Home Appliances market specific features
( Pp. 174-175)

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Volovikov S. A. d.e.n., professor
Moscow State Industrial University, Moscow Illarionova Svetlana A. aspirant FGBOU VPO «Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyy industrialnyy universitet» g. Moskva
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Home Appliances Market in Russia has its specific features. Past years information together with current situation on the market is given and analyzed. Foreign players are compared to Russian players and market perspectives and tendencies which lead to management’s strategic decisions are shown.
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Volovikov S.A., Illarionova S.A., (2013), HOME APPLIANCES MARKET SPECIFIC FEATURES. Business in Law, 2: 174-175.
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market, appliances, specifics, foreign companies, strategy, trend.