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Morozov Nikolay Aleksandrovich k.yu.n. Dolzhnost: professor.
Dalnevostochnyy federalnyy universitet
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In spite of the fact that legal relationship in the Internet aren't fully settled legislatively, the considerable number of the states of the world, taking into account the high public importance of computer information, established criminal liability for infringement of it. Communications operators, providers and users services the Internet as show polls, very superficially knowing about it, sometimes break a criminal and legal ban. For stabilization of a criminogenic situation for traditional criminal law regulation it is useful to study and whenever possible to borrow foreign experience. And here very interesting is, undoubtedly, experience of Japan.
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Morozov N.A., (2013), NEW TRENDS IN JAPAN AND RUSSIA CRIME. Business in Law, 2 => 112-116.
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computer crime, Internet, studying of foreign experience.

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