On the Issue of Public Danger of Administrative Offenses
( Pp. 110-113)

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Matyukhina Marina G. adjunct of the Department of Management of the activities of units for ensuring the protection of public order of the center of command and staff exercises
Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
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Purpose of research. The problem of public danger as a property of an administrative offense remains relevant in legal science. In this article, the author sets himself the goal of systematizing the current points of view on this issue and formulating his own reasoned position. Results. The study of the problem stated in the title of the article allows us to assert: 1. To date, the following main approaches can be distinguished in assessing the relevance of public danger to the properties of an administrative offense: - administrative offenses do not pose a public danger, but are socially harmful phenomena; - not all administrative offenses are socially dangerous or socially harmful phenomena; - all administrative offenses have a certain degree of public danger. 2. It seems appropriate to include a sign of public danger in the definition of the concept of an administrative-legal tort.
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Matyukhina M.G., (2022), ON THE ISSUE OF PUBLIC DANGER OF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFENSES. Economic Problems and Legal Practice, 2: 110-113.
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administrative offense, public danger, administrative law.