Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №3 2022
Issue №3 2022
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5.2.3. REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMICS The Impact of artificial Intelligence on the Investment Climate and Socio-Economic Development of Russia Alekseev Vladimir N. Mekaeva Anna V. The Programs of the Government of India «Skill India» and «Smart Cities Mission»: The Main Provisions and Specifics of Interaction Manish Kumar Bessonov Viacheslav E. Incompleteness of Information and Tools to Overcome it in Project Activities in the Context of the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology Alekseev Vladimir N. Kushnin Boris A. Suslov Georgy A. Formation of Trust in the Financial Market by Economic Institutions Ilyichev Mikhail V. Forecasting Challenges and Perspectives Costs of the Logistics System Risk-Based Assurance Zubov Alexander O. Sultygova Milana B. Yakovleva Anna V. 5.2.2. MATHEMATICAL, STATISTICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS Development of a Methodology for the Supervisory Authority's Assessment of the Adequacy of the Amount of Expected Credit Losses Calculated by Commercial Banks Grineva Natalia V. Bogdanov Vitaliy V. Cognitive Graphs Preventive Analysis on the Example of the Consumer Price Index Forecasting Model Mazutskiy Nikolay M. Modern Directions of Research in the Field of Recommender Systems Denisenko Igor A. 5.2.4. FINANCE Tax System and Reforms in the United States of America Moroz Victor V. Application of the Main Stages of Audit in Assessing the Effectiveness of National Projects Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Zurnadzhyants Yulia A. The Practice of Implementing Control Activities of Tax Authorities Moroz Victor V. Zarubin Matvey Yu. Management Accounting and Cost Control in Project Management Ordynskaya Marina E. Silina Tatiana A. Tausova Irina F. Bagova Saida A. 5.2.5. WORLD ECONOMY NWF Investment Features at the Present Development Stage of the World Economy Spitsina Daria V. 5.2.6. MANAGEMENT Creative Industries and the Digital Economy: Interaction, Research Issues. Actualization of Research Issues (Russian Practice) Gumerova Guzel I. Butneva Alexandra Yu. Shaimieva Elmira Sh. Litvin Irina Yu. Trifonova Natalia N. 5.1.1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF LAW Formation and Development of State Registration of Rights to Immovable Property in Pre-Revolutionary Russia Blinova Margarita A. Legal Regulation of Public Order in the Sphere of Housing and Communal Services Migunova Tatiana L. Tolstoluckiy Vladimir U. Obolenskiy Anton R. Current Problems of Legal Regulation in Modern Society and the State: Transformation of the Legal System, Digitalization and Socialization of Law Kovaleva Yuliya N. Adygezalova Gyulnaz E. 5.1.2. PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) Contradictions in the Taxation of Income from Cryptocurrencies and Ways to Resolve them Pintii Natalia I. Shagzhina Aryuna B. The Role and Significance of Local Taxes and Fees (On the Example of the City of Moscow and the Moscow Region) Toria Rita A. Some Problems of Legal Regulation of Financial Control by Control and Accounting Bodies of Local Self-Government and Subjects of the Russian Federation in the Implementation of Procurement Activities Konovalova Zinaida A. Taxation of Compensation Payments for Violation of Labor Legislation: Problems of Law Enforcement, National and International Approaches Zhdanov Sergey P. Skryachev Alexander M. Rudakova Elena N. Vasilyeva Anna A. Problems of Legal Regulation of the Category of an Insured Event in Life and Health Insurance of Prosecutors Galaeva Lyudmila A. Guryanova Alina A. Labor Market, Job Market, Profession Market, Employment Market - Correlation of Concepts and their Legal Meaning Buyanova Anastasia Vladimirovna Digitalisation of Selected Police Functions Karagodin Alexander V. Krupennikova Kristina K. 5.1.3. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) Common Mechanisms of Violations of Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy Procedures Vasilyeva Oksana N. Mikhailov Dmitrii Yu. Convergence of Russian and Chinese Laws on Foreign Investments Zhilkibaev Sanat N. Practical Development and Legal Norms of Real Estate Investment Trust in China Cao Yajun Legislative Practice of State Support of the Regions as a Factor in the Development of Tourist Territories Battalova Linara M. Krasheninnikov Sergey V. Adoption as a Priority form of Placement of Children Left Without Parental Care: New in Legal Regulation and Development Prospects
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-3-217-223

Letova Natalia V. Features of Observance of the Pre-trial Procedure in Cases of Contesting Decisions to Refuse State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs: Legislative Provisions and Clarifications of the Highest Court Katukova Svetlana Yu. Milashevskaya Alisa O. 5.1.4. CRIMINAL LAW Countering the Violation of the Right of Detainees to Visits Ilin Danila V. Patters of Criminal Law Education Andrianov Vladimir Konstantinovich Corruption in Russia: State, Problems and Ways to Solve them
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-3-248-253

Plekhotin Anatoly V. On Investigation of Crimes Committed by Police Officers Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Akkaeva Halimat Alievna To the Question of Criminal Liability for Crimes in the Sphere of Taxation Kardanov Ruslan R. Simonova Svetlana V. Some Reflections on the Prevention of Crimes Against Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Fedina Lyubov Mikhailovna To the Question of the Types of Special Subject of Involving a Minor in the Commission of a Crime Osmolovskaya Svetlana I. Some Problematic Aspects of the Qualification of Crimes Against the Sexual Integrity of Minors Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Electronic Justice: An Overview of Global Trend Volosova Nonna Yu. Participation in Procedural Actions through Video Conferencing: Problems and Solutions, Prospects Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Kanunnikova Natalya Gennadyevna Features of Forensic Research of Plastic Bank Cards Kardanov Ruslan R. Berova Juliet M. On the Issue of Forensic Characterization of Crimes Related to Domestic Gas Explosions (On the Example of Mongolia) Chinbat Altangerel 5.1.5. INTERNATIONAL LAW On Building a SCO Economic Community with a Shared Future Ren Yanyan International Legal Aspects of Development of the Treaty Relations between the USSR/Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland Regarding the Lease of the Soviet/Russian Part of the Saimaa Canal Grigoryan Alexander S.