Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №5 2022
Issue №5 2022
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Features of Training Employees of the Territorial Bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to Use of X-Ray Television Systems Designed to Identify the Facts of Concealment of Explosives and Explosive Devices, Weapons, Ammunition and Other Dangerous Items and Substances Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the North Caucasian Institute for Advanced Studies (branch) of the Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Urumov Asker Valerievich Training Employees of the Internal Affairs Bodies for Preliminary Actions when Protecting Against an Attack by an Offender Nastuev Eduard Borisovich Physical Training of Department of Internal Affairs Staff as a Factor of Increasing the Efficiency of the Fight Against Crime Kodzokov Aznaur Khasanovich Training of Employees of the Internal Affairs in the Tactical Basis of the Use of Physical Force Based on the Use of a Situational Approach Nagoev Rustam Ruslanovich Physical Training as a Means of Forming the Psychological Readiness of the Department of Internal Affairs Employees to Combat with the Offender Tkhazeplov Rustam Leonidovich Methodology of Forming Special Motor Skills and Abilities in the Process of Physical Training of Police Officers Bauaev Shamil Khadzhimuratovich Training of Employees of Internal Affairs Bodies to Suppress Encroachments on Their Life and Health by Offenders - Preventive Actions and the Basics of Shock Equipment Yaroslavsky Mikhail Alexandrovich The Role of Sambo in Professional and Applied Physical Training of Students of Educational Organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Knyazev Kantemir Olegovich Formation of Tactical Thinking Among Police Officers in the Process of Learning the Skills of Combat Fighting Techniques Kardanov Alim Aslanovich 2. GENERAL THEORETICAL, CRIMINAL-LEGAL AND OTHER PROBLEMS OF COUNTERING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM. PROBLEMS OF PREVENTING EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM On Some Issues of Qualification of Crimes of a Terrorist Nature Taova Lilia Yurievna Problems of Qualification of Mercenary Crimes of a Terrorist Nature Kharaev Azamat Arsenovich Pakhomov Aleksey Nikolaevich The Role of Modern Information Tools in Countering the Spread of Terrorist Threats Shogenov Timur Mukhamedovich Some Features of Cognitive Impact in the Framework of Preventive Conversations with Youth to Prevent Extremism Mashekuasheva Margarita Khasanbievna Values as a Factor in Countering Extremism and Terrorism Kochesokova Zalina Khazratalievna On The Impact of Cyberterrorism on the National Security of the Russian Federation in Modern Conditions Zhukov Azamat Zaurbekovich Terrorist Financing: Criminal Law Definition Fakov Azamat Mukhazhidovich Topical Issues of Extremism Prevention in Educational Organizations Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna Countering the Spread of Radical Ideologies in Social Media Abazov Islam Sultanovich Topical Issues of Terrorism Prevention Among Youth Lyuev Tembot Khabasovich Countering the Spread of Extremism and Terrorism Ideology in Prisons Ordokov Mirzabek Khautievich Kazachenko Alexander Alexandrovich Socio-Economic Determinants of Terrorism as a Threat to Society and the State Makoeva Evgenija Ruslanovna On Some Problems of Improving the Criminal Legislation of the Russian Federation in Relation to Countering Terrorism and Extremism Kanokova Lyana Yurievna Topical Issues of Countering Juvenile Terrorism in the Russian Federation Pkhitikov Ruslan Batyrovich The Relationship of Organized Crime with International Terrorism and Extremist Groups Gedgafov Murat Mukhamedovich The Main Activities of Operational Units of Internal Affairs Bodies to Detect and Prevent Cybercrime Related to Extremist Activity Tambiev Sergey Arsenovich Teunaev Akhmat Seit-Umarovich The Impact of Digitalization Process on the Extremist Ideology Transformation Cherkesov Azamat Yurievich The Activities of Investigative Bodies for the Prevention of the Investigation of Terrorist Crimes Among Young People Zhurtov Astemir Bilyalovich 3. CRIMINAL, CRIMINOLOGICAL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND OTHER MEASURES FOR COUNTERING CRIME IN CONTEMPORARY CONDITIONS Topical Issues of Crime Prevention by Investigative Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Tkhazeplov Timur Mukhamedovich Information War as Part of Geopolitical Conflict Karchaeva Kamila Avarievna Problem Aspects of Preventive Activities Divisions for Minors Tlupova Asiyat Vladimirovna The Concept of a Criminal Mistake as a Criterion for Determining the Gravity of a Crime Tokbaev Ayub Amerbievich Problems of Qualifying Suicide or Facilitation to Suicide in Criminal Law Sheriyev Alberd Malilevich Golyandin Nikolay Petrovich Zhukova Alla Vladimirovna Criminal and Criminological Aspects of Hostage-Taking Kushkhov Ruslan Khabilyevich Nakusov Alan Aleksandrovich The Sanctity of Private Life as an Object of Criminal Legal Protection Kashirgov Astemir Hasanbievich Criminological Aspects of Countering Organized Crime in the Conditions of Digitalization Karachaev Aslan Ruslanovich Social and Politically Motivated Forms of Manifestation of Cybercrime Takov Aslanbek Zaurbievich On the Question of Criminal Legal Assessment of Persons Driving Vehicles Under the Influence of Alcohol Gutaev Alim Magomedovich Criminal Legal Description of Fraud Committed with the Use of Information and Telecommunication Technologies Kovalenko Eduard Vitalievich On the Problems of the Application of the Norms of Administrative Law by the Courts Tembotov Ruslan Abdulakhovich Problems of Qualification of Crimes Committed in the State of Alcoholic Drunk Napsokov Artur Rizuanovich 4. THEORY AND HISTORY LAW (5.1.1.) From the Rural Community to the Agrarian-Peasant Reform of 1906-1911: the Concept of P.A. Stolypin Kazanina Larisa Yurievna Shurukhnov Nikolay Grigorievich 5. PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) (5.1.2.) Digitalization of Payment Markets: Legal Regulation, Identification and Leveling of Risks Krokhina Yuliya Alexandrovna On the Relationship Between Constitutional Provisions on the Protection of Competition and Constitutional Norms on the Human Rights Tenishev Andrey Petrovich Khaziev Shamil Nikolaevich Formation and Development of Labor Legislation Regulating the Liability of the Head of the Organization Savin Viktor Tikhonovich About the Main Tax Risks Arising in the Administration of Customs Payments Davydova Mariam Alexandrovna Place and Role of Structural Divisions of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Ensuring Bankruptcy Procedures Moroz Victor V. To the Question of the Legal Mechanism for Ensuring the Function of Healthcare in the Russian Federation
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2022-15-5-253-259

Markosian Dustrik Gragatovna Expertise as a Form of Evidence in the Tax Process Orlova Natalia Anatolievna Legal Regulation of Oil and Gas Budget Revenues in Russia and Foreign Countries Motorina Anna Alekseevna Control Function of the Russian Parliament: Current Status Zinovieva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna 6. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) (5.1.3.) KLEROS Court: Is revolution of Dispute Resolution? Rusakova Ekaterina Petrovna Consent of Parents (Adoptive Parents, Guardians) as a Condition for the Exercise of Certain Elements of Legal Capacity by Minors Aged 14 to 18 Years Belozertseva Victoria Vladimirovna Genesis and Development of Easement Regulation in Russia Zinnatullin Artur Zufarovich Kasimova Aigul Erikovna Application of the Principle of Inviolability of the Minimum Propertyin Enforcement Proceedings Sagitova Evgenia Valerievna The Role and Significance of the Good Faith Principle in Russian Civil Law Abrosimov Anton Vyacheslavovcih Private Law Rules: Some Particular Qualities of Operation in Time Akimova Irina Igorevna Legal Regulation of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Investment Activities in Russia and Abroad Khaddour Zein AlAbdin 7. CRIMINAL LAW (5.1.4.) Foreign Experience in Combating Corruption: Research Methodology Kazakova Vera A. Inshakov Sergey M. Tactical Complex as Means of Optimizing Pre-Investigation Verification Isaenko Vjacheslav Nikolaevich The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as an Element of the System of Prevention of Neglect and Offenses of Pupils of Military Units Makhtaev Makhtai Shapievich From Polygraph to New Technologies, Detection of Perjury in Criminal Proceedings Volosova Nonna Yurievna The Main Problems of the Certainty of the Rules of Law Governing Operational-Search Activity in the Russian Federation Maydykov Anatoliy Fedorovich Maydykov Andrey Anatolievich Parfenov Aleksandr Vadimovich Issues of Improving Criminal Procedural Evidence Popov Aleksey Pavlovich Frantsiforov Yuri Viktorovich Tsarev Yuri Nikolaevich Proceeding Activity of the Court: Arguments for and Against. About the Search for Balance Akkaeva Khalimat Alievna Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Legal Regulation of the Organization of the Use of Forces and Means by the Territorial Bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Event of Emergency Circumstances (Situations) Kireev Mikhail Pavlovich Atmurzaev Albert Ismailovich Romanovskiy Igor Valentinovich Improving the Procedure for Protocol Recording of the Course and Results of the Search Gauzhaeva Victoria Aleksandrovna Berova Juliet Mikhailovna Presumption of Innocence: on the Question of the "Inviolability" of Certain International Principles Reshnyak Mariya Genrikhovna Botasheva Zemfira Huseynovna 386-390. Indicators of the Effectiveness of Criminal Law Prohibitions Idrisov Nail Talgatovich Some Aspects of Criminological Characteristics of Juvenile Delinquency Cherednichenko Ekaterina Evgenievna The Main Preventive Measures Aimed at Countering Youth Extremism Carried Out in the Rostov Region Seregina Elena Vladimirovna Zakharov Ashur Richardovich Countering the Violation of the Principle of Adversarial Parties in Criminal Proceedings
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2022-15-5-404-412

Ilin Danila Vladimirovich Characteristic and Conditions Facilitate to Occupational Crime Kravets Ivan Petrovich Scientific Foundations of Forensic Identification of a Personby the Iris of the Eye Simonova Svetlana Valentinovna Artificial Intelligence and Criminal Justice Principles: Compatibility Issues Papysheva Elena Sergeevna Features of the Production of Certain Proceeding Actionsin Respect of Lawyers Lukyanov Evgeny Viktorovich Grounds and Conditions for Conducting a Short-Form Inquest Lychev Mikhail Vasilievich Limitation of Freedom as Type of Punishment by Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Theoretical and Practical Problems Mussali Nuradel Status and Possibilities of Using Materials Obtained Outside the Procedural Form in Proving Criminal Cases Khamgokov Muradin Mukhamedovich Berova Juliet Mikhailovna 8. INTERNATIONAL LAW (5.1.5.) The Problem of Independent Legal Regulation of Environmental Migration in Modern International Law Al Ghanimi Gian Bahil