Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №2 2019
Issue №2 2019
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-248
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1. Theory and history of law and state; History of law and State teachings SOME ISSUES OF IMPROVING THE SYSTEM OF LEGAL EDUCATION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Lauta Oleg Nikolaevich Popova Lyudmila Anatolievna Cherniyenko Natalia Ruslanovna To a question of the mechanism of procedural and legal regulation Agadzhanyan Anastasia Vladimirovna 2. Constitutional law; Constitutional judicial process; Municipal law PROBLEMS OF SECULAR NATURE OF THE STATE PRINCIPLE IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Gabaraev Alan Sh. Gatsolaeva Aleftina Hadzibekirovna Khugaev Khetag Ruslanovich Maintaining of Constitutional Legality through Interpretation of Constitutions (Statutes) of the Subjects of the Russian Federation Davydova Mariam Alexandrovna CERTIFICATION AS A METHOD OF PROCEDURE REGULATORY REGULATION OF ACTIVITIES SUBJECTS PUBLIC AUTHORITIES Makogon Boris Valerievich PRINCIPLES OF THE JUDICIARY IN HUMAN RIGHTS MATES: THE EXPERIENCE OF THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THE COUNTRIES OF EASTERN EUROPE Treskov Aleksey P. The estimation of international legal and constitutional regulation of the right to dignity Stalnova Anastasia Sergeevna. The normative content of the right to freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence Ibragimova Lucia Rashidovna 3. CIVIL LAW; ENTREPRENEURIAL LAW; FAMILY LAW; INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CONCEPTS OF "LEGAL CULTURE" AND "DEVIATION" IN THE CONTEXT OF ESTIMATING THE LEVEL OF CIVIL LEGAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF MODERN YOUTH IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Rostokinskij Alexandr V. Are the prices made at auctions always competitive and fair? Borzilo Evgeniya Yurievna The constitutional basis of the legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity (study of the object of legal regulation of artificial intelligence) Abramov Sergey G. The legal basis for determining the threshold values of the notoriety level of a notorious trademark Batykov Ivan V. THE PERMIT TO BUILD: THE LEGAL REGULATION AND PRACTICE IN THE APPLICATION Zimina Maria U. The housing cooperative right to obtain or to build residential property for a shareholder after paying the shareholder’s fee Skripnichenko Dmitriy A. 4. Financial law; Tax law; Budgetary law PECULIARITIES OF THE LEGAL STATUS OF STATE INSTITUTIONS AS A PARTICIPANT IN FINANCIAL RELATIONS Savostyanov Gennadiy Petrovich 5. Land law; Natural resource law; Environmental law; Agrarian law VIOLATION OF FOREST LEGISLATION AS AN OBSTACLE TO THE IMPLEMENTATION SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT Zherelina Olga Nikolaevna Mokretsov Yury Vladimirovich Avdeev Yuri Mikhailovich 6. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law LEGAL REGULATION AND ACTUAL STATE OF THE RELATIONS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY, CONDEMNED WITH ADMINISTRATIONS OF PLACES OF DETENTION Shurukhnov Nikolai G. SOME QUESTIONS CONCERNING CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ORGANIZING ILLEGAL ARMED FORMATION AND PARTICIPATION IN IT Tutukov ALbert Yurievich Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Analysis of the causes and conditions conducive to the involvement of women in drug trafficking Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna THE POLICY OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE IN THE AREA OF PREVENTION OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR OF MINORS AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY Pervozvansky Valeriy B. Silenkov Viktor I. Gaps of certain norms of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, legal analysis and proposals for their elimination Haperskaya Kristina Sergeevna Bryka Igor Ivanovich THE CONDITIONS OF LAWFUL CASE OF HARM WHEN CONDUCTING BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH IN RUSSIAN CRIMINAL LAW Volosjuk Pavel Valerevich Shiryev Alekxsandr Sergeevich Cherevan Viktoria Vladimirovna Qualification of objective signs of smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic and potent substances with the use of violence to the person exercising customs or border control Grishin Denis Aleksandrovich Sandrova Nadezhda Alekseevna HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE IN RESISTANCE TO TERRORISM IN RUSSIAN FEDERATION Manukyan Aline Romanovna CLASSIFICATION OF THE PATTERNS OF CRIMINAL LAW Andrianov Vladimir Konstantinovich What can be implemented in the legislation of the Russian Federation? Successful practice of fight against corruption in the Kingdom of Denmark Drozdova Elena A. Loseva Svetlana N. TO THE QUESTION OF THE ROLE OF THE LABOR ADAPTATION OF CONDEMNED, CONTAINED IN CORRECTIVE INSTITUTIONS Anfinogenov Vasily A. SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF CONFLICT INTERACTION IN THE MEDIUM OF CONSIDERED Anfinogenov Vasily A. INSTITUTE OF INTERRUPTION MEASURES IN THE FORM OF HOUSE ARREST: PROGNOSTIC ASPECT Gabaraev Alan Sh. Gavrikov Evgeny Viktorovich Polyakova Yanina Nikolaevna Terrorist crime prevention measures in the Russian Federation Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna TO THE QUESTION OF CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CRUELING ANIMALS Tengizova Jeanne Adalbievna TO THE QUESTION OF THE NEED FOR EXTENDING A LIST OF METHODS OF CONDUCT TO SUICIDE Khachidogov Ruslan Aslanovich Some issues of bringing to criminal responsibility under article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Khachidogov Ruslan Aslanovich LEGISLATIVE REGULATION OF THE MANUFACTURING SECTOR OF PENITENTIARY INSTITUTIONS: FOREIGN EXPERIENCE Kosolapov Yuri Vyacheslavovich Kostromina Elena Alexandrovna Sivova Anna Aleksandrovna Legal regulation of the reporting of the income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character Karishina Irina Evgenievna SPECIFICS AND DISTINCTIVE FEATURES OF FEMALE TERRORISM AT PRESENT Burayeva Lyudmila A. ON THE PROBLEM OF YOUTH INVOLVING IN EXTREMIST AND TERRORIST GROUPS: MAJOR CAUSES AND WAYS OF PREVENTION Dadova Zalina Ismelovna On the current issues of countering cyberterrorism Shogenov Timur Mukhamedovich THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN COUNTERING YOUTH EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM Dadova Zalina Ismelovna SOME QUESTIONS OF THE ORGANIZATION OF ACTIVITY ON ANTITERRORIST PROTECTION OF CITIZENS AND OBJECTS OF LIFE SUPPORT Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich Experience of detention of persons convicted of terrorist crimes in penitentiary institutions of foreign countries Maletina Ekaterina Alexandrovna Is there a need for a dog service in the criminal-executive system? Bykov Anton Ivanovich Dog service of the criminal-executive system: question of economic feasibility Bykov Anton Ivanovich DETERMINANTS OF DIFFERENT ACTIONS IN THE CURRENT CONDITIONS Alieva Elizaveta Andreevna PREVENTION OF DELINQUENT BEHAVIOUR OF MINORS (ON THE EXAMPLE OF TULA REGION) Panfilov Evgeniy Evgenievich 7. Criminal procedure CURRENT PROBLEMS OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE RIGHTS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tutukov ALbert Yurievich Shkhagapsoyev Zaurbi L. Criminal procedural peculiarities of interrogation of minors at the preliminary investigation Tutukov ALbert Yurievich Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Some features of the study of criminal conflict in criminal proceedings Kharzinova Violetta Mukhametdinovna Problems of implementation of the adversarial principle in the Russian criminal proceedings Glyanko Oxana Aleksandrovna TACTICAL AND FORENSIC SUPPORT OF DIGITAL DATA FRAUD Kobleva Maria Mukhadinovna The value of circumstantial evidence in criminal proceedings Abazov Islam Sultanovich 8. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities On the coordination of police activities to counter extremism Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich 9. Forensics; Forensic expertise; Operational and search activities TOPICAL ISSUES OF LINGUISTIC EXPERTISE Zhukova Natalya A. Yaroshchuk Inna Alexandrovna A TYPICAL SITUATION WHEN DOCUMENTING ILLEGAL RECEPTION OF THE CREDIT: THEORY AND PRACTICE Antonov Alexey Evgenievich Rudov Denis Nikolaevich Preparatory actions for the inspection of the explosion site Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna WAYS TO IMPROVE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FORENSIC SUPPORT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CRIME Kardanov Ruslan R. 10. Information Law Improving the access of subjects to electronic documents Borisov Mikhail A. 11. Administrative law; Administrative process Legal and administrative aspects of tobacco control in the Russian Federation: problems and perspectives Smyshlyaev Alexey V. Platonova Natalia I. Melnikov Yuri Yu. LEGAL NOVATION OF THE CUSTOMS CODE OF THE EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION AS A BASIC INSTRUMENT OF CUSTOMS REGULATION Kadyrkulov Mukai A. 12. MONOGRAPH REVIEWS AND STUDY GUIDES Review of the MONOGRAPH by Yu.ANDREEV "a CONTRACT IN CIVIL LAW of RUSSIA: comparative LEGAL RESEARCH": MONOGRAPH -M.: Norma-INFRA -M, 2017.- 272p Fokov Anatoly P. 13. OTHER Interdepartmental practical training as a way to improve the educational process for students enrolled in a vocational training program Tutukov ALbert Yurievich Gelyakhova Leyla Abdullahovna A PARLIAMENTARY INVESTIGATION IN THE SUBJECTS OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Abgarov Stepan Stepanovich Nifanov Alexey Nikolaevich SOME FEATURES OF THE FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE OF EMPLOYEES OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Shamurzaeva Yulia Victorovna To a question of implementation of international legal norms in the sphere of constitutional right to freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence Ibragimova Lucia Rashidovna Judicial enforcement acts and their infuence on legal source forming Gayniev Lenar Salikhzyanovich On the issue of implementation of international law in the field of combating corruption Cherednichenko Ekaterina Evgenievna