Building Trust in the Financial Market
( Pp. 246-252)

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Ilyichev Mikhail V. Master of Economics, postgraduate student
All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
Moscow, Russian Federation
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The purpose of this study is to identify the essence of trust in the financial market, which is aimed at improving the material well-being of citizens of the Russian Federation and corresponds to the implementation of national goals and priorities in the country. This article uses a dialectical approach to identify the essence of the phenomenon of trust in the financial market and determining the methodology for coordinating the interests of economic agents for economic development.
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Ilyichev M.V., (2022), BUILDING TRUST IN THE FINANCIAL MARKET. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 246-252.
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trust, financial market, interest groups, financial asset valuation models, smart contracts, systemic risk, simulation.