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Issue №1 2013
Issue №1 2013
ISSN: 1816-921X (print)       2310-7030 (online) Pages: 1-248
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ГРАЖДАНСКОЕ ПРАВО, ЖИЛИЩНОЕ ПРАВО, СЕМЕЙНОЕ ПРАВО ON THE CULTURE OF THINKING AND PITHY LEGISLATION BUILDING. ANALYSIS OF LAW PROVISIONS RELATED TO THE RESULTS OF INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITY IN THE ASPECT OF SENSE REGULATION OF DISCOURSE RELATIONS «LEGISLATOR – CITIZEN» Chernyshov Michael Yu. Kaverzina Anastasia Vladimirovna Termination of passive joint obligation under the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Trut Dmitriy V. Realization of property of the debtor within bankruptcy procedure by means of the public offer: auction or public offer? Alferova Liliana M. ТЕОРИЯ И ИСТОРИЯ ПРАВА И ГОСУДАРСТВА, ИСТОРИЯ УЧЕНИЙ О ПРАВЕ И ГОСУДАРСТВЕ Pre-Revolutionary conception of Civil Legislation in the Russian Empire: historiography of the problem Taraborin Roman Sergeevitch FEATURES OF THE ORDINARY LEGAL ASSESSMENT (QUESTIONS OF THE THEORY OF THE STATE AND RIGHT) Maksimov Gennady Borisovich CONCEPT AND FEATURES OF THE COMPENSATION LAW Tarakanov Anton P. 2. Criminal law and criminology; Criminal enforcement law TO THE QUESTION OF THE RATIONALITY OF TERMS OF CRIMINALLY-LEGAL PROCEEDINGS IN THE ASPECT OF REALIZATION OF THE ACCUSED AND THE VICTIM’ RIGHTS Stroikova Anastasia Sergeevna THEORETICAL ASPECTS OF DEFINITION OF THE CRIMINALLY-LEGAL STATUS OF THE VICTIM Fomenko Alexander Nikolaevich Some issues of low-enforcement Art. 290, 291, 291.1 of the Criminal Code Manylova N.E. Burkina O.A. Problems of criminal-legal qualification of the use of «one-day firms» for the purposes of larceny of state funds, allocated for procurement for the state needs Gook Dmitriy Vladimirovich The subjective conditions for exemption from criminal responsibility for crimes committed in the area of economic activity (Part 2 of Art. 76.1 of the Criminal Code) Vlasenko Vladislav Vladimirovich The special and criminological prevention of crime in rural areas Shuklina Evgenia Andreevna LEGAL SUPPORT OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES About the problem of the definition of the public private partnership Krivopalova Anna Andreyevna CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, CONSTITUTIONAL JUDICIAL PROCEDURE, MUNICIPAL LAW Function ensures the charter of the municipality – the basis of social homeostasis Mukhachev Igor Vladimirovich Adamokov Beslan Bilyalovich The Constitution of the Russian Federation as the legal basis of domestic inter-parliamentary cooperation Nurutdinova Rezeda Insafovna The duration of the legislature of the Supreme official of the subject of the Russian Federation (head of the highest Executive body of state power of a subject of the Russian Federation) Kirillov Vladimir Anatolievich The main activity directions OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION as a subject OF PRELIMINARY FINANCIAL AND BUDGETARY CONTROL Zamyatin Vasily Valerievich QUESTIONS OF HARMONIZATION OF RELATIONS BETWEEN RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND SUBJECTS OF RUSSIAN FEDERATION IN THE SPHERE OF SUBSOIL USE Galkevitch Igor Vladimirovitch GAPS IN THE LAW, INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC LAW, INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LAW The variety and rates tax lessees: the comparative analysis on tax legislations of Azerbaijan Republic and foreign countries Mirzayeva Afat Qadir STIPULATIONS ABOUT NORMS BEYOND IMPERATIVE AND PUBLIC ORDER CLAUSE AND APPLICATION OF FOREIGN LAW NORMS BY INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION’S FORUMS Lopatin Dmitrij Borisovitch Air Transport in Africa: chronological analysis of evolution of legal regulation Guede Ange Patrick Gaps in the criminal procedure legislation, caused by the recognition of norms unconstitutional Maltseva Angelina Anatolyevna MANAGING FOREIGN MIGRATION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Parfenova Maria S. Judicial, prosecutorial, human rights and law enforcement activities The problem of absentee participation of the accused in the course of the judicial investigation in the criminal proceedings Russia Khaidarov Albert Anvarovich Coordinating powers of the prosecutor in combating crime and corruption Yurchishin Vasiliy The goals and objectives of the disciplinary proceedings against a lawyer Busurina Elena Olegovna Employment Law; Right to social security The underlying causes and conditions that lead to violations of safety regulations during construction Nikitochkina M. V. CORRUPTION, TERRORISM, CRIMINAL PROCESS THE RESEARCH OF THE PECULIARITIES AND CLASSIFICATION OF CORRUPTION’S TYPES IN BODIES OF STATE POWER Sapronov Sergej Vladimirovitch OTHER The legal fact as an image of circumstance Reality Borulenkov Yury Petrovich ECONOMICS AND NATIONAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, MARKETING, MANAGEMENT Approaches to assessment of the influence of external and internal factors on competitiveness of products of the space-rocket industry Chursin Alexander A. Kovkov George V. Shamin Roman V. PRODUCT CERTIFICATION AS A TOOL OF COMPETITIVENESS MACHINE-TOOL ENTERPRISES Shumyankova N. Sumin N. The research of forms and development conditions of public private partnership in domestic practice Tolstobrova Nadegda A. Kozhemyakin Leonid Valerievich Character conversion’s processes and their influence on competitiveness of business Anokhin S.A. Enterprise risks and their optimisation Anokhin S.A. Organization of realization of strategy of restructuring Gladkih V.V. Strategies to promote e-commerce start-ups in the market for goods and services Germanov Valentin E. Theoretical and methodological bases in the context of change management in power energy sector Rykhter Veronica The Priorities of Social Policy Development in Modern Russia Dzhandubaev Mahmud Ramazanovich Assessment of market opportunities of trading network based on the value chain Bortnikova Olga Sergeevna FINANCE, CASH CIRCULATION AND CREDIT, ACCOUNTING AND ANALYSIS Approaches to financing, crediting and insurance of investment and innovation projects Morozov Igor Nikolaevich Foreign experience of financial management of joint-stock companies with the state participation Shuljak Paul Nikolaevich Smirnova Anastasia V. Tax planning as a way of managing financial resources nonprofit Grishchenko Julia Igorevna Grishchenko Alexey V. Unjustified tax benefits received by non-profit organizations Grishchenko Alexey V. System of accounting and cost analysis as a method of improving the quality of performance of the company Krasnova Elena The analysis of common used approaches applied for the Russian insurance companies’ bankruptcy and insolvency diagnostics Victorov Egor Dmitrievich Assessment of efficiency of tax incentives innovative economy in Russia Kuropyatnik S.V. DEVELOPMENT OF FINANCIAL POTENTIAL OF HOUSEHOLDS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (Retracted 03.09.19) Karpenko Y.A. INVESTMENT AND INNOVATION IN THE COUNTRIES OF WESTERN EUROPE: GERMANY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, FRANCE (RETRACTED 03.09.19) Kutepov Oleg Evgenyevich Kazakova Svetlana Petrovna INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Innovative development of economy of Russia on a basis strategic paradigm of management Antonov Igor Yu. STRATEGIES OF INVESTMENTS’ ORGANIZATION FOR PROJECTS’ FINANCING Gelfer Leonid Grigorievitch The formation a national payment system of Russian Federation Chizhikova Elvira Syaitovna The Future of Russia: modernization and innovation Karpukhin Anton Anatolevich Features of tax incentives innovative economy in foreign countries Kuropyatnik S.V. ECONOMIC SECURITY Strong regional bank in the mechanism of the economic security of the subject of the Russian Federation Tsoller Stanislav Vladimirovich WORLD AND REGIONAL ECONOMY THE STATE’S ROLE IN THE RUSSIA’S CONTEMPORARY MODERNIZATION Afonasova Alena Vladimirovna THE WEB OPGANIZATIoNS IN THE EVOLUTION OF REGIONAL ECONOMICAL SISTEMS Khilko Nina Alexandrovna Risks of realization of forward development of economy in the Republic Montenegro Glukhovtsev Vsevolod E., PhD Glukhovtsev Vsevolod E. AGREEMENT ON THE COMMON PRINCIPLES AND THE RULES OF COMPETITION IN THE CUSTOMS UNION. THE COMPLICATION OF SOME TERMS AND PRINCIPLES Sorokin Michael Afanasevich Legal regulation of renewable energy sources use in the USA: main documents Dakalov Mamed Vakhaevich Directions of implementation of European experience of the customs regulation of foreign economic activity Khapilin S.A. LABOR ECONOMICS THE COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MOTIVATIONAL POTENTIAL OF INSTITUTES OF HIGHER EDUCATION’S STUDENTS Dzuba Sergey Fedorovich Neskoromny Vladimir Nikolaevich Nazarenko Maksim Anatoljevich Features of a social and economic policy in Dnestr Moldavian republic Terzi Nataly About some problems of maintenance of competitiveness of a manpower at regional level Vahovsky V. V. OTHER SOURCES OF LEGAL REGULATION OF FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION Semochkina Marina Alexeevna