History and Modern Perspectives

Issue №2 2020
Issue №2 2020
ISSN: 2658-4654 (print)       ISSN 2713-2579 (online) Pages: 1-141
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MULTICONCEPTUAL HISTORY Methodology of the modern worldview of the past, history and falsification of history Lichman Boris V. 07.00.02 NATIONAL HISTORY Ideological foundations and problems of the methodology of history Gerasimov Grigory I. Occupational policy of German authorities in the North Caucasus (1942-1943) Bleich Nadezhda O. Protopop Avvakum Petrov - zealot of «true Russian faith» (to the 400th anniversary of his birth) Mokshin Nikolay F. Mokshina Elena N. History of the Kyrgyz people and Kyrgyzstan in Russian documents and works of Russian east orientalists Abytov Baibolot K. Medicine in the territory of white governments of the Western and Middle Urals Shaposhnikov Gennady N. Creation and development of technologies of automatic armor welding in the USSR 1939-1945 Zapary Vasiliy V. First commission on the elaboration of the constitution of the Kyrgyz ASSR Toktobubu Akbaralykyzy Megaproject of Uralo-Kuznetskiy plant and timber processing complex of Ural region at the end of 1920-1930 Zykin Ivan V. 07.00.06 ARCHEOLOGY The World’s Oldest Pots: On the Dispersal of the Ceramic Innovation among Eurasian hunter-gatherers since the Late Glacial period Piezonka H. 07.00.09 HISTORIOGRAPHY, SOURCE STUDIES AND METHODS OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH Modern historical science of Russia in the scientific work of professor V. D. Kamynin Lichman Boris V. Zapariy Vladimir V. The Marxist concept of Russian history Trofimov Andrey V. General Bennigsen and his notes on the Patriotic War of 1812 Zheltoborodov Alexander N. Review of scientific edition «History of the Belarusian state» Poletaeva Natalia I. Poletaev Sergey A. 07.00.10 HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Evolution energy industry: historical-system approach to energy-ecological problems Doroshenko Victor A. Professor-geologist Dmitry Golubyatnikov: contribution to increasing the efficiency of Apsheronskaya oil industry Onoprienko Valentin I. 07.00.15 HISTORY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND EXTERNAL POLICY Social stereotypes as a factor in the formation of a negative perception of the image of a migrant on the example of the French Republic in 2015-2016 Ryazantseva Anna A. Khakhalkina Elena V. Russian diplomatic initiatives in the Arctic Council in 2014-2020 Kamynin Vladimir D. Dolgov Artem V.