Sociopolitical Sciences

Issue №5 2023
Issue №5 2023
ISSN: 2223-0092 (print)       ISSN 2310-7065 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-112 Prev
History and Theory of Politics Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Social Consensus
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-13-28

Filippov Anton R. Novikov Oleg G. Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies Russian Society and Socio-Political Risks of the Digital Era in the Global Dimension
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-29-37

Rogachev Sergey V. Gorlov Konstantin N. The Dialogue Between the Government and Society in the Mechanism of Social Transformation
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-38-45

Ilyicheva Maria V. Ilyicheva Lyudmila E. Huseynov Rufat S. The Impact of International Sanctions Pressure on the Consolidation of Russian Society (2014–2023)
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-46-56

Rogachev Sergey V. Mustakimov Alexey V. Yemen: General Characteristics of the Development of the State in Conditions of Political Conflict
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-57-61

Al-Arosi Z.М.М. Aldaheri A.A.A. Penkov V.F. International Relations, Global and Regional Studies A Special Historical Path of Russian Civilization in the Context of the Modern World Order
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-62-71

Kazanina Larisa Yu. Koltsov Dmitry E. Spain’s European Policy During its Presidency of the Council of the Eu
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-72-76

Shahbazov Abulfaz Saleh Public Diplomacy and the Role of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in its Promotion
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-77-82

Nijat Sadiq oglu Bayramli Pogodin Sergey N. Features of International Cooperation of Universities. Experience of Russia and Kazakhstan
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-83-89

Ostashova Yana V. Economic Sociology Sociological Analysis of the Concept of Innovation-oriented Motivation and its Impact on the Development of Small and Medium-sized Businesses
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-90-95

Kuleshov Sergey M. Tsaryuk Dmitry A. The Role of Import Substitution in Providing Support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-96-101

Razov Pavel V. Prokhorova Irina G. Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture Spiritual and Moral Foundations of Christian Doctrine and its Development in the History of Russian Orthodox Thought
DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-102-110

Kovalev Andrey A. Borzova Elena P.