The Priorities of Social Policy Development in Modern Russia
( Pp. 159-161)

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Dzhandubaev Mahmud Ramazanovich aspirant NOO VPO (NP) «Kislovodskiy gumanitarno-tehnicheskiy institut».
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The author of this article draws our attention to the problem of defining the priority directions of the social policy development in modern Russia, taking into consideration the analysis of the social policy models that can be found in the developed countries. The article proposes a comparative analysis of the given models and gives a wide coverage of the particular approaches used in the world’s practice to solving the problem of poverty. Summarizing the experience of foreign countries, the USSR and modern Russia in their struggle against poverty and incomes differentiation the author outlines the directions of improving the social policy of the country.
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Dzhandubaev M.R., (2013), THE PRIORITIES OF SOCIAL POLICY DEVELOPMENT IN MODERN RUSSIA. Business in Law, 1: 159-161.
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social justice, social policy, the social model of the state, poverty and income inequality.