Computational Nanotechnology

Issue №4 2023
Issue №4 2023
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Mathematical and Software of Computеrs, Complexes and Computer Networks A Method for Solving a System of Equations Based on the PRSCIiple of Training Generative-adversarial Neural Networks (GAN) Using a Modified Grover Algorithm
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-11-15

Pronin Cesar B. Volosova Alexandra V. Detection of Depression Among Social Network Users Using Machine Learning Methods
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-16-22

Zotkina Alena A. Martyshkin Alexey I. Information Security The Modeling of Processes of Design of Information Protection Systems in Financial Information Systems
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-23-38

Prokushev Yaroslav E. Ponomarenko Sergei V. Maksimov Riyan R. Theoretical Informatics, Cybernetics Implementation of Intelligent Automatic Control of Traffic Flows in Urban Areas of Regulation Based on the Use of Fuzzy Models
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-39-45

Morozov Egor A. Volosova Alexandra V. Matyukhina Ekaterina N. An Efficient Algorithm for the Numerical Solution of a Three-dimensional Thermal Conductivity Issue
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-56-62

Vargin Aleksander V. Levitskiy Igor A. Automation of Manufacturing and Technological Processes Control System for Waterjet Cutting Process with Swirling Working Fluid Jet
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-63-71

Ivanov Viktor V. Kalashnikov Evgeniy A. Control Algorithms for Motors of Anthropomorphic Gripping with Group Drive
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-72-83

Zhdanova Yulia I. Moshkin Vladimir V. Romanov Mikhail P. Electronic Library System by Means of Object-Oriented PYTHON Programming
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-84-90

Epifantseva Victoria A. Efremov Sergey K. Nesterenko Ivan S. Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Efficiency of Activated Nano-Heterojunctions on Silicon and Silicon Carbide Substrates
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-91-102

Dolgopolov Mikhail V. Elisov Maksim V. Radzhapov Sali A. Chepurnov Viktor I. Chipura Alexander S. Solar Drying of Fruit and Vegetables Using Polyethylene-Ceramic Composite
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-103-109

Rakhimov Rustam Kh. Mukhtorov Dilmurod N. Electrophysical Properties of a Solar Cell with Non-Traditional Contact Structures
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-110-121

Askarov Mardon A. Imamov Erkin Z. Muminov Ramizulla A. Metal, Nonmetal, Energy and Energy Carrier Production by Plasma Arc Electrolytic Centrifugal Conversion
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-122-139

Volkov Anatolii E. Volkov Alexander A. An Overview of Existing Methods for Automatic Generation of Test Tasks in Natural Language
DOI: 10.33693/2313-223X-2023-10-4-46-55

Maslova Maria A.