Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №1 2022
Issue №1 2022
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5.1.1. THEORY AND HISTORY LAW Ensuring the National Security of the Russian Federation: Theoretical and Legal Aspect Bondarenko Svetlana I. Shuisky Vladimir A. Project Approach to the Implementation of Perspective Ideas in Law Sushkova Yulia N. Fixing of Legal Facts as a Way of Their Objectivation in Legal Validity
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-1-25-29

Rassolov Vasily Yu. 5.1.2. PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) International legal regulation of control over the securities market Toriya Rita Aleksandrovna Hasanov Nail A. Legal Audit of Disputes Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Zurnadzhyants Yulia A. Problems of Using the Category «Civil Legal Capacity» in the Legal Definition of Labor Legal Personality of Employers-Individuals Savin Viktor T. Infocommunication Financial and Currency Instruments and Cybercrime Bondar Anton Gennadievich Kondratyev Andrey A. On the Expansion of the Norms of Administrative Coercion in the Hebrew legislation (Based on the Analysis of the Book of Numbers of the Old Testament) Ivanov Dmitry V. 5.1.3. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) About some Aspects of the Legal Regime of the Pledge of Exclusive Intellectual Property Rights Sviridova Ekaterina A. Legal Regulation of Smart-Contract in the Russian Federation Khanova Zaira Reymanovna Abakarov Akhmed M. Legal Problems Related to the Process of Gender Reassignment and the Protection of the Rights of Intersex Patients in the Russian Federation Dovnar Aleksey N. Some Aspects of the Use of Digital Technologies in Domestic Banking Reutskiy Sergey Yu. On the Problems of Legal Regulation of Crowdfunding in the Russian Federation Khanova Zaira Reymanovna Saparova Kalimat G. Activities of Professional Solicitors and Civil Servants as a Part of Joint-Stock Companies with State Participation Board of Directors Pavlyuk Albert Valentinovich Khaustov Mikhail O. Applicability of Contractarian Theory of a Firm to Determination of Position of Minority Shareholders of Russian Non-Public Corporations Ledenev Viktor V. 5.1.4. CRIMINAL LAW On Possible Areas of Use of Artificial Intelligence as a Legal Assistant: Pros and Cons Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Trends in Improving Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice in the Field of Countering the Crime Provided for in Article 194 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation «Evasion of Customs Duties, Special, Anti-Dumping and (or) Countervailing Duties Levied from an Organization or an Individual» Kameneva Anna N. Conflicts in Legislation Establishing the Procedure for Transferring Securities, Participatory Interests, Shares in Authorized (Share) Capital of Organizations for Trust Management under the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Combating Corruption Afanaseva Olga R. Topical Issues of the Formation of the Legal Composition of the Jury Fadeeva Elena I. On the Legal Regulation of Restrictions Associated with the Emergence of Epidemics in the Territories of the Russian Federation Grischenko Leonid L. Sinodov Ivan A. 5.1.5. INTERNATIONAL LAW Analysis of the Legal Status of Observers in the World Customs Organization Mozer Sergei Vladimirovich MISCELLANEOUS Legal Intellectual (Business) Games as an Effective Method of Teaching Students of Civil Law Specialization in the Disciplines of «Civil Law» and «Arbitration Process» with Elements of Practicing Soft Skills Ivanova Elena S. Barkova Alina V. 5.2.1 ECONOMIC THEORY The Information Sphere as a Source of Threats to the Economy, Science, Education and Russia as a Whole Anishchenko Alexander V. The Factor of Trust in the Functioning of Modern Digital Platforms Zambalaeva Tuyana B. 5.2.2. MATHEMATICAL, STATISTICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS Forecasting Migration Processes in Germany Tregub Ilona V. Abraimova Kristina A. About Some Specific Limitations of Data Mining Application Gorodetskaya Olga Yu. Gobareva Yana L. 5.2.3 REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMICS Price Formation Mechanism and Reasons for the Increase in the Cost of Motor Fuel in the Context of Economic Security Gaponenko Vladimir F. Alaberdeev Rais R. The Economic Nature of the Incentive Reward of the Insolvency Officer and the Grounds for its Payment
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-1-163-168

Akulov Andrey Ya. Ryakhovsky Dmitriy I. Public-Private Partnership in the Penitentiary System of Foreign Countries: Prospects of Development the Economic Aspect Drozdova Elena A. Radchenko Elena P. 5.2.4. FINANCE The Evolution of the Concept of «Investment Climate» in the Transition Economy of Russia Alekseev Vladimir N. The Article Examines the Influence of Social and Economical Factors on the Dynamics of a Company's Market Value
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-1-180-184

Fedotova Marina A. Tazikhina Tatyana V. Legal Audit of Corporate Documents Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Zurnadzhyants Yulia A. Krasavin Nikita R. Permanent and Temporary Tax Differences-Good or Bad for the Company? Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Krasavin Nikita R. 5.2.6. MANAGEMENT Organization of Exhibition and Fair Activities of Institutions of the Penal System: Status, Problematic Aspects, Directions of Development Zvyagina Alyona V. Zarubina Olesya O. Assessment of Financial Stability and Independence in the Audit of Management Effectiveness Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Perepechkina Elena G.