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Vanyan Kristina Dzhivanovna and. yurid. nauk. Dolzhnost: docent. Mesto raboty: Severo-Kavkazskiy federalnyy universitet. Filial: filial v g. Pyatigorske. Podrazdelenie: kafedra teorii i istorii gosudarstva i prava
North Caucasian Federal University. Branch: Pyatigorsk
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In the article considered the problem of system deformations in the realization of the basic constitutional principles. Such deformations became a natural result of public legal policy in the last decade and aimed at establishing a system of limited pluralism and authoritarian modernization. In the conditions of development of the modern Russian statehood has become an urgent need of destruction of the artificial barriers between society and the state. For the purpose of the solution of this problem it is necessary to create the conditions for full feedbacks citizens and political power, using the constitutional institutions and procedures in their true sense, as also developing new forms of civic activity, which are not reflected in the Constitution.
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Vanyan K.D., (2014), MAIN DIRECTIONS OF CONSTITUTIONAL MODERNIZATION. Business in Law, 1: 79-81.
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legal state, democracy, a secular state, the separation of powers, constitutionalism, modernization.