Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №6 2020
Issue №6 2020
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1. THEORY AND HISTORY OF STATE AND LAW, HISTORICAL STUDIES OF LAW AND STATE (12.00.01) Humanization of national law in the direction of globalization Makogon Boris Valerievich Nikonova Ludmila Ivanovna Problems of rulemaking on the example of analysis of specific regulations Silchenko Roman N. 2. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCESS, MUNICIPAL LAW (12.00.02) International human rights risks: universal level Markheim Marina V. Novikova Alevtina E. The principle of proportionality as an effective tool for the protection of electoral rights Aleshkova Irina Aleksandrovna Filatova Anastasia Olegovna 3. CIVIL LAW, BUSINESS LAW; FAMILY LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW (12.00.03) The study of the theoretical issues of implementation of social commerce: legal opinion on the risks for the consumer
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-38-48

Ksenia M. Belikova Investments in agriculture at digitalization period: situation analysis
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-49-54

Shpinev Yury S. EAEU integration processes as a factor influencing the transformation of Russian business legislation
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-55-61

Cherkesova Larisa Ivanovna Regulatory sandboxes and their impact on the business law industry of the Russian Federation in the context of theoretical and practical aspects of legal experiment
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-62-67

Borozdina Maria Sergeevna On the legal nature of social entrepreneurship
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-68-73

Netesova Margarita S. 4. FINANCIAL LAW; TAX LAW; BUDGETARY LAW (12.00.04) Financial and legal aspects of ensuring the protection of the political, economic, financial sovereignty of the state in the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which entered into force on July 4, 2020 Galina V. Petrova Stupakov Valery I. Financial control over procurement activities under Chinese and Russian laws: comparative analysis Zinaida A. Konovalova Myakhanova Alexandra N. Dondokova Maksara Yu. 5. CRIMINAL LAW, PENAL LAW, CRIMINOLOGY (12.00.08) Criminal misconduct within the Russian criminal code Ivanov Nikita G. Medical criminal law in Russian federation: problems and prospects for development
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-93-97

Serebrennikova Anna V. Some features of the implementation of the goals of criminal executive legislation in the implementation of criminal law measures for the prevention of drug addiction Rastoropov Sergey Vladimirovich Tatarinov Alexander Vladimirovich Differentiation of inducement to commit suicide or assistance to commit suicide with other crimes Borovikov Valery Borisovich Borovikova Victoria Valerievna The influence of "living law" on the formation of criminal legislation Kazakova Vera A. Korableva Svetlana Yurievna Draft new criminal code of the Russian Federation. Special part. Chapter XV. Crimes against the state Malinin Vasiliy Borisovich The nature and degree of public danger of crimes encroaching on competition in the field of economic activity Uvarov Maxim Aleksandrovich Nosatov Yury Nikolaevich Victimological aspects of digitalization of modern Russian society Gadzhieva Aisha Ansarovna Sinodov Ivan A. Criminal law risks in the provision of medical care Ilin Danila Vladimirovich Improving crime prevention in correctional institutions Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich «Grave consequences» in crimes against the military service Akhmedov Adkhamjon Burgutovich Drug addiction as an element of the club subculture in COVID-19 conditions Spiridonova Nadezhda Ivanovna The phenomenon of obviousness and uncertainty of an objective approach to understanding the corpus delicti through the prism of the views of scientists of the late 19th - early 21st centuries
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-151-155

Komyagin Roman Alexandrovic 6. CRIMINAL PROCESS (12.00.09) Legal regulation of the status of an expert in criminal proceedings in the Russian Federation Tolgurova Zukhra Khuseinovna Taova Lilia Yurievna New form of special procedure in criminal cases Mamedov Ramil Yagubovich About relationship between definitions of bases and conditions for the termination of the criminal case and criminal prosecution Kucherov Grigory Nikolaevich On the concept of foundation to institute criminal proceedings Mironov Vadim Viktorovich 7. FORENSICS; FORENSIC EXPERTISE; OPERATIONAL AND SEARCH ACTIVITIES (12.00.12) Operational-search support for the disclosure of sexual crimes against minors Grishin A.G. Peculiarities of concept of the operatively search activities result Gorbanev Vladimir Mikhailovich Korolev Alexander S. Problems of forensic examination of documents affected by aggressive factors Mamontov Alexey Vladimirovich Interaction of the investigator with other participants conducting criminal prosecution Vlezko Dmitry A. Shatskaya Anastasia Petrovna Moroz Elena S. Specific features of conducting investigative actions in the Arctic
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2020-13-6-192-195

Ryvkin Stanislav Yuryevich Turov George Sergeevich Berova D.M. 8. INFORMATION LAW (12.00.13) Information terrorism is a threat to national security in the context of digitalization Aloeva Alina Arturovna Aloev Islam Arturovich Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich 9. ADMINISTRATIVE LAW, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS (12.00.14) Sources of administrative enforcement rules in the Old Testament legislation (based on the analysis of the Book of Leviticus of the Moses Pentateuch) Dmitry V. Ivanov On the issue of state regulation of companies with state participation Albert V. Pavlyuk Veryga Valeriy Lvovich Risk of committing acts of illegal intervention on objects of a transport complex Stolbina Lyubov Viktorovna Volkov Pavel Analolyevitch Golubyatnikova Yulia Yurievna 10. REVIEWS ON MONOGRAPHS AND TUTORIALS Rule of law and fair justice: theory and practice-proven. Review of the monograph "Justice and law" /Dr of law, prof. Averina A.V., Assoc. prof. PhD at Law Groza Yu. A. (Averina Yu. A.). - Vladimir, Vladimir branch of RANEPA, 2019. - 436 Fokov Anatoly P. 11. YOUNG SCIENTISTS IN ACTUAL CRIMIAL LAW PROBLEMS SOLVING Measures to prevent violence against government officials Esenbulatova Elvira Hasulbecovna Isaev Gadgimurad Magomedovich Criminal legal support of the procedure for carrying out notarial activities Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Gamzaev Hamza Pashaevich Bakhshaliev Eynulla Fazil ogly Procedure for implementation of prosecutor's supervision over the activities of bodies of inquiry at the stage of preliminary investigation Akhmedkhanova Samira Telkhatovna Huseynov Nabi Abdullayevich Criminal law analysis of the disposition of the norm on a crime that infringes on the authors ' personal non-property rights Esenbulatova Elvira Hasulbecovna Karachaev Shirvani Gitinomagomedov Social measures to prevent and prevent criminal violence in the family Dgamalova Bika B. Yusupov Ismail Djahbarovich Features improvement of aggravating circumstances stipulated in Art. 290 of the Criminal Code (bribery) Dgamalova Bika B. Omarieva Liala Shahabutdinovna Criminal procedure procedures for the state protection of persons who represent the prosecution on the fact of the committed crime Magomedov Guseyn Bagavdinovich Murtuzov Izamudin Nurmagomedovich Improving the system of social prevention measures preventing corruption in the electoral process Demirov Korchagin Kadyrbekovich Azaeva Simuzar Sabirovna 12. MISCELLANIOUS Digital trust environment concept Vornikova Ekaterina Dmitrievna