Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №7 2019
Issue №7 2019
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-212
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1. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law MODERN CONSTITUTIONAL AND STRUCTURAL RISK CORRELATION Novikova Alevtina E. Samsonov Valeriy Nikolaevich Tabolin Vladimir Victorovich PLACE OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL DOCTRINE OF RELIGIOUS SECURITY IN THE DOCTRINAL LEGAL FIELD OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS AND THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tarasevich Ivan Anatolievich ROLE OF UKRAINE'S CONSTITUTIONAL COURT IN PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS TO HEALTH Shvets Yuri Yu. THE DIRECTIONS OF RATIONALIZATION OF PARLIAMENTARISM OF THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA Demianosov Vlas Alexandrovich 2. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings ON THE QUESTION OF LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SELF REGULATING ORGANIZATIONS Panin Sergey Yu. 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW On the subject of the composition of obligations for the overhaul of the common property of an apartment building Vanin Vitaliy Vladimirovich The problem of restrictions on the freedom of wills by provisions on mandatory share in inheritance Gasanov Natig F. Discretion extent for subjects of housing legal relations Karyagina Veronica Sergeevna Protection of the business reputation of a legal entity: civil law methods Mikhnevich Anna Viktorovna Volnenko Maria Andreevna THE MODEL OF EXTRAJUDICIAL INSOLVENCY PROCEDURE OF INDIVIDUALS ("SOCIAL INSOLVENCY") AS AN ELEMENT OF THE SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL WELL-BEING OF NATION WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF SOCIAL POLICY OF THE STATE
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2019-12-7-57-63

Frolov Igor Valentinovich Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich 4. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law SYSTEM OF TAX PROCESS Berezin Maksim Yurievich JUDICIAL AND ARBITRATION PRACTICES NEWS REGARDING TAX CONTROL IN THE FIELD OF TRANSFER PRICING Kupriyanov Aleksandr Sergeevich 5. Employment Law; Right to social security On Some Peculiarities of the Right to Parental Leave by the Penal System Officers in Russia Belova Svetlana N. Strogovich Yuriy N. 6. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law Child Safety in the Great Britain and USA Antonyan Elena A. Grishko Natalya A. INSOLVENT DEBTORS: TYPES, PENALTIES, RELEASED FROM IMPRISONMENT UNDER THE LEGISLATION OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE Shurukhnov Nikolay Grigorievich DRAFT NEW CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. A COMMON PART. CHAPTER X. EXEMPTION FROM PUNISHMENT AND pardon Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich Spiritual and moral crisis of modern society as a factor causing terrorist vulnerability Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich Criminogenic factors determining crime in the field of housing and communal services Bystrova Julia V. ABOUT SOME TRENDS IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE PROCEDURE FOR PERFORMING AND SERVING OF THE CORRECTIONAL LABOR Mkrtchian Sona M. Comparative legal analysis of mitigating circumstances in the countries of the Romano-German legal system Gromovenko Nadezhda Petrovna. Penalty (fine) under the Criminal Code of 1903 Shamina Elena Alexandrovna Countering extremism in several European countries Furtat Vitaly Vladimirovich PROBLEMS OF LEGAL CRIME IN THE FIELD OF HEALTH IN THE REGIONS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF DAGESTAN) Islamova Zuleyha Ifratovna Some directions of improvement of legislation on the threat of murder or causing the serious bodily harm Guseinova Zainab Muslimovna 7. Criminal procedure CONTENT OF THE ACTIVITY OF THE COURT, WHEN APPLYING THE SPECIAL ORDER REVISED BY CHAPTER 40 OF THE CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: PROOF OR QUASI-PROOF? Turilov Georgy Georgievich PENNAME AS A MEARSURE OF ENSURING THE SAFETY OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Ivanova Elena Vladimirovna TO THE QUESTION OF CRIMINAL-PROCEDURAL FORM OF SUPERVISORY CHECKS OF THE PROSECUTOR AT STAGE OF CRIMINAL CASE Blinova-Sychkar Irina Vladimirovna Dmitrienko Sergey Alexandrovich Kravtsova Oksana Vasilievna COMPETENCE OF THE COURT, JUDGE IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS: THEORETICAL DEFINITION AND REGULATORY BASIS Ovchinnikova Elena A. CONTENT OF THE SUBJECT OF PROOF WHEN DISCLOSING INFORMATION ON SAFETY MEASURES OF PARTICIPANTS IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Lanshakov Dmitry Sergeevich CONCEPT AND MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM OF SECURITY MEASURES OF PARTICIPANTS OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS Lanshakov Dmitry Sergeevich The civil action as a way of compensation of harm in criminal proceedings Kaluzhskaya Natalya V. 8. International law; European Law INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES AND ELECTRONIC (DIGITAL) CUSTOMS OF THE WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANIZATION Mozer Sergei V. 9. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities Geography is fate Askarzoda Sarvar Askar Kireev Mikhail Pavlovich The Commonwealth of Independent States as a coordinator of countering the threat of global terrorism, in the format of the CIS summit in Ashgabat Kolaev Artyom M. About some features of professional self-realization of women employees in the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan Gurez Dastagul Kurbonali 10. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Innovative Forensics in the Context of Virtualization, Interactivity, Distancing of Contemporary Information Society Bilyk Vladimir Ivanovich 11. Administrative law; Administrative process THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF THE LEGAL STRUCTURE OF THE FUNCTION UNITS OF THE MIA OF RUSSIA ON TRANSPORT Chentsova Marina Mikhailovna Sidorenko Anastasia Viktorovna Mahina Svetlana Nikolaevna Topical issues of bringing persons to administrative responsibility for driving a vehicle on which glasses (including those covered with transparent color films) are installed, the light transmission of which does not meet the requirements of the technical regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles Volkov Pavel Analolyevitch Demchenko Nikolai Viktorovich Sarychev Alexander Viktorovich. Uncertainty of definitions in the norms of administrative law providing for liability for offenses in the sphere of tobacco products turnover Minibaev Farit Askhatovich On the formation of the Institute of administrative justice Betz Alexandra Alexandrovna 12. Civil procedure arbitration procedure PRACTICAL QUESTIONS RELATED TO THE POSSIBILITY OF CONSIDERATION BY ARBITRATION COURTS OF DISPUTES RELATED TO IMMOVABLE PROPERTY OBJECTS Sorokin Vladislav P. GENERAL THEORETICAL, CONCEPTUAL AND LEGISLATIVE DEFINITION OF THE CONCEPTS OF CIVIL LIABILITY AND LEGAL SANCTIONS Ibragimova A.I. 13. OTHER SOURCES OF LEGAL REGULATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ROBOTS AND ROBOTICS OBJECTS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Demchenko Maksim V.