Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №6 2020
Issue №6 2020
ISSN: 2541-8025 (print)       ISSN 2712-7605 (online) Pages: 1-273
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1. NATIONAL ECONOMY AND MANAGEMENT 08.00.05 Methodological issues of megalopolis management
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-6-16-22

Popkov Sergey Yu. Smirnov Vladimir M. Purtov Kirill S. Models of the valuation of the intellectual capital in the organization in the frameworks of the digital transformation Abdikeev Niyaz M. Grineva Natalia V. Topical issues of pension provision for military personnel in modern Russia Kiryukhin S. V. Problems of technological development in Russia in the conditions of global economic integration
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-6-38-42

Anishchenko Vladimir N. Formation of actual technological trends in the organization of charity activities Alekseev V. N. Zakharchenko I. S. Guzov V. A. The regional anti-poverty programs: the experience of management tools generalization Selivanova Olga V. Synergy of multidisciplinary approaches for the effective implementation of the verification process illegally harvested wood Bulgakova Marina A. Analysis of the formation and development of the forest protection institute in Russia Bulgakova Marina A. 2. FINANCE, CASH AND CREDIT 08.00.10 Improving approaches to the distribution of interbudgetary transfers for financial support of road activities Rykova Inna N. Alaev Andrey A. Directions for improving the financial and economic mechanisms for fulfilling the state defense order in the Russian Federation Eltsin Andrey A. The regional distribution of financial flows to balance the budget expenditures management (based on the materials of the republic of Tatarstan) Akhmetvalieva Guzel M. 3. ACCOUNTING, STATISTICS 08.00.12 Risk assessment of laundering of financial assets on the football field Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Sitnov Alexey A. Problems of developing structural modeling of customs audit Berezyuk Valentina I. Shcherbinina Yulia V. Nyikanbayeva Aigul I. Razlivaeva Lidiya V. Mussipova Leilya K. Risks of the spread of new digital currencies (stablecoins), and issues of their regulation
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-6-105-109

Kevorkova Zhanna A. Toganyan Arman S. Reasonable valuation of financial assets as a tool for reliable reporting and convergence of Russian and international accounting Nurmukhamedova Khursheda Sh. Mosunova Olga Yu. Preventive Healthcare Market Research and its Development Docenko Yuri I. Shamasheva Kristina O. Zurnadzhyants Yulia A. Information support of internal control procedures in healthcare institutions Kashirskaya Liudmila V. Mordasova Tatyana A. Zurnadzhyants Yulia A. 4. MATHEMATICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS 08.00.13 Specificity of the market of information and legal support as a prospective object of mathematical modeling Samoilova Irina A. Strategy for finding an effective machine learning method based on the example of credit scoring Isaev Denis V. 5. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW, FAMILY LAW; PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW 12.00.03 The issue of cooperation in the field of information security, cybersecurity revisited (legal aspect) Yakovleva Anna V. Digital Financial Assets and Digital Currency as New Tools for Effective Implementation of Virtual Economic Relations of SMES Zakharkina Anna V. Kuznetsova Olga A. On the difference in legal consequences when paying an additional contribution to the authorized capital by offset, payment of a contribution to property by offset and debt forgiveness Khatuntsev Oleg A. The doctrine of frustration of contract in English Law Botvinnik Stanislav L. Protopopova Olga V. Features and prospects of the reform of the Russian legislation in the sphere of digitalization Gripich Sergey A. Peculiarities of challenging a debtor-citizen transaction: trends in legislation and law enforcement practice
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-6-172-177

Belova Irina E. On the requirement for the method of printing documents submitted for state registration of a legal entity Kochkurova Ksenia S. Overview of e-commerce legislation in the ASEAN Luong Trung Kien Ivanichkina Mariia V. 6. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW 12.00.04 Legislative regulation of organization and activities of control and auditing bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation Alekhin Alexander E. Impact of digitalization on the development of the legal framework for public finance management Ignatieva Irina V. Zedgenizova Irina I. Vlasova Elena L. Tax offences and their classification in the Russian Federation Radchenko Elena P. Shirkin Anton A. Nazarova Anna B. Digital methods of legal analysis, regulation and monitoring of the budget sphere of the Russian Federation in the context of a new paradigm of financial control Kolesnikov Yuriy A. Borisov Boris A. 7. EMPLOYMENT LAW; RIGHT TO SOCIAL SECURITY 12.00.05 Remote operation: new approaches to regulation Chiranova Irina P. 8. LAND LAW; NATURAL RESOURCE LAW; ENVIRONMENTAL LAW; AGRARIAN LAW 12.00.06 To the question of the grounds for refusal in the preliminary coordination of land and providing a land plot without tender Malysheva Anzhelika Viktorovna Chinaeva Daria M. Legal regulation of the state system of forest resources turnover in the USSR in the 30s-early 40s of the XX century Sedova Elena V. 9. CORPORATE LAW; ENERGY LAW 12.00.07 Corporate culture in Russia: problems of formation Battalova Linara M. Dadykin Semen V. Ustyan Emil A. 10. CRIMINAL LAW AND CRIMINOLOGY; CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT LAW 12.00.08 Social and legal grounds for retroactive force of the criminal law Avetisian Syuzanna V. Case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union on Criminal Issues Within Market Abuse at European Level
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2020-16-6-237-255

Libor Klimek 11. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE 12.00.09 Dissolution of criminal prosecution with the appointment of a court fine: problems and prospects for development Gadjieva Aisha A. Karaev Kara Shikhshinatovich 12. INTERNATIONAL LAW; EUROPEAN LAW 12.00.10 The features of a dispute resolution, complicated by a foreign element, in the ICAC for RF CCI and the problem of a choice of a substantive law for a dispute resolution Lukonkina Olga V. Pakshin Pavel K. 13. CIVIL PROCEDURE; COMMERCIAL PROCESS 12.00.15 On some issues of dispute resolution related to the contract system Orlov Anton D. 14. MISCELLANIOUS Organizational, economic and regulatory implementation of the priority development trends of regional industrial agriculture Bogotova Oksana Kh. Mayransaev Boris B. Shardanov Anzor A.