Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №7 2020
Issue №7 2020
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-181
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1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) Rational and irrational in the customary legal support of the economic life of the russian peasantry (on the example of mordvins) Sushkova Iuliia N. Legal and educational value of family mediation technology Hudoykina Tatyana Victorovna Adaeva Olga Viktorovna Legal self-help as an element of legal self-defense Uzdimaeva Natalya I. Personality, society and state in political and legal perceptions of L.I. Petrażycki Zhukovskaya Natalia Yu. Understanding constitutionalism and the peculiarities of its soviet model in theoretical jurisprudence Korovin Kirill S. 2. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS, MUNICIPAL LAW (12.00.02) Competition as a way to ensure the constitutional right of citizens to equal access to public service Larkina Anna Petrovna Krainova Anna Igorevna 3. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW; FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW (12.00.03) On the authorized capital of a business entity and the rules governing its payment Khatuntsev Oleg A. Implementation of the right to freedom of creativity in the legislation of Russia, France and Great Britain Sviridova Ekaterina A. Types of social entrepreneurship: classification and problems of legal regulation Netesova Margarita S. The activities of notaries in the Swiss Confederation Zorin Dmitry Nikolaevich Zorina Natalia Sergeevna Mechanism of intellectual rights protection of folk arts and crafts: issues to develop Medvedev Valery N. On confirmation of the fact of decision-making by the general meeting of the LLC and the composition of the present participants Kochkurova Ksenia S. 4. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW (12.00.04) Regulation of the circulation of digital money: development prospects Ignatieva Irina V. Zedgenizova Irina I. Vlasova Elena L. 5. LABOR LAW, SOCIAL SECURITY LAW (12.00.05) Peculiarities of establishing (confirming) dependency for the purpose of assigning insurance pensions in case of loss of the breadwinner (for example, students) Galaeva Lyudmila A. 6. LAND LAW, NATURAL RESOURCES LAW, ECOLOGICAL LAW (12.00.06) Problems and practice of legal regulation of the protection of wildlife objects in the use of mineral resources in specially protected natural territories Sokolnikova Ekaterina Andreevna The concept of the legal regime of forest lands Kovyrshina Elena Igorevna 7. CRIMINAL LAW, PENAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY (12.00.08) On some issues of application of article 110.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation Borovikova Victoria V. Borovikov Valery B. Modern methods of preventing crimes related to the suicide of minors Kolesova Anastasia Pimakova Olga Global information space as a factor of the forced spread of religious-political extremism Bozieva Yulia Gennadievna Kamergoev Beslan Mukhamedovich Problems of combating corruption crime of the proper elite Gadjieva Aisha A. The problems of organization of labor activity of convicts during the execution of unfree labor Ustinov Andrey Anatolievich Gamanenko Leonid Ivanovich On the question of improvement of the penal legislation in terms of providing parole to prisoners with life imprisonment Ustinov Andrey Anatolievich Gamanenko Leonid Ivanovich International protection of the sphere of blockchain functioning against criminal offences: landscape, dynamics and perspectives
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-7-133-138

Mkrtchian Sona M. The main directions of prevention of recidivism of violent crimes against the person Sysoev Artur Igorevich 8. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) Evidence in the criminal procedure of the USA Belozerova Irina Ivanovna Vilisov Yuriy Nikolaevich Dubova Anastasia Sergeevna Officer of the body of inquiry which not an investigator Nisimov Andrey Gennadievich Tsyretorov Alexey Ivanovich 9. JUDICIAL, PROSECUTORIAL, HUMAN RIGHTS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES (12.00.11) Implementing the powers of the prosecutor to oversee the implementation of laws under restrictions related to measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) (based on the materials of the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Dagestan) Magomedov Magomed Abdulkadirovich Problematic issues of participation of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian federation in the detection, prevention and suppression of offenses in information and telecommunications networks (including the internet), services, social networks, virtual games, as an element of ensuring national security in the face of new threats Shchukin Vladimir Mikhailovich Balaeva Jamilya Rashidovna Sinodov Ivan A. 10. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Implementation of criminal policy in the sphere of procurement of goods, works, and services for state or municipal needs (criminal law and criminalistic aspects) Borin Boris V. 11. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS (12.00.14) Content and characteristics of public administration in the area of forced migration Petrovskaya Miroslava Ivanovna 12. CIVIL PROCEDURE, ARBITRATION PROCESS (12.00.15) Diplomatic participation in the international civil procedure Agrasheva Olga Evgenievna Ginzburg Irina V. 13. MISCELLANIOUS System of methodological approaches in historical and pedagogical research Meleshko Olga Petrovna Romanko Irina Evgenevna