Mnemonic form of Recording Legal Facts
( Pp. 22-25)

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Rassolov Vasily Yu. Postgraduate Student, Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the Law Institute
Belgorod state national research University
Belgorod, Russian Federation
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Purpose of the study. The article analyzes the possibility and expediency of qualifying such facts as legal, which were recorded only by human memory. The composition of the elements that form the mechanism of this form of fixation is also determined. Results. The facts reflected in human memory can be considered as legal and entail legal consequences in the forms of direct implementation of the right (primarily, when using the right). To designate the mechanism for fixing and transmitting information about facts with the help of consciousness, a new term is introduced-«mnemonic form of fixing legal facts».
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Rassolov V.Y., (2022), MNEMONIC FORM OF RECORDING LEGAL FACTS. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 22-25.
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fixation of a legal fact, forms of fixation, human memory, forms of realization of a right, execution of a right, law enforcement.