Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №6 2019
Issue №6 2019
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-290
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings Value-legal priorities of delimitation of competence of state and local authorities in Russia Chertkov Alexander Nikolaevich Anticorruption expertise in the Russian Federation legislation: development and legal consolidation Karnaushenko Leonid Vladimirovich Kurdyuk Galina Petrovna Urumov Asker Valerievich VALUE OF LAW AND MEANS OF ITS LEGITIMATION: VALUE OF LAW AND MEANS OF ITS LEGITIMATION: SOCIOCULTURAL APPROACH Matantsev Dmitry Aleksandrovich TO THE QUESTION OF BECOMING SYSTEM OF PUBLIC AUTHORITY IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION IN THE 90-IES. XX CENTURY Shuvalov Alexander Anatolievich The concept and essence of the principles of law Opanasenko Anton Sergeevich Variety of concretizing norms of Russian law Perepletchikova Anastasia Igorevna 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law About need to establish limits on the management of the electoral process from the international organizations Chistoborodov Ilya Grigorievich FEATURES OF INTERACTION BETWEEN CIVIL SOCIETY INSTITUTIONS AND THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH IN KABARDINO-BALKAN REPUBLIC Manukyan Aline Romanovna Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadyevna 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW ABOUT THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE IN THE CONTEXT OF POLYGYNOUS RELATIONS Abesalashvili Marine Zaurovna Tutarishcheva Svetlana Muratovna Tseeva Svetlana Kasimovna Problems of International Adoption Kudryavtseva Larisa V. Mikhnevich Anna Viktorovna Baidina Veronica Sergeevna PROPERTY RIGHTS AS AN OBJECT OF CIVIL RIGHTS Netishinskaya Lyubov Fedorovna Blagodarova Nadezhda Sergeevna PECULIARITIES OF LEGAL REGULATION OF RELATIONS OF SPOUDS WITH DIFFERENT CITIZENSHIP Kudryavtseva Larisa V. Moroz Elena S. Authors and their heirs as special categories of rights holders Kozlova Mariia Viacheslavovna The means of the mechanism of legal regulation of insolvency relations and the integrity of their use Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich 4. Employment Law; Right to social security Legal regulation of annual additional (special) paid holidays in Russia and Germany Chulkova Ekaterina A. 6. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law TORTURE: PROBLEMS OF INTERPRETATION AND WAYS OF IMPROVING CRIMINAL LAW Asnis Alexander Yakovlevich THE DRAFT OF THE NEW CRIMINAL CODE OF THE RUSSIAN CONFEDERATIONS. COMMON PART. CHAPTER IX. THE PURPOSE OF PUNISHMENT AND A CRIMINAL RECORD Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich Modern problems of criminal liability for illegal circulation of special technical means intended for secret obtaining of information Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna CRIMINAL OFFENSE AS A CATEGORY OF ACTS PROHIBITED IN THE CRIMINAL CODE Golikova Arina Vladimirovna ABOUT THE MEASURES ON THE PENAL LEGISLATION ENHANCEMENT IN THE SPHERE OF THE COUNTERACTION TO THE ORIGIN OF "FLY-BY-NIGHT COMPANIES” Arkhiptsev Ivan N. Burtsev Andrey S. Ustinova Valentina Vladimirovna Implementation of innovative technologies in penitentiary system of the Russian Federation Luncasu Yuri Wirelovich Markelova Olga N. CRIMES OF THE EXTREMIST AND TERRORIST DIRECTION AS AN ACTION OF THE INCREASED PUBLIC DANGER Cherkesov Sultan Hangerievich Problematic features of detecting crimes in the field of construction and improvement Animokov Islam Kanshoubievich Kashirgov Astemir Hasanbievich FEATURES OF CRIMINALIZATION OF THE CRIMINAL LAW PROHIBITION ON THE USE OF TORTURE Zhurtov Astemir Bilyalovich TO THE QUESTION OF THE HISTORY OF FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE PENITENTIAL DIRECTION IN ENGLAND Anisimov Sergey A. Discussion aspects of the normative approach to understanding the corpus delicti Komyagin Roman Alexandrovic Actual problems of criminal penalties in judicial practice Shamina Elena Alexandrovna RESPONSIBILITY FOR CRIMES CONCERNING THE FORCE FOR SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR ON THE EXAMPLE OF A NUMBER OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES OF THE ANGLO-SAXON LEGAL SYSTEM (UK, NEW ZEALAND, INDIA) Diyatullov Almaz Damirovich 6. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL PROSECUTORIAL SUPERVISION IN THE PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION STAGE Isaenko Vjacheslav Nikolaevich The role of information support in the activities of the head of the penal system: some problems Drozdova Elena A. Zorin Dmitry Nikolaevich COMMUNIC EXPERTENCE OF THE HOUSE: INTERETHNIC TOLERANCE Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna Golyandin Nikolay Petrovich ANALYSIS OF INTERACTION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS OF ROSGUARD AND OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT BODIES IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE LAW ENFORCEMENT FUNCTION OF THE STATE Garnik Lyudmila Yurievna The main directions of improvement of the organization of activity of territorial bodies of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on counteraction to crimes of a terrorist orientation Gandaloyeva Tamara A. 7. Criminal procedure DISTANCE JUSTICE: ADVANTAGES, PROBLEMS, PROSPECTS Ivanova Elena Vladimirovna NEW RULES OF CASSATION PROCEEDINGS IN CRIMINAL CASES Manukyan Aline Romanovna Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadyevna PROCEDURAL STATUS OF A JUDGE AT THE STAGE AFTER THE REFUSAL OF EXCITATION CRIMINAL CASE OR ITS TERMINATION BY THE DECISION OF THE INVESTIGATOR OR INQUIRER Ovchinnikova Elena A. 8. International law; European Law Forecast of International Legal Personality’ Formalization in New Political Spaces: New Marine Spaces and Circumpolar Zones Nikiforov Vadim A. Nikiforov Svyatoslav V. Digital Customs in the context of the Capacity Building of the World Customs Organization Mozer Sergei V. INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ACTS RELATED TO CONSULAR PROTECTION OF CITIZENS Pavlyuk Albert Valentinovich Ryazantsev Alexander A. 9. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities Actual problems of legal regulation of carrying out of vowels operatively-search actions Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. TERMINOLOGY OF CONCEPTS RELATED TO CRIMINAL SEXOLOGY Tenkov Aleksandr A. Krivokhatko Anton A. Khozikov Andrey S. TO THE QUESTION ABOUT ORGANIZTION OF THE POLICE UNITS ACTIVITY TO COUNTER EXTREMISM Akimova Galina Vyacheslavovna Solomatina Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Shaykhutdinova Tanzilya Faridovna THE CONCEPT AND OBJECTIVES OF PERSONAL INVESTIGATION IN THE ACTIVITIES OF THE EMPLOYEE OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich Bitov Alim Aslanovich CRIMINAL PROFILING: TO THE COMPOSITION OF A SERIAL KILLer PORTRAIT Burmistrova Natalia Sergeevna SOME FEATURES OF DOCUMENTATION BY THE INTERNAL AFFAIRS AGENCIES OF ORGANIZED GROUPS AND CRIMINAL NETWORKS IN THE FIELD OF DRUG BUSINESS Sainoroev Ahmed Adamovich Specificity of the method of committing crimes related to the sale of drugs Yaskina Inna A. 10. Information Law On the issue of improving the classification system of information in the development of the digital economy Borisov Mikhail A. Severin Vitaly Andreevich Problems of admission and access of subjects to commercial and official secrets in the digital economy Borisov Mikhail A. Severin Vitaly Andreevich LOCALIZING CYBER TERRORISM IN A GLOBALIZING INFORMATION SPACE Shogenov Timur Mukhamedovich ON THE QUESTION OF FAKE INFORMATION COUNTERACTION IN SOCIAL NETWORKS Burayeva Lyudmila A. Dadova Zalina Ismelovna Problems of ensuring cyber stability of the banking system of the Russian Federation: legal and methodological aspects Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Shugunov Timur L. Khochueva Fazilya A. 11. Administrative law; Administrative process Features of the concept content and functioning of the mechanism of internal administrative (managerial) control in the internal affairs bodies Belikov Aleksandr Pavlovich Vlasov Konstantin Aleksandrovich 12. Civil procedure arbitration procedure Development of legal regulation of notification procedure in civil and arbitration proceedings of the Russian Federation: procedural reform 2018 Koncheva Valentina A. ACTIVITIES OF NEW APPEAL AND CASSATION COURTS OF GENERAL JURISDICTION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS FOR DEVELOPMENT Alieva Anzhela B. Ibragimova Asiyat Shamsutdinovna 13. MONOGRAPH REVIEWS AND STUDY GUIDES REVIEW OF THE MONOGRAPH VOLOS A. A. "PRINCIPLES-METHODS OF CIVIL LAW AND THEIR SYSTEM" 14. OTHER Formation of a positive image of the law enforcement system and effective leadership, some related issues Drozdova Elena A. Zorin Dmitry Nikolaevich Migration processes in Russia-history and modernity Buyanova Anastasia V. SOME FEATURES OF INDIVIDUAL EDUCATIONAL WORK IN BODIES OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS: INTERVIEW AS THE BASIC FORM OF EXPOSURE Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna LEGAL BASIS OF DISTANCE LEARNING IN THE SYSTEM OF ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION IN THE EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF RUSSIA Urumov Asker Valerievich FEATURES OF THE INTERACTION OF PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION BODIES WITH EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRIMES COMMITTED BY MINORS Surtsev Alexander Vladimirovich CHARACTERISTICS OF PERSONAL INVESTIGATION, USED IN THE ACTIVITIES OF OFFICERS OF THE POLICE LINE UNITS Bitov Alim Aslanovich