Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №1 2021
Issue №1 2021
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1. NATIONAL ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT 08.00.05 Basic trends and problems of technological development of the Russian industry Lebedeva Natalia E. Lack of urban landscape: hidden risks for the development of megacities
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2021-17-1-23-27

Marina A. Bulgakova Theoretical basis of economic efficiency of forest resources use
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2021-17-1-28-34

Marina A. Bulgakova Current issues in the development of the tourist and recreation complex of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in the conditions of the pandemic Baysultanova Leyla B. Baychekueva Azinat Zh. Balkarova Zalina Mukhamedovna Kankulova Liana A. Features of service promotion tourist company on the Internet Temmoeva Zariyat I. Anischenko Elena A. Stas Narin T. Kankulova Liana A. Structure, dynamics and trends of development of the world market of the automobile industry Wang Guan Issues of land organization and accounting in Great Britain: economic and legal aspects Pokotilo Oksana V. The concept of the urban cadastre and its significance in the accounting and distribution of land Pokotilo Oksana V. The Research on the Complex Talents' Cultivision of the Sino-Russian Cross-Border Tourism Under the Background of Networking + Zhu Haijing Zhang Rui Investment climate, valuation and its relationship to economic growth Zainullin Sergei B. Nwachukwu Chidimma Rosemary Berhane Debesay Semerelul Gundu Terese Moses 2. ACCOUNTING, STATISTICS 08.00.12 Estimation of environmental costs as a mechanism for ensuring economic security (on the example of the nuclear industry)
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2021-17-1-69-74

Galoyan Natalie A. Kevorkova Zhanna A. Norkina Anna N. Leonov Pavel Yu. The professional world of accounting about some aspects of integrated reporting Leilya K. Mussipova Berezyuk Valentina I. Application of digital technologies in tax control of construction organizations Esenova Alana K. 3. MATHEMATICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS 08.00.13 Analysis of attributional modeling methods in marketing Denisenko Igor A. Belenkiy Mikhail A. Metrics of market liquidity of stocks Chupalaev Islam A. 4. THEORY AND HISTORY OF LAW AND STATE; HISTORY OF LAW AND STATE TEACHINGS 12.00.03 Some aspects of the participation of provincial government bodies in the implementation of penitentiary policy in the second half of the XVIII century Petrenko Nikolay I. Zagainov Igor A. Blinova Maria L. 5. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW; CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS; MUNICIPAL LAW 12.00.02 Local self-government and its role in the implementation of anti-terrorism policy Abazov Andemirkan Borisovich Freedom of conscience through the prism of freedom of religion in the Russian Federation: doctrine, legislation, law enforcement practice Zubov Vadim V. The constitutional right of the citizens of the Russian Federation to participate in the management of state affairs through the judiciary Tsymbal Irina A. 6. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW, FAMILY LAW; PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW 12.00.03 Special aspects of the legal regulation of payment of remuneration to employees for their innovative activities within the framework of carrying out their employment duties Yakovleva Anna Valerevna Katkov Sergei S. Problems of legal regulation in the sphere of economic turnover of the object of construction in progress Krasnov Vladimir S. Skryachev Alexander M. On the inextricable link between the personality of the participant and the society on the example of law enforcement practice on bringing the debtor's controlling persons to subsidiary liability
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2021-17-1-135-139

Shapsugova Marietta Damirovna Legal regime of database as object of copyright and related rights Ekaterina A. Sviridova David Ricardo on investment Shpinev Yury S. Features of exclusion of exclusive right to trademark and trade secrets
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2021-17-1-152-155

Petr P. Battakhov Possibility of paying to the authorized capital of legal entities in digital rights Zyulkov Dmitry S. Legal framework for supporting non-profit organizations during the novel coronavirus infection pandemic Ryumin Andrey R. Legislative regulation of the removal of children by foreigners through the surrogacy procedure: overview of the working group meeting in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Aleksey N. Dovnar 7. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW 12.00.04 Procurement and legal activities of Russia, China, Mongolia, Republic of Korea: financial and control aspect Zinaida A. Konovalova Myakhanova Alexandra N. Dondokova Maksara Yu. Kovsh Andrey V. Gunzynov Zhargal P. 8. LAND LAW; NATURAL RESOURCE LAW; ENVIRONMENTAL LAW; AGRARIAN LAW 12.00.06 Features of the legal protection of wildlife objects in the use of subsurface resources on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation Sokolnikova Ekaterina Andreevna 9. CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY; CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT LAW 12.00.08 To the question of improving the prevention of interference of legal business and other activities Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Obstruction of legal entrepreneurial activity: peculiarities of law enforcement Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Trends in cybercrime in the global information space Tarchokov Beslan Alekseevich Paid government services as one of the factors in leveling corruption aggression Bondar Anton Gennadievich Kuchmezov Arsen Nurbievich The recurrence of the crime: criminal-legal and criminological problems, and some solutions to them resolve Seregina Elena Vladimirovna Panferova Anastasia A. Application of the rule on physical or mental coercion and some ways to improve the effectiveness of its implementation Seregina Elena Vladimirovna Gaidenko Elena N. Peculiarities of countering the illegal traffic of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in Russia Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Actual problems of the institute of judgment Rogava Inga G. Chernobaeva Olga I. Problems of application of criminal law norms establishing responsibility for smuggling in Russia, and ways to overcome them Kravtsova Elena A. Litvinov Denis I. To the question of the effectiveness of penalties for bribery Donskaya (Kavelina) Olga G. Moskaleva Elena N. The transformation of terrorism after the second world war Donskaya (Kavelina) Olga G. Belyaev Alexander S. Features of crime prevention in the sphere of economic activities Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich 10. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 12.00.09 Prosecutor in pre-trial proceedings on criminal cases (comparative legal analysis of the legislation of European States and the legislation of Russia) Levchenko Oleg Viktorovich Digital evidence in the Russian criminal process: history, problems and development prospects Rogava Inga G. Datumyan Susanna S. Kurennaya Anastasia A. Compromise behavior of the participants of a criminal process at the stage of familiarization with the criminal case file Rodionova Julia Viktorovna 11. JUDICIAL, PROSECUTORIAL, HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES 12.00.11 The main areas of activity of law enforcement agencies to combat corruption in corporations in the context of digitalization Molchanova Marina A. 12. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES 12.00.12 On the need to improve the methodology for investigating fraud in the healthcare sector Shlyapnikov Yuri V. Processes and forensic standard operating procedures in the production of Forensic examination of Vehicle Markings Chesnokova Elena V. Identification and disclosure of economic crimes committed by persons involved in the process of using budget allocations and mandatory targeted deductions Gorbanev Vladimir Mikhailovich Korolev Alexander S. The activities of the investigator in planning the investigation environmental crimes and ways to optimize it Vasilyeva Maria A. 13. INFORMATION LAW 12.00.13 Information security as an element of the national security of the Russian Federation Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Ingushev Cherim Kh. Bitov Alim Aslanovich Security issues in the use of digital technologies in public administration in Russian Federation Mironov Aleksey Victorovich 14. CIVIL PROCEDURE ARBITRATION; PROCEDURE 12.00.15 The actual issues of the judicial representation reformation in civil and arbitral proceedings Ginzburg Irina Vladimirovna