Separate Issues of Naming Biomedical Cell Products: Russian and Foreign Experience
( Pp. 191-194)

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Davidenko Anastasia Olegovna рostgraduate student of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure
Academy of Labor and Social Relations
Moscow, Russian Federation
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This article examines the current practice of naming biomedical cell products in the Russian Federation. In particular, the author notes the lack of legal regulation of this issue. On the other hand, on the territory of the EAEU, high-tech medicines are equated to medicines and the practice of their names is similar to the practice of names of medicines in accordance with the international non-proprietary name. The aim of the research is to consider possible scenarios for regulating the practice of naming biomedical cell products at the legislative level in Russia. Research methodology: analysis of the current legislative framework of the Russian Federation in the field of biomedical cell products and foreign experience in the field of naming such medical products. The novelty of the research lies in the determination of a possible scenario for the regulation at the legislative level in the Russian Federation the issue of the correct compilation of the name of biomedical cell products.
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Davidenko A.O., (2022), SEPARATE ISSUES OF NAMING BIOMEDICAL CELL PRODUCTS: RUSSIAN AND FOREIGN EXPERIENCE. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 191-194.
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biomedical cell product, high-tech drug, name, drug, international non-proprietary name.