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Kamolov Sergei G. kand. ekon. nauk, docent, zaveduyuschiy kafedroy gosudarstvennogo upravleniya
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
The problem of financing research and development is key to ensure sustainable and prospective development of knowledge-intensive industries and, above all, the space industry. Western practice of providing scientific background and implementation of space programs is actively based on the capabilities of the private sector of the economy. Given that in today's imperfect world, government funding often attracts the interest of corrupt contractors, for example, the institute of whistleblowers - voluntary informants is actively developing in the USA, designed to protect the interests and careers of those who inform the National Aeronautics and Space Administration about facts or the risks of fraud with the state budget. And even if the number of investigated complaints in the past 10 years do not exceed fifty, then it is possible that the mere existence of a mechanism of notification of corruption and protection of informants serves as an obstacle for intruders. Perhaps this experience can have a rational grain for our country too.
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Kamolov S.G., (2019), INSTITUTE OF NASA WHISTLEBLOWERS. Gaps in Russian Legislation, 1 => 95-98.
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