Assessing the performance of the creative industries in the context of the pandemic

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The purpose of the study. The article examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the creative sector of the economy in different countries, and also provides an ongoing assessment of the situation in the industries by analyzing statistics and expert opinion. To date, the global COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed people's habitual ways of life, but also had a significant impact on the global economy as a whole. All countries of the world are faced with a serious problem of finding a balance between saving people's lives and saving the industries of the economy. Many industries have suffered significant financial losses, including the creative industries, which have been among the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy over the past decade. It is worth noting that in the creative sector, as a result of the pandemic, there are clear «winners» and «losers». The purpose of this work is to analyze the current situation in the creative industries of different countries and identify the most vulnerable industries affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Conclusions. As a result of the work, both negative and positive effects that resulted from the pandemic were identified. New ways of working and business models have emerged, public behavior and public preferences in the industry have changed, and the structure of supply and demand has changed. While some players in the creative industries were adapting to modern realities and increasing their capital, others faced serious problems that affected the financial results for 2020.
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