Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №1 2019
Issue №1 2019
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-208
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1. НАУЧНАЯ ШКОЛА ПРОФЕССОРА С.А. КАРЕЛИНОЙ PROFESSOR S. A. KARELINA SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL Yastrebova Ekaterina Sergeevna Erlikh Margarita Evgenyevna INSTITUTION OF INSOLVENCY (BANKRUPTCY) IN THE MECHANISM OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MARKET ECONOMY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: PROBLEMS OF IMPROVING Karelina Svetlana Alexandrovna WHAT WILL OCCURE WITH THE MEANS OF INDIVIDUALIZATION IN CASE OF RIGHT HOLDER’S BANKRUPTCY? Afanaseva Ekaterina Gennadievna Zaikova Anastasia Vyacheslavovna About some questions of application of provisions of item 11 of Art. 142 of the law on bankruptcy Brusco Boris Sergeevich MODERN CLASSIFICATION OF PEASANE (FARM) ECONOMIC SPECIES AND THE PECULIARITY OF THEIR BANKRUPTIES Frolov Igor Valentinovich The pledge by virtue of the law of real estate located on a land plot that is a non-commercial mortgage in favor of the creditor in bankruptcy case: problems of judicial practice Guryleva Kristina Igorevna To the question on legal regulation of insolvency (bankruptcy) system of principles Kravchenko Alexander Alexandrovich The debtor as a subject of legal relations in the field of insolvency (bankruptcy): some theoretical and practical issues Monchenko Olga Vladimirova Analysis of the phenomenon and significance of the judicial act within the framework of Russian legal system by the example of insolvency (bankruptcy) Mikhaylova Valeriya Igorevna 2. КОНСТИТУЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО, КОНСТИТУЦИОННЫЙ СУДЕБНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС; МУНИЦИПАЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.02) General Review of Personal Rights and Freedoms in Italy Shashkova Anna Vladislavovna Leibo Yuri Ivanovich 3. ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО; ПРЕДПРИНИМАТЕЛЬСКОЕ ПРАВО; СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО; МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ЧАСТНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.03) Features of protection of housing rights of children with special legal status Letova Natalia Valerievna On the forms and methods of state policy on changing the concept of legal regulation of the economic basis (entrepreneurship) Abramov Sergey G. Abramova Liliya Ivanovna Forms of placement of children under Russian law: historical and legal aspects Ivanova Svetlana Georgievna IMPROVEMENT OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACTIVITIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION AS A FACTOR OF INCREASING COMPETITIVENESS OF LAW ALUMNI PROFILE Epifanova Tatiana V. Merkulov Mikhail Maksimovich Zhukov Konstantin Aleksandrovich Yasaev Abubakar Khamzatovich CONFLICT REGULATION OF INHERITANCE RELATIONS COMPLICATED BY A FOREIGN COMPONENT Kudryavtseva Larisa V. Shcherbakov Alexandr Valerievich Bagadenko Maria Olegovna THE PROBLEM OF DELINEATION OF BALANCE AFFILIATION AND OPERATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY OF COMMUNAL NETWORKS Toporov Dmitry A. Some problematic aspects of law enforcement practice in the framework of insolvency (bankruptcy) of an organization related to the participation of a foreign element Karikh Ilya Yuryevich How to become an heir to a common share in the property Alimova Olga Viktorovna Kostromina Marina Igorevna Sahakyan Asya Arturovna 4. ТРУДОВОЕ ПРАВО; ПРАВО СОЦИАЛЬНОГО ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЯ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.05) INSTITUTE OF NASA WHISTLEBLOWERS Kamolov Sergei G. ADAPTATION AND INTEGRATION OF LABOR MIGRANTS: THEORETICAL AND LEGAL ASPECT Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna 5. КОРПОРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО, ЭНЕРГЕТИЧЕСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.07) Features of corporate law in the Russian Federation at the present stage Abrosimov Anton V. 6. УГОЛОВНОЕ ПРАВО И КРИМИНОЛОГИЯ, УГОЛОВНО-ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬНОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.08) Legal regulation of countering illicit arms trafficking in the Russian Federation: current status and development prospects Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Kanunnikova Natalia Gennadievna TO THE QUESTION OF THE FORMATION OF A COHERENT SYSTEM of FIXED ASSETS CORRECTION CONVICTED JUVENILES AND LESSONS OF HISTORY Pervozvansky Valeriy B. Silenkov Viktor I. The delimitation of the composition of the traffic accident from related compositions Kravets Ivan Petrovich COUNTERACTION TO TERRORISM IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND THE COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION: COMPARATIVE AND LEGAL ANALYSIS Kanunnikova Natalia Gennadievna Counteraction to extremism in modern conditions Manukyan Aline Romanovna Questions of victimological prevention of the convicts who are in places of detention Loseva Svetlana N. Drozdova Elena A. PREVENTION OF SUICIDES IN PENITENTIARY INSTITUTIONS OF RUSSIA AND EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Ovchinnikov Sergey N. Ethnocultural characteristics of some representatives of ethnic diasporas as part of studying of the criminal identity Drozdova Elena A. IMPROVING INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF CONVENIENT HANDLING Ovchinnikov Sergey N. Actively countering terrorism through the prevention of citizen involvement in terrorist activities Akkaeva Halimat A. Legal basis of counteraction to human trafficking and exploitation Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Critical Study of Chapter 22 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in terms of the legal framework Bulavin Alexey Vladimirovich INTENT IN CRIMINAL LAW OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND THE PROBLEMS OF ITS ESTABLISHMENT IN THE CRIMINAL PROCESS Shogenov Anzor Mukhamedovich CORRUPTION CRIME: GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS AND MAIN DETERMINANTS Bondar Anton Gennadievich CORRUPTION: HISTORICAL AND SOCIO-ECOMIC ASPECTS Bondar Anton Gennadievich 7. УГОЛОВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.09) ENSURING PRESENCE OF THE SUSPECT ACCUSED AT THE INVESTIGATION AND COURT: SHORT RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS Shurukhnov Nikolai Grigorievich INTEGRATION OF SEARCH BEGINS IN CRIMINAL PRODUCTION OF STATES IN THE POST-SOVIET SPACE Popova Irina Alekseevna Popov Aleksey Pavlovich TRADITIONAL AND NEW APPROACHES TO THE ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCEIN CRIMINAL PROCEDURAL LAW Popov Artem Alekseevch 8. МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЕ ПРАВО, ЕВРОПЕЙСКОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.10) INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR COUNTERACTION TO THE ILLICIT TRAFFICKING OF WEAPONS Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Akkaeva Halimat A. 9. СУДЕБНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРОКУРОРСКАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ПРАВОЗАЩИТНАЯ И ПРАВООХРАНИТЕЛЬНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ(СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.11) THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE USSR IN ACTIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF THE RAILROADS, THE TUNNEL, THE FERRY CONNECTING THE ISLAND OF SAKHALIN TO THE CONTINENT (TO SEVENTY-YEAR ANNIVERSARY) Shurukhnov Nikolai Grigorievich MODERN SYSTEMS ALERT LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE PERFORMANCE OF THEIR TASKS Kardanov Ruslan R. Lobacheva Galina Konstantinovna Kurin Alexey A. To a question of new structure of courts of law in the light of modern judicial reform Mishakova Nadezhda Valerevna The role and place of the prosecutor's supervision over the execution of laws in criminal proceedings on crimes related to the legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by a person as a result of the commission of a crime Vvedenskaya Anastasia Anatolyevna. The integrity of the lawyer if necessary to comply with attorney-client privilege Kovalev Sergey A. 10. КРИМИНАЛИСТИКА; СУДЕБНО-ЭКСПЕРТНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ; ОПЕРАТИВНО-РОЗЫСКНАЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬ (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.12) EXISTING JUDICIAL ECONOMIC METHODS: ANALYSIS AND STATISTICS OF PERFORMANCE AND APPLICATION Bykova Enzhe Fauzelevna 11. ИНФОРМАЦИОННОЕ ПРАВО (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.13) CONFLICT PROBLEMS OF ANTI-CORRUPTION LEGAL REGULATION OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Zhdanov Sergey P. Kuznetsova Natalia Victorovna Skryachev Alexander M. 12. АДМИНИСТРАТИВНОЕ ПРАВО; АДМИНИСТРАТИВНЫЙ ПРОЦЕСС (СПЕЦИАЛЬНОСТЬ 12.00.14) FORMATION OF A RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN THE FIELD OF ROAD SAFETY Majors Vladimir I. Formation of norms of administrative process in the old Testament legislation (based on the books of Genesis and Exodus) Ivanov Dmitry Vladimirovich