Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №1 2021
Issue №1 2021
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       2310-7049 (online) Pages: 1-223
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The dual nature of extremism Chistyakov Vladimir V. Yastrebova Elena V. 1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) Legal values as a criterion for differentiating the political and legal doctrines of Russian conservatism and European liberalism of the XIX century Kuzubova Angelina Yurievna Legal literacy and legal education in the conditions of modern society: lessons of the all-russian emergency commission for the elimination of illiterness in 1920 Biryaeva Anastasia Vladimirovna Volchok Artyom Alexandrovich 2. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW; FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW (12.00.03) Fundamentals of protection of motherhood, childhood, family in the light of the novelties of the Constitution of the Russian Federation Letova Natalia V. Social entrepreneurship: issues of legal regulation
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2021-14-1-040-045

Shpinev Yury S. Legal problems of recourse to the person who caused the harm Arabaev Cholponkul Isayevich Chotkaraev Kamil Aliaskarovich State property as a political and legal problem in modern Russia Pavlyuk Albert Valentinovich Martirosian Telman E. Modern approaches to the definition of principles, features and the definition of an object of construction in progress Zhdanov Sergey P. Krasnov Vladimir S. Skryachev Alexander M. Real monuments of history and culture as special objects of civil rights Ivanova Svetlana Georgievna About industry accessories housing legal relations Mukhametova Svetlana Ilyinichna Information technology as a phenomenon in the field of public procurement Bondareva Elena Aleksandrovna Changes in legislation and problems of reproductive tourism: review of hearings in the public chamber of the Russian Federation Dovnar Aleksey N. 3. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW (12.00.04) Features and role of state financial control as part of the Russian legal system
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2021-14-1-096-101

Shepeleva Dina Victorovna 4. LABOR LAW, SOCIAL SECURITY LAW (12.00.05) The types of employer - natural person in the field of labor relations Savin Sergey Victorovich Savin Viktor T. 5. LAND LAW, NATURAL RESOURCES LAW, ECOLOGICAL LAW (12.00.06) Legal problems of labeling food products containing components obtained using genetically engineered organisms Agafonov Vyacheslav Borisovich 6. CRIMINAL LAW, PENAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY (12.00.08) The role of V.P. Revin in the formation of a modern understanding of the structure of criminal policy Voronin Mikhail Yurievich Topical issues of the definition of hooligancy from related compositions of crimes Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Akkaeva Halimat Alievna Public danger and social conditionality of criminalization of bribery of an arbitrator Kameneva Anna N. Topical problems of law enforcement practice about minor liability Kumysheva Marina Kadirovna Employment of prisoners and convicts in the Swiss Confederation: some problems Zorin Dmitry Nikolaevich Zorina Natalia Sergeevna 7. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) Investigative actions in terms of digitalization of criminal proceedings Isaenko Vjacheslav Nikolaevich Ishchenko Petr P. Admissibility and reliability of the evidence in criminal procedural law Popov Artem Alekseevich Zinchenko Igor Anatolyevich Popov Alexey Pavlovich Objective truth or legal reality as a purpose of criminal procedural knowledge Popova Irina Alekseevna Popov Alexey Pavlovich Limiting the constitutional rights of the suspect and the accused in the election of a measure of restraint - banning certain actions
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2021-14-1-155-161

Rudakova Svetlana Viktorovna Problems of initiating and proceeding of criminal cases under article 116.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation Mamedov Ramil Yagubovich 8. INTERNATIONAL LAW, EUROPEAN LAW (12.00.10) International legal personality in the new groups of legal relations Nikiforov Svyatoslav Vadimovich International legal aspects of protecting the rights of Russian Paralympic athletes Bayramov Faid Vagifovich 9. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Planning as a criterion for the quality of criminal investigation Zhukova Natalya A. Kocumbas Sergey M. Mamin Sergey N. The imbalance of criminal punishment depending on the degree of individual participation in crime as a result of problems in modern criminal policy and shortcomings in forensic methodology Kocumbas Sergey M. Morgun Inna A. On the concept of forensic support for anti-corruption compliance Sharshova Maria Leonidovna The concept of "cruelty" and its use in the investigation methodology Tebiev Rustam Ruslanovich 10. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS (12.00.14) On the issue of the peculiarities of revealing the facts of physical violence against a minor and their proof: administrative and legal aspects Nedostupenko Tatyana Alexandrovna Mahina Svetlana Nikolaevna Problems of the methods use of belief and compulsion in management activities Kravets Ivan Petrovich Butchenko Victor Nikolaevich Legal liability for hooliganism in the soviet and post-soviet periods Dudaev Anatoly Borisovich Tkachenko Vladimir Vasilyevich Bogacheva Marya Valeryevna Peculiarities of the prevention of offences in certain types of transport infrastructure with the use of facial recognition systems Makhina S. N. Bogacheva M. V. Sidorenko A.V. 11. MISCELLANIOUS Legal regulation employee health protection bureau of forensic medical examination from infectious diseases Vishnevskij Vsevolod S. Sharafutdinova Adelia Radikovna Timerzyanov Marat Ismagilovich