Economic Problems and Legal Practice

Issue №4 2023
Issue №4 2023
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PUBLIC LAW (STATE LAW) Is there a Balance between Legal Provisions in the Field of Personal Data Protection and Blockchain Technology? (Based on the Analysis of the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China) Anna V. Yakovleva Tax Duty and Liability of Online E-Commerce Platforms Oksana N. Golovchenko Issues of Transformation of Regulatory and Legal Regulation in the Field of the Use of Nuclear Energy under the Conditions of Digitalization
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2023-19-4-28-33

Marina S. Lizikova On the Issue of Organizing a Mechanism for Providing Social Support and Protection for Low-income Categories of Citizens in the Russian Federation Elena S. Ivanova Legal Regulation of State Protection of Poor Citizens in Certain Foreign Countries Maksim V. Demchenko On the Issue of Updating Organizational and Administrative-legal Measures in the Field of Transport Security at the Facilities of the Moscow Metro Uzdenov Rasul Magometovich Matyukhina Marina Gennadievna PRIVATE LAW (CIVIL) The Social Responsibility Ranking of Business: Concept, Structure, Perspective Rishat I. Gazizullin Problems of Labor Legal Personality Underage Employers who have Acquired Full Civil Legal Capacity Savin Viktor Tikhonovich On the Issue of Observance of Legal Rights and Interests in the Context of Digitalization of Housing and Communal Sphere in Russia Anton V. Abrosimov Contractual Beginning in Voluntary (Volunteer) Activities and its Impact on the Rights of an Inclusive Volunteer in the Russian Federation Aleksey N. Dovnar Actual Problems of Bidding in Electronic form in the Implementation of Rights to Land Plots in State and Municipal Ownership Evgeny V. Korolev On the Legal Nature and Liability of Passenger Cab Ordering Services Alana A. Dzansolova Trust Management of LLC Shares Subject to Recovery in the Framework of Enforcement Proceedings Vasily I. Kharin CRIMINAL LAW Current Problems of Fraud Investigation in the Russian Federation Albert Yu. Tutukov Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Modern Aspects in the Situational Approach in Criminology. Investigative Situation: Concept, Classification, Empirical Experience Oleg I. Lozinsky Legal Measures of Fighting with Crimes During the Covid-19 Pandemic: World Experience and Prospects for Russia Albina A. Shatalova Actual Problems of Investigation of Crimes Related to «Financial Pyramids» Olga V. Anuchina Vitaly S. Galetsky Current Problems of Fighting Corruption in the Russian Federation under the Conditions of External Sanction Pressure Shkhagapsoev Zaurbi Lelovich Khamgokov Muradin Mukhamedovich Determinants of the Commission of Property Crimes Using Information and Communication Technologies Ekaterina N. Ryazanova INTERNATIONAL LAW International and Foreign Economic Relations Agreements of the Subjects of the Russian Federation: Problems of Legal Regulation
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2023-19-4-128-133

Logvinova Inna Vladimirovna ECONOMIC THEORY Institutional Approach to the Role of the State in the Economy: Modern Features Andrei M. Kushnir REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMICS Institutional Conditions for Digital Integration in Russian Industry Niyaz M Abdikeev. Susanna R. Bekulova Lyudmila V. Obolenskaya Directions of Digitalization of Technological, Production and Marketing Processes of Production and Trade Chains Yuri S. Bogachev Susanna R. Bekulova Evgenia L. Moreva Features of Technological Development of Industry and Business Management in the Economy of Modern Russia Adik T. Aliev Yury N. Arsentiev Circular Economy in Conditions of Localized Production
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2023-19-4-162-168

Lyudmila A. Kostygova Conceptual Approaches to Stress Testing of the Regional Economy and Assessment of its Sustainability: Theory and Practice Kirill S. Purtov Challenges in Human Capital Development in Russia in the Age of Knowledge-Based Economy Olga S. Prichina Viktor D. Orekhov Alla V. Blinnikova Assessment of Investment Activity in Tourism and Recreation in the Region Evgeny N. Romanov Corporate Training of Employees in Companies of the European Union: Can we Talk about the Formation of a European Model of a Corporate University? Polina I. Ananchenkova FINANCE Automated Information System «Control of Residency Status» Viktor V. Moroz Dana Z. Dolatova WORLD ECONOMY Transformation of the Energy Systems of China and the States of Western Asia in the XXI Century Dmitry N. Ermakov Stepan V. Orlov Alexander A. Razumov The Impact of Trade Facilitation on the Import and Export Trade between China and SCO Member States Fan Ruijuan MANAGEMENT The Need for International Cooperation in the Field of Fintech Development
DOI: 10.33693/2541-8025-2023-19-4-230-238

Viкtoriya V. Razletovskaia Forming Sustainable Development of Enterprises Using Innovative Digital Tools to Ensure Competitiveness Sergey E. Yatsenya