Gaps in Russian Legislation

Issue №1 2023
Issue №1 2023
ISSN: 2072-3164 (print)       ISSN 2310-7049 (online) РИНЦ Pages: 1-234 Prev
1. THEORETICAL AND HISTORICAL LEGAL SCIENCES (5.1.1.) In the Struggle for the Laws and Customs of War and Peace: Ideas of P.S. Romashkin's Scientific Heritage Sushkova Yulia Nikolaevna Textual Analysis of Works in the History of Political and Legal Doctrines Korovin Kirill Sergeevich The Main Approaches to the Definition of the Concept of "Legal Fact" Bakirova Diana Maksimovna 2. PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) (5.1.2.) Transformation of the System of Obligations of Political Parties in Russian Legislation Kurochkin Anatoly Vasilyevich The Subject Composition of Judicial Control in Russia Markhgeym Marina Vasilievna Peterburgskiy Andrey Pavlovich Problems of Financial Responsibility the Head of the Organization Associated with the "Invasion" in its Sphere of Norms of Civil Legislation Savin Viktor Tikhonovich Prosecutorial Supervision Over the Implementation of Legislation in Terms of Timely Payment by Customers of Obligations Under State and Municipal Contracts Bezsaliy Olesia Rashidovna The Relative Character of Citizens’ Right to Holding Public Events Shikhalov Aleksey Olegovich Legal Regulation of Biotechnologies: World Experience in the Development of Biological Law and Bioethics Purtova Sofia Kirillovna 3. PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) (5.1.3.) Legal Infrastructure as a System and Business Environment Gazizullin Rishat Ilnurovich The Institute of an Arbitration Manager as an Element of a Security Mechanism for Exercising the Rights of a Debtor Declared Bankrupt Mikhaylova Valeriya Igorevna Dualism of the Legal Nature of the Claim Procedure as an Independent Type of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods Emerov Maxim Yurievich Problems of Ensuring the Protection of the Rights of Spouses in the Implementation of Their Family Business (Family Business)
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2023-16-1-084-090

Letova Natalia V. Family and Legal Aspects of the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Rumyantseva Natalia Sergeevna Shepeleva Dina Victorovna Law and Art: Facets of Interaction Hamidullina Farida Ildarovna Vasilyeva Evgeniya Nikolaevna 4. CRIMINAL LAW (5.1.4.) Countering Cybercrime: Current Issues Serebrennikova Anna Valerievna On the Main Results of International Cooperation of the Prosecution Authorities of the Russian Federation and Its Promising Areas in Modern Conditions Tarasov Maxim Yurievich Grigoryev Victor Nikolaevich On the Issue of Criminal Legal Protection of Persons Lawfully Providing Medical Care Latypova Elvira Yurievna Bikeev Igor Izmailovich Klemin Andrey Vladimirovich Police Transformation Projects as Part of the Stolypin Modernization Program in Russia Kazanina Larisa Yurievna Shurukhnov Nikolai G. Controversial Issues of Responsibility for Crimes that Infringe on the Freedom to Determine the Place of Their Stay, According to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Bikeev Igor Izmailovich Klemin Andrey Vladimirovich Zharov Sergey Nikolaevich Interaction of Criminal and Administrative-Tort Law in the Prevention of Demonstrative-Protest Crime
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2023-16-1-144-147

Ilyin Ilya Sergeevich Fine as the Type of Criminal Punishment in the Republic of Kazakhstan Mussali Nuradel Terrorist Crimes Under the Legislation of the BRICS Participant States Bikeev Igor Izmailovich Klemin Andrey Vladimirovich Nikitin Andrey Gennadievich Problems of Identifying the Causes of Professional Crime Kravets Ivan Petrovich Butchenko Viktor Nikolaevich Criminal Legislation on the Responsibility of Minors: International Legal Aspects Sabitov Rashid Akremovich Denisovich Veronika Vladimirovna Zharov Sergey Nikolaevich Conceptual Foundations of the Basic Criminalistic Methodology for Investigating Violent Crimes Committed in the Family: the Results of the Study Kolesova Anastasia Sergeevna Problems of Prevention of Group Juvenile Delinquency Gadzhieva Aisha Ansarovna Ismailova Rukiyat Nurmagomedovna Analysis of Crime Rates in Penal Institutions in the Republic of Mordovia Anoshchenkova Svetlana Vladislavovna Pomnina Svetlana Nikolaevna Ageeva Olga Nikolaevna On the Problem of Ways of Avoiding and Fighting Against Latent Criminality Yaraliev Nariman Tofikovich 5. INTERNATIONAL LAW (5.1.5.) To the Issue of the Methodology for Assessing the Level of Development of Customs Regulation in the EEU, Taking into Account Legal Means of the World Customs Organization
DOI: 10.33693/2072-3164-2023-16-1-197-218

Mozer Sergei Vladimirovich Problems of Legal Regulation of Labor Protection and Health of Coal Industry Workers: International and National Level Moroz Elena Vladimirovna Gaps in the International Legal Regulation of Groups of Relations in the Field of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Conditions of Socio-Political Transformation Nikiforov Svyatoslav Vadimovich 6. REVIEWS ON MONOGRAPHS AND TUTORIALS Review of the Textbook "Intellectual Property Law: Artistic Property" Edited by Professor G.F. Ruchkina, Doctor of Law Savina Victoria Sergeevna