Protopop Avvakum Petrov - zealot of «true Russian faith» (to the 400th anniversary of his birth)

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Mokshin Nikolay F. Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Professor, Head of the Department of Russian History Mokshina Elena N. Dr. Sci. (Hist.), Assoc. Prof.
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The article discusses the activities of Avvakum Petrov as the leader of a major religious and social movement in the Russian state, which went down in history under the inaccurate name of «Schism» or Old Believers. Protopop Avvakum Petrov was an adamant zealot of the «true Russian faith», a consistent opponent of «Nikon's novelties». The fiery words of Habakkuk like sparks fell into the souls of his many «spiritual children», inflamed many people. The protest took sometimes very dramatic forms, up to self-immolation and «fiery baptisms» (self-immolation). Protopop Avvakum was repeatedly subjected to exile, including to Siberia, and, in the end, was together with three closest supporters («confederates») - priest Lazarus, monk Epiphanius and deacon Fedor burnt alive after fifteen years of «sitting» in a log house and earthen prison April 14, 1682 in the city of Pustozersk. However, we still remember him as an outstanding, controversial personality, which left a considerable mark in Russian history and culture.
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Mokshin N.F., Mokshina E.N., (2020), PROTOPOP AVVAKUM PETROV - ZEALOT OF «TRUE RUSSIAN FAITH» (TO THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH). History and modern perspectives, 2: 28-31.
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Protopop Avvakum Petrov, Patriarch Nikon (Nikita Minov), Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), schism, martyr.