Functions of the self-regulatory organizations participants
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Sungatullina Lilia A. assistent kafedry grazhdanskogo i predprinimatelskogo prava
Kazan Federal University
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The aim (task): Form a holistic view about the functions of the self-regulatory organizations participants; identification of relevant functions role in the legal mechanism of participation at businesses and professional activities in the self-regulatory organizations. Model: During the study the legislation on self-regulation, judicial practice are analyzed, local regulatory documents of individual self-regulatory organizations are investigated. Conclusions: the concept of the functions of self-regulatory organizations participants is formulated as a set of interrelated actions of participants, aimed at the achievement of self-regulatory organizations goals, the classification of the corresponding functions is done. There is a close connection between functions of self-regulatory organizations and their members, as well as the interconnection elements of the self-regulation system and mechanism of participation in self-regulatory organizations. The practical significance: Clear and structured designation of self-regulatory organizations participants’ functions allows to form a holistic view on the peculiarities of all subjects legal status of self-regulation. This, in turn, facilitates the identification of criterias for delimitation of self-regulatory organizations from organizations of similar legal nature, needed to improve the legal technique of the legislation on self-regulatory organizations. In addition, this study contributes to the effectiveness of the rules of business law in general. Value: Comprehensive scientific study of issues associated with participation in self-regulatory organizations, including the definition of the functions of participants, contributes to the formation within the science of business law of holistic scientific concept of self-regulation. Practical application of the findings will help to eliminate the existing shortcomings of the legislation on self-regulation, to eliminate contradictions in the judicial practice, to make the system of economic management, based on the principles of self-regulation, effective and responding modern requirements
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self-regulation, self-regulatory organization, the mechanism of participation, business activities, professional activities.