Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №2 2022
Issue №2 2022
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5.1.1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF LAW Direct Line with the President of the Russian Federation as an Aggregator of Citizens' Legal Initiatives Redko Aleksandr A. Mnemonic form of Recording Legal Facts Rassolov Vasily Yu. Measures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire to Combat Rinderpest in the Second Half of the XIX Century Lukyanov Sergey A. Tarasova Irina A. Current Issues of Interpretive Legal Technology Kosolapova Natalia A. Kleimenova Ekaterina Yu. Rachinskaya Polina V. 5.1.2. PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) «Conflict of Interests»: Problems of the Concept Formation Volosova Nonna Yurievna The Legal Value of the Constitutional Foundations of Budgetary Federalism and Currency Sovereignty in Protecting Russia's Interests under Sanctions
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-42-48

Petrova Galina V. Stupakov Valery I. State Corporations as an Object of Financial and Budgetary Control Toriya Rita Aleksandrovna Hasanov Nail A. Problems of Legal Regulation of Local Taxes and Fees Toriya Rita Aleksandrovna To the Question of Interstate Cooperation in the Tax Sphere (Financial and Legal and Problematic Aspects) Ivanova Elena S. Barkova Alina V. Taxation of Agricultural Producers as a Factor of State Support of the Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia Battalova Linara M. Anisiforov Tim S. Krasheninnikov Sergey V. Prospects for the Spatial Development of the Tourist Territory in the Domestic Legal System Battalova Linara M. Krasheninnikov Sergey V. Legal Ways to Overcome Sanctions Pressure on Labor Migration in the Russian Federation Abdullaev Elshan Elshad oglu The Concept and Legal Features of the Complex Development of the Territory Malikov Vadim Vadimovich Problems of Legal Regulation and Methodological Support of Information Protection in Organizations of the Fuel and Energy Complex Severin Vitaly Andreevich Legal Consolidation of Universal Professional Competencies of Heads of Territorial Bodies of Federal Executive Bodies Firsov Maxim V. Dzikovsky Andrey S. On the Issue of Public Danger of Administrative Offenses Matyukhina Marina G. Problematic Aspects of Juvenile Differentiation and Integration Responsibility in Public Law Branches Andryukhin Nikolay G. 5.1.4. CRIMINAL LAW Features of Interaction of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, Internal Affairs Bodies, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and Volunteer Organizations in the Search for Minors Missing: Criminalistic Aspect (Based on the Materials of Primorsky Krai) Syromlya Larisa B. The Methodology of Forensic Accounting Expertise Assigned in Criminal Cases in the Field of Spending Budget Funds Zubkov Dmitry D. Typical Methods of Illegal Logging (Based on Materials from the Russian Federation and Mongolia) Amarsaikhan Manlai The Problematic Aspects of Exemption from Criminal Liability for Tax Evasion of Alternative Forms of Resolution of Criminal Law Conflicts Nikolaeva Zhanna A. Historical and Comparative Legal Analysis of Criminal Liability for Involvement in Prostitution under the Legislation of Russia and China Galueva Veronika O. Kanteev Georgy O. Improving the Criminal Law Counteraction to the Financing of Terrorism in the Russian Federation Based on the Analysis of the Judicial Practice of the Central District Military Court, the Volga Military District Court
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-144-153

Andrianova Anastasia O. Unlawful Medical Interruption of Pregnancy in the System of Crimes Against Life and Health
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-154-158

Ognerubov Nikolai Alekseevich The Institute of the Admissibility of Evidence in Domestic Criminal Proceedings in the Period from 1864 to 2001: Historical and Legal View Remizova Marita S. Legality as a Priority of High Morality and Sustainable Development of the Commonwealth of Independent States Kolaev Artyom M. On the Basic Connotation of Oversight Regulations
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-171-179

Wang Yuan 5.1.3. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) Standardization of Insurance Liability Agreements for Civil Servants Khatuntsev Oleg A. Features of Civil legal Personality of Military Organizations Zykova Darya A. Markelova Olga N. Separate Issues of Naming Biomedical Cell Products: Russian and Foreign Experience Davidenko Anastasia Olegovna The Content of Innovation and Innovation Activity in the Russian Federation. The Role of Civil Science in the Development of the Phenomenon of Innovation Neznamova Alla A. Kozubenko Vladislav Vladimirovich Innovative Development of Foreign Countries Kozubenko Vladislav Vladimirovich Elements of Competition Restriction: Legal Aspects Tokhsyrova Kristina K. The Application of Mediation into ISDS: From the Perspective of China
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-206-218

Yue Qiang Zhang Zhengyi 5.2.2. MATHEMATICAL, STATISTICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS Assessment of Intellectual Capital in the Transition to the Digital Economy Grineva Natalia V. Modification of Adaptive Approaches in the Modeling of Electricity Production in the Russian Federation Kontsevaya Natalya V. Generating Natural Language Questions Using Neural Networks Malekova Victoria A. Romanova Ekaterina V. 5.2.3 REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMICS Causes and Conditions of Corruption in the System of State and Municipal Procurement in the Context of Economic Security Gaponenko Vladimir F. Building Trust in the Financial Market Ilyichev Mikhail V. Governmental Support for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises-Non-Raw Exporters through the Organization of a «Single Window for Exporters»
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-2-253-260

Ulyanova Ludmila Timofeyevna Popenkova Daria K. Cross-border Carbon Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities for Russian Oil and Gas Companies Lebedeva Natalia E. Sidelnikova Natalya S. Conceptual Scientific Problems of Ensuring the Economic Security of the Russian Federation in a New Reality Bayramov Dmitry V. 5.2.4. FINANCE Regional Features of Tax Administration (Example of Kaliningrad Region) Smirnova Elena E. Margorina Anastasia D. Current tax Issues Incentives for Housing Construction Smirnova Elena E. 5.2.6. MANAGEMENT New Tools of Anthropogenic Risk Management in the Analysis and Control of Human Capital Alekseev Vladimir N. Kushnin Boris A. Trend Analysis of Personnel Management in Commercial Organizations of the Russian Federation Tsurov Mikail D. Yandieva Marita S. Beroeva Zalina M. Tsoroeva Marem I. Classification of Risk Situations and Combinations of Logistics System Processes Zubov Alexander O. Sultygova Milana B. Nikitin Yuri A.