A Special Historical Path of Russian Civilization in the Context of the Modern World Order
( Pp. 62-71)

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Kazanina Larisa Yu.
Tula Institute (branch) All-Russian State University of Justice (RLA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia)
Tula, Russian Federation, Koltsov Dmitry E.
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This article provides a comprehensive historical-legal, historical-philosophical and socio-political analysis of Russian statehood, taking into account its historical development. Such categories as “Russian world” and “Russian civilisation” are studied. The question of Russia’s special path throughout its history is raised, and a comparison is made between Western and Russian civilisation models. Separate attention is paid to the historical and legal aspects of Russian sovereignty. The authors come to the conclusion that the preservation of the memory of the historical past and the development of an independent system of regulation of social relations through law and morality helped Russia for a thousand years to remain a distinctive country and to acquire unique features that characterise it as a separate sovereign state-civilisation.
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Kazanina L.Yu., Koltsov D.E. A Special Historical Path of Russian Civilization in the Context of the Modern World Order. Sociopolitical Sciences. 2023. Vol. 13. No. 5. Pр. 62–71. (In Rus.) DOI: 10.33693/2223-0092-2023-13-5-62-71. EDN: ZFOUUJ
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the Special Way of Russia, Russian Civilisation, Russian World, preservation of history, sovereignty, traditional values, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, euro-atlanticism, geopolitics, law.

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