Current Issues of Interpretive Legal Technology
( Pp. 30-33)

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Kosolapova Natalia A. Cand. Sci. (Law), Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the Law Institute
Belgorod State National Research University
Belgorod, Russian Federation Kleimenova Ekaterina Yu. BelSU Law Institute
Belgorod State National Research University
Belgorod, Russian Federation Rachinskaya Polina V. BelSU Law Institute
Belgorod State National Research University
Belgorod, Russian Federation
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Purpose of the study. The article provides an analysis of scientific and educational literature regarding this topic. The authors turn to the historical and philosophical aspects of the existence of interpretation. Different perspectives on the notion of interpretive technique are given. The functioning and the need for interpretation in the legal field are separately highlighted. Results. The authors logically concluded what the pace of development and the practical necessity of interpretive legal technique.
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Kosolapova N.A., Kleimenova E.Y., Rachinskaya P.V., (2022), CURRENT ISSUES OF INTERPRETIVE LEGAL TECHNOLOGY. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 30-33.
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interpretation, legal technique, interpretive legal technique, clarification, interpretation, interpretation of law.