Particular threats to economic security, North Caucasus Republics
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Kilâshanov Hizri Šapievič docent kafedry Akademii upravleniya MVD Rossii, kandidat filosofskih nauk
the Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Gaponenko Vladimir F. Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Professor
Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia; Institute of Public Administration and Management of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Russian Federation
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The task of writing this article is to study the problems associated with the peculiarities of threats to economic security of the North Caucasian republics. Researched over security issues worked and work overseas researchers such as G. Mall, R. Peterson, D. Ricardo, J. Ferguson, and other methodological basis of the research in this article constitute provisions of economic theory, economic security, works of scientists (economists, lawyers, criminologists, sociologists and other professionals), grounded theory and methodology of economic security and its maintenance. The study examined the fundamental, special domestic and foreign scientific literature, the relevant legal acts and normative documents, materials of scientific conferences on these issues. While working on the article used a historical and functional approaches to the analysis of the research subject, methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis, economic and mathematical, statistical, graphical and sociological methods. Conclusion: In this article the authors justify particular threats to economic security of the North Caucasian republics. Arguments in favor of expansion and concentration of power by law enforcement to ensure economic security in the internal affairs bodies. The findings of the study theoretical principles stated in Article conclusions and practical recommendations, may contribute to the coherent public policy issues related to the peculiarities of economic security threats North Caucasus Republics and economic security, combating organized and economic crime. Proposed by the authors in this paper recommendations are of practical importance in terms of economic and legal instruments to counter the criminalization of the North Caucasian Republics in the development of new and improvement of the existing legal framework for the formation of an effective mechanism to ensure their economic security. Conclusions, suggestions and recommendations made in this article may be used to clarify the legislative activity and specificity of certain provisions of the current legislation, in research activities in the analysis of threats to the economic security of the North Caucasus republics, in the practice of regional governments and law enforcement agencies anti-criminalization of the economy of the region.Scientific novelty item is determined considering the complex problems associated with the peculiarities of economic security threats North Caucasus Republics as a systemic threat to the economic security of the country. This article is intended for researchers and practitioners
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Kilâshanov H.Š., Gaponenko V.F., (2014), PARTICULAR THREATS TO ECONOMIC SECURITY, NORTH CAUCASUS REPUBLICS. Business in Law, 3 => 228-233.
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classification of threats, economic security, national security, combating economic crime.

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