russia Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich Actual problems of qualification and application of art. 205.2 of the Criminal Code Kovlagina Daria Alexandrovna To the question of the connection between the social environment and the identity of terrorists Koblov Felix Chermenovich Ashkhotova Liana Arkadievna Features of the lens side assignments and expenditures made in financial and credit organizations Gorbunova Svetlana Eduardovna Improving measures to counter the deliberate destruction or damage of other people's property at the regional level Esenbulatova Elvira Hasulbecovna Abakarov Abdulla Makhmudovich Gaps of socio-economic bases of criminalization Kurbanov Abdusamat Ganievich Ivan P. Kravets Determinism of suicides and features of qualification of bringing to suicide under criminal legislation Zorin Dmitry Nikolaevich Extremism and terrorism: differentiation of the concepts according the Russian criminal law Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich To the construction the system of criminal law and criminology means ensure to religious security of Russia Tarasevich I.A. Features of identification and disclosure of crimes related to the acquisition or sales of digital information learned by illegal Gedgafov Murat Mukhamedovich Criminal law methods of compensation for damage from crime: history and modernity (evolution of Russian legislation) Afanasova Marina Sergeevna Problems of regulation of qualified and specially qualified signs of suicidal tendencies or assistance in committing suicide Ovsyannikova Evgeniya I. Public risk of crime in real estate Petrova Inessa V. 7. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) Investigators of internal affairs bodies as a subject of state protection application: theoretical and practical aspects Rudov D.N. Vinokurov E.A. Lukyanchikova V.V. Some features of evidence in the investigation of crimes committed by minors Abbaszade Nargiz Mirzali 8. INTERNATIONAL LAW, EUROPEAN LAW (12.00.10) Basis of legal regulation of development and application of artificial intelligence in the military sphere of China in the context of state strategy and protection of copyright and patent rights Ksenia M. Belikova Euthanasia in international acts & documents: legal or not? Akhmadova Maryam Abdurakhmanovna 9. JUDICIAL, PROSECUTORIAL, HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES (12.00.11) Conceptual framework for the use of computer technologies by the prosecution authorities in assessing expert opinions Isaenko Vjacheslav N. Current problems of criminal regulation of the fight against terrorism in Russia Khutuev Valery Arturovich Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna About the essence and subject of prosecutor's supervision over the execution of laws when holding suspects and accused in custody in temporary detention centers Merzhoev Magomed 10. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Digital evidence in crime investigations Rastoropov Sergey Vladimirovich Content of individual actions preceding psychophysiological investigation using polygraph Nikolay G. Shurukhnov Poskov Yakov Aronovich Criminalistic prediction and criminalistic prevention of cyber crimes in the field of healthcare Perepechina Irina Olegovna Perepechin Dmitry Vladimirovich On some peculiarities and prophylactic of fraud committed using mobile communications Fokin S.A. Computer technologies in forensic research of documents Kankulov Anzor Khusenovich Gordienko Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Legal issues of preventing falsification in the field of assisted reproductive technologies Popov Vadim Petrovich Criminal protection of justice from falsification of evidence Popov Vadim Petrovich 11. INFORMATION LAW (12.00.13) Issues of normative legal regulation of using an electronic signature as an information security element Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Ingushev Cherim Kh. 12. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS (12.00.14) Some problem aspects of the development of the electronic declaration system in the Eurasian Economic Union Moshkina Nadezhda A. Leila A. Gelyakhova 13. REVIEWS ON MONOGRAPHS AND TUTORIALS Рецензия на монографию: «Нечаева Н.Б. Конституционно-правовое исследование реализации социальных прав граждан с помощью информационных технологий при получении социальной поддержки и медицинской помощи: монография - Ставрополь: Издательство ООО «Губерния», 2019». - 256 с 14. COUNTERACTION TO TERRORISM AND EXTREMISM. YOUNG SCIENTISTS’ ARTICLES Current problems of improving the norm on an act of international terrorism Esenbulatova Elvira Hasulbecovna Bakhshaliev Eynulla Fazil ogly Criminological characteristics of the minors who made the road and transport crimes Magomedov Guseyn Bagavdinovich Malachiev Kamil Gitinomagomedov Problems related to the extension of the terms of the preliminary investigation in the form of an inquiry Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Mamashov Yusup Ruslanovich Features of qualification of crimes under article 165 of the criminal code of the Russian federation Dgamalova Bika B. Radchenko Vladimir Valerievich Problems of qualification of crimes under article 209, 210 of the criminal code of the Russian federation Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Salikhova Rukiyat Ruslanovna Preventive effect of general social impact on the origins of extremism Magomedov Guseyn Bagavdinovich Surkhaev Magomed Rurakhmaevich Criminal law enforcement of special security rules Dgamalova Bika B. Sheykhmagomedov Arsen Musaevich 15. MISCELLANIOUS Legal internationalization in the global legal process Makogon Boris Valerievich Markheim Marina V. Legal knowledge as a means of legal self-help: concept, content, meaning Uzdimaeva Natalya I. Legal regulation issues in emergencies of a biological nature Komarov Valery Valentinovich Counter-terrorism commissions: to the issue of problems requiring resolution Zhivaev Ivan Victorovich Influence of supranational decisions on the exercise of the right to appeal against actions and decisions of officials in the constituent entities of the Russian federation Svetlana V. Gizyatova Object of a crime against military service and the rules for its determination Ermatov Gayratjon Okmirzaevich Akhmedov Adkhamjon Burgutovich