Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №4 2020
Issue №4 2020
ISSN: 2541-8025 (print)       ISSN 2712-7605 (online) Pages: 1-330
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1. NATIONAL ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT 08.00.05 The system of social lifts and social ladders in digital space: levels and steps of lowering and rising, mechanism of work and development tools, over-professional skills and personal characteristics, modern trends, personnel policy
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-4-18-28

Popkov Sergey Yu. Smirnov Vladimir M. Kiriukhin Sergey V. Vashalomidze Elena V. Yastrebova Elena V. The role of digitalization in the formation of human capital Surtaeva Olga S. Dundik Elena P. About a new analytical approach to studying the states of economic systems Anishchenko Alexander V. Capital outflow - a systemic threat to the sustainability of ensuring the economic security of Russia Anishchenko Evgenii V. Analysis of development prospects and competition of Bank ecosystems in the context of digitalization Ivanova Olga A. Smirnova Nelli V. Small and medium enterprises development strategy in the digital economy system Evtyanova Daria V. Kasymov Azim B. Marking of seedlings and harvested wood in digital monitoring system of Russian forests Bulgakova Marina A. Countervailing risk management in the forest sector through exchange-traded instruments: condinions and development prospects Bulgakova Marina A. Decent level of pension provision of citizens of the Russian Federation: current state, search of criteria and social trends Esaulkova Tatyana S. Potential of the Russian Federation in the medical tourism Voskanian Roza O. Chuprova Antonina Yu. Some problems of the development of modern social policy in the Russian Federation Volskaya Tatyana E. 2. ECONOMIC THEORY 08.00.01 Directions of development of the theory of property in the conditions of digitalization of society Loseva Olga V. Fedotova Marina A. 3. FINANCE, CASH AND CREDIT 08.00.10 Development problems and ways to stimulate patent activity of Russian organizations Tarasova M. I. Smirnov I. S. Markhgeym Marina Vasilievna 4. ACCOUNTING, STATISTICS 08.00.12 Audit in the context of digitalization of the Russian economy: risks, opportunities, and limitations Sitnov Alexey A. Selezneva Irina P. 5. MATHEMATICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS 08.00.13 3-D cadastre in the UK and the Russian Federation: information support to and problem aspects Kuznetsov Ivan N. 6. THEORY AND HISTORY OF LAW AND STATE; HISTORY OF LAW AND STATE TEACHINGS 12.00.01 Organization of legal training in educational institutions Adaeva Olga Viktorovna The history of law regulation of the Russian Arctic oil development
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-4-111-115

Ivanova Victoria A. 7. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS; MUNICIPAL LAW 12.00.02 Features of the procedure for the formation and spending of electoral funds: issues of theory and practice Baramidze Svetlana M. 8. CIVIL LAW BUSINESS LAW FAMILY LAW; PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW 12.00.03 Constitutional foundations of social entrepreneurship in Russia Zankovsky Sergey S. Comparative Analysis of Foreign and Domestic Smart Contract Doctrine Zakharkina Anna V. The features of the legal status of small and medium-sized enterprises abroad and legal problems of implementing international experience in the Russian Federation Korolev A. A. Kolosova V. A. Concept, essence and legal nature of investments
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-4-137-141

Shpinev Yury S. Legal responsibility of a scientist for the implementation of the results of his scientific activities in the field of human reproductive cloning in the BRICS countries Belikova Ksenia Michailovna Responsibility of the scientist for implementing into practice the results of some researches in the field of biotechnologies in the context of scientific ethics Akhmadova Maryam Abdurakhmanovna The influence of the digitalization of the Russian economy on the organization of legal regulation of relationships of alimentation Serebryakova Alla A. Minor founders Belozertseva Victoria V. Joint wills and inheritance agreements in foreign law Belyaev Roman Valerievich Functions of civil rights remedies Korepanova Svetlana V. 9. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW 12.00.04 About some legislative innovations in the field of tax control
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-4-184-189

Davydova Maryam A. Sadovskaya Tatyana D. 10. EMPLOYMENT LAW; RIGHT TO SOCIAL SECURITY 12.00.05 The legal category of «transfer of enterprise» in Russian labor lawand European Union law Chiranova Irina P. Nadezhkina Anastasia O. Lukonkina O.V. 11. CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY; CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT LAW 12.00.08 Reform of legal education in the Russian Federation Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna Wang Zan Lebedev Maksim Vladimirovich Issues of delineating of encroachment on the life of a person who carries out justice or a preliminary investigation, and murder in connection with the implementation of the victim performance Tishchenko Yuri Yu. Lesnikov Gennady Yu. Bazarov Rustam Akhtamovich Anti-corruption: youth perspective on the problem Cherednichenko Ekaterina E. Mikhailov Alexey E. Autopiloted transport: development prospects and problematic aspects Paramonov Andrej V. Plotnikova Tatyana V. Constitutionalization of criminal law as a process Guzeeva Olga S. Criminal liability of companies and corporate fraud in the UK Rastoropova Olga V. Chigrina Olesya R. Problems associated with improvement of legislation on criminal liability for illegal banking operations Akhmedkhanov Sabina T. Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Mirzaev Ammakadi R. Development of measures to prevent the financing of terrorism Akhmedkhanov Sabina T. Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Mamaev Kamil Kh. Criminological characteristics of the minors who made the road and transport crimes Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Malachiev Kamil Gitinomagomedov Magomedov Guseyn Bagavdinovich Legal regulation of punishments for crimes committed by officials in the sphere of economic activity Akhmedkhanov Sabina T. Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Dgamalova Bika B. Derbishev Jamila G. Public risk of crime in real estate Petrova Inessa V. Criminological characteristics of the person involving the teenage in the commitment of the crime Osmolovskaya Svetlana I. Problems of regulation of qualified and specially qualified signs of suicidal tendencies or assistance in committing suicide Ovsyannikova Evgeniya I. Some comparative aspects of the compositions of inducement to commit suicide or of facilitating suicide and inducement Ovsyannikova Evgeniya I. The practice of countering tax evasion during globalization Nikolaeva Zhanna A. The history of the creation and development of special technical means designed for secretly obtaining information Usov Evgeny G. 12. JUDICIAL, PROSECUTORIAL, HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES 12.00.11 Determinants of law violations committed by traffic police staff Gorodnichev Igor M. Chernyavsky Vyacheslav A. Contemporary internal affairs electoral campaign law enforcement Nosatov Yury Nikolaevich Presumption of a lawyer's conscientiousness in theory and practice of the current Russian legislation Kovalev Sergey A. Legal aspects of application of physical force by police staff Kostyuk Anna V. 13. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES 12.00.12 Circumstances to be proved in cases, related to criminal violations of health and safety regulations Sirakanyan Arkadiy R. 14. INFORMATION LAW 12.00.13 Legal doctrine of information security regulation in Russia Yakovleva Anna V. Actual issues of ensuring cybersecurity in the context of the digitalization of the economy of the Russian Federation Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Shugunov Timur L. Khochueva Fazilya A. Ingushev Cherim Kh. 15. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW; ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS 12.00.14 Cryptocurrency and electronic means of payment: technological component and criminological aspect Shamaev Artur Muradinovich Bondar Anton Gennadievich Digital financial instruments: general characteristic and legal aspect Bondar Anton Gennadievich Problems of determining the administrative and legal status of persons using electric scooters, segways and other modern technical means of movement Mishina Yulia V. Some issues of determining the legal status of territorial bodies of the Federal Agency for state property management Firsov Maxim V.