Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №5 2022
Issue №5 2022
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PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) The Principle of the Social State in the Russian Federation: The Evolution of the Content and Application in the Decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Kostyleva Elena D. Umnova-Koniukhova Irina A. Improvement of Administrative and Legal Aspects of the Organization of Public Bidding of Arrested and Pledged Property Firsov Maxim V. Corruption in the Field of Procurement and the Security of the Country Konovalova Zinaida A. On the Issues of Bringing to Administrative Responsibility in the Implementation of Missionary Activities Ivanov Dmitry V. Informational and Legal Problems of Liquidation of Objects of Accumulated Environmental Damage in the Conditions of Digitalization Korobka Lera E. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) Modern Constitutional and Legal Thought of the Republics of Paraguay and Peru (With an Emphasis on Private Law and other Issues)
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-47-58

Belikova Ksenia M. Foreign Experience of Legal Regulation of the Transfer of Securities, Shares, Shares in the Authorized (Share) Capital of Organizations for Trust Management, Provided for by Anti-corruption Legislation on the Example of International and European Anti-corruption Legislation, the Legislation of Mexico, South Korea, Italy, Argentina Demchenko Maksim V. Enterprise as a Civil Turnover Object Protopopova Olga V. Pahomov Andrey V. Historical Stages of Formation of the Doctrine on the Protection of the Weak Party of the Contract Kuzmina Anna V. Lomakina Ekaterina A. The Concept and Classification of the Contract on the Integrated Development of the Territory Nosov Dmitry V. Shchelkova Yana V. Formation and Development of Legal Regulation of Lending to Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Russia Sorokina Elena A. About Strategic Directions of Information Security Protection and Further Development of the IT Sector Barkov Alexey V. Kiselev Alexander S. Information Systems in the Context of Intellectual Property Law Sviridova Ekaterina A. Overlapping of Intellectual Property Rights in Cross-border Legal Relations: Practical Aspects of Protecting the Right Holder Blinov Ivan S. Mediation as a Way to Resolve Family Disputes and Disagreements
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-115-120

Letova Natalia V. The Doctrine of Good Morals in Civil and Family Law: Some Aspects Hamidullina Farida I. Weak Subject of Family Relations: A Comparative Legal Study Gulyaeva Olga N. Linguistic and Legal Analysis of the Term «Dwelling» in the Legal Text Space
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-133-137

Tsypina Alla V. CRIMINAL LAW Problems of Legal Regulation of the Duties of a Lawyer in the Field of Combating the Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and the Financing of Terrorism Shigurov Alexander V. Sushkova Yulia N. Shigurova Elena I. Historical Patterns of Corruption Development in Russia Kazakova Vera A. Inshakov Sergey M. Information and Telecommunications Network Internet in the System of Factors Determining Youth Crime Lykov Eduard N. Tulskaya Elena A. Some Elements of the Forensic Characteristics of Fraud Committed in the Housing Sector Yaskina Inna A. Zalesina Anna N. Main Problems of Criminal Procedure law: A Theoretical Aspect Loginov Sergey N. Gurova Elvira R. On the State of Counterfeiting during the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Special Military Operation Alexeev Anton O. INTERNATIONAL LAW Analysis of the Legal Instruments of the European Union Regulating its Legal Status in the World Customs Organization
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-167-179

Mozer Sergei V. ECONOMIC THEORY Analysis of Digital Strategies of the USA and South Korea for the Russian Practice Moreva Evgeniya L. Obolenskaya Lyudmila V. Abrosimova Olga M. MATHEMATICAL, STATISTICAL AND INSTRUMENTAL METHODS OF ECONOMICS Building a Neural Network to Predict the Option Price Grineva Natalia V. REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMICS European State Policy in Support of the Sustainable Development of the Arctic: Lessons for Russia Bekulova Susanna R. Moreva Evgeniya L. Industrial Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation: Problems and Solutions Abdikeev Niyaz M. Dontsova Olesya I. Abrosimova Olga M. Digital Transformation of Industry: Assessing the Maturity of Organizations Abdikeev Niyaz M. Dontsova Olesya I. Bekulova Susanna R. Theoretical Aspects of Application of Islamic Economic Concept in Modern Conditions of Development of Russian Economy
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-222-226

Bulgakova Marina A. System-structural Analysis of the Current State of Public-private Partnership in Russia Zvyagina Alyona V. Vezlomtseva Svetlana G. FINANCE Regulation of the Turnover of Digital Financial Assets at the International Level Buryakova Anastasia O. Varnavsky Andrey V. Ivanova Polina V. Korovin Dmitriy I. Soloviev Vladimir I. About the Possibility of Controlling the Turnover of Digital Financial Assets Feklin Vadim G. Soloviev Vladimir I. Kontorovich Vladislav K. The Most Common Schemes of Personal Income Tax Evasion: Current Trends of Tax Administration Smirnova Elena E. Nazranova Milena A. Opportunities and Limitations of the Activities of the Authorized Body to Initiate the Bankruptcy of a Tax Debtor
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-254-260

Khoruzhiy Valery I. Bogdanova Natalia A. Risk Management in the Implementation of Procurement Procedures for the Nuclear Power Plants Construction
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2022-18-5-261-264

Kulachinskaya Anastasia U. Kudryavtseva Tatiana U. MANAGEMENT Creative Industries and the Digital Economy: Interaction, Research Issues. Tools for the Development of Creative Industries (Russian Practice) Gumerova Guzel I. Butneva Alexandra Yu. Shaimieva Elmira Sh. Litvin Irina Yu. Trifonova Natalia N. MISCELLANEOUS Training of Specialists in Economic Security in Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Using the Possibility of Pedagogical Influence on Students through the Use of Electronic Educational Resources in the Process of Teaching a Foreign Language Bashlueva Natalia N. Akvit Viktoria S. Levitskaya Elizaveta Yu.